What is Christian Identity?

Christian Identity, also called Israel Identity, is the only true Christianity. It is true because it maintains the understanding – in accordance with Scripture – that the New Covenant was made ONLY with those same people with whom the Old Covenant was made – the House (family) of Israel and the House (family) of Judah. These Israelite people are absolutely traceable throughout time to the Keltic and Germanic tribes of today (White people). None of these people are Jews. The Jews are descended from a mere remnant of the old Kingdom of Judah along with assorted Edomite and other Arabs who were mixed into the Roman province of Judaea during the Hellenic period. The Bible, archaeology and history confirms this.

Christian Identity professes that the people of the Old Testament were every bit as much Christian as the people of the New Testament. They were simply looking forward to the first coming of the Christ, while we today await His Second coming. Christian Identity is the one and only, original, and true Christianity. All else is judaized paganism mixed with Christianity.

Christian Identity is the belief that there is no disparity between the Word of God, His Creation, His prophecy, and world history. It is also the understanding that while Scripture was inspired by God when it was transmitted, professional clergy have deliberately corrupted it since that time, and so every passage and every doctrine must be fully investigated from all of the most ancient sources possible.

Christian Identity is not a mere religion or denomination. It is “The Way” of God and His chosen people – the White race.

God’s children (Whites) are the physical seed of the woman, while Satan’s children (non-whites) are the physical seed of the serpent (Genesis 3:15). These groups cannot trade places. The first group’s destiny is the Everlasting Kingdom. The second group’s destiny is the Lake of Fire.

Without this basic knowledge, no one is able to properly understand the Scriptures. This lack of understanding is the source of most biblical mis-interpretation and religious division.

God’s Word is Truth. Christian Identity is truth. All else falls miserably short. Reject this, and you have rejected the understanding of your very purpose, and the meaning of life itself.