What is Christian Identity?

Truth-Over-Tradition is a Christian Identity website. While not all Christian Identitarians have exactly the same beliefs, Christian Identity is the only true Way of spirituality for White Europeans. All other religions and philosophies are rabbit holes into which our White brethren are led due to jewish deception and our own people’s stubborn refusal to receive the love of the Truth.

Today’s “Judeo-Christianity,” regardless of the denomination, is an apostate hybrid religion made by men, mixing some tenets of True Christianity with jewish fables, doctrines of demons, and paganism.

If you are a White Christian of any brand, God still loves you. However, the false doctrines and universalism of jewdeo-churchianity are causing you to be in error and possibly even act as a traitor to God and your own people. Ask the Father to open your eyes to His Truth. We will all end up with the same understanding eventually. The question is: Will you go the easy way, or the hard way? We just want to see you minimize your regrets and consequences. Why be the least in the Kingdom, when you could be great?

Christian Identity alone has the answers to the questions you’ve had for years – the ones you’ve never had answered satisfactorily by your preacher. And, once you have a good, true, basic understanding of God’s Word, the supposed ‘contradictions’ all disappear.

To learn more about the Only True Way of Jesus Christ, click on the following links, and prepare to be blown away by the power of God’s Truth!

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