This website was built for the sole purpose of disseminating important information to a specific group of people – the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred White people of the world who are the descendants of the ancient Israelites of the Old Testament.

I realize that many Whites are unaware of this fact, and mistakenly believe that Israel’s identity belongs to those known as Jews. This is a deliberate deception that is easily debunked, and will be addressed at a later time. For now, I’ll give you some background info on what lead to the creation of this site.

On September 11, 2001, like many folks, I watched in horror as the World Trade Center towers fell. I instantly knew that some sort of controlled demolition must have caused those buildings to collapse (since then, thousands of architects and engineers have said the same thing). As the official story began to unfold, I knew it was all lies. A handful of rag-heads in a cave thousands of miles away could never pull off such a sophisticated attack, especially against the most powerful nation on earth.

My shock turned to anger then curiosity as I determined to figure out what really happened, and why!

After many years of research, I’ve found the answers to the mystery of 9/11. However, all along, I couldn’t help but wonder what other events our government and media were lying about. So, I became a “Conspiracy Realist”, and begin questioning everything.

As my research into various subjects progressed, I kept running into many distractions. There was a plethora of misinformation out there to sift through, and for every nugget of truth, there was a diversion that lead to a dead end. At one point, I was so hungry for the truth that I joined the Freemasons with the hope and intent of uncovering some secret that would help me to make sense of this world. It didn’t work.

As I continued studying current and historical events, I began to notice a recurring familiarity. It slowly became apparent that all of the “rabbit-holes,” at the very bottom, past all the side-roads, past the illusive “Illuminati”, beyond the CFR, Bildebergs, and Trilateral Commission, past David Icke’s Reptilians and Alex Jones Chinese Communists, I kept finding Jew after International Jew. That’s right. The same people who lied about being Old Testament Hebrews, have lied about 9/11, the Holocaust, and just about everything else you could imagine.

After looking back on all the conspiracies, I couldn’t help but wonder why these Jews were so hell-bent on subversion and destruction. I also couldn’t understand how, being such a small minority, they were able to control everything. How could a group, so few in number, be responsible for virtually every problem in the entire world?

That’s when I realized that each false flag terror attack and each staged school shooting were planned components of a much larger and sinister plan that was targeting all of creation and even the Creator Himself!

It’s not just a bunch of independent and unrelated events that are being orchestrated, but each one is part of one giant conspiracy that affects all of us, and has been in effect right under our noses, for thousands of years. A conspiracy that started in Heaven, continued in the Garden of Eden, and will end at the coming of Jesus Christ.

The enormity of this conspiracy was explained perfectly in The Elk’s Magazine in August of 1956:

I’ve been a believer in Yahweh God and Yahshua (Jesus) Christ ever since I can remember. I’ve always known that there was more to God and the spirit world than what was being taught in institutionalized churchianity. Organized religion doesn’t represent God. Religion just wants to control you and take your money. Trust me. I am a former minister who has been in and out of the church all my life, and I’ve seen how things operate behind the scenes. Going to church doesn’t make you a good Christian anymore than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger. The only way to know God is to seek Him. You can’t know anyone without spending time alone with them.

Likewise, you cannot understand this conspiracy without realizing that God is real, and so is Satan. The age-old battle between good and evil is being fought in the real world, including your everyday life. There is no part of existence that is not affected by this “conspiracy so monstrous you cannot believe it exists”.

So, how did this come about? Well, sometime in the ancient past, one of God’s angels attempted to lead a mutiny in the Heavenly realm. This rebellion was quickly and easily quashed. As a result, this angel (Satan) and his cohorts were kicked out of Heaven and into the earth realm.

When God created the White race, He started with Adam and breathed His Spirit into him. Adam slept with his wife, Eve and she had Abel. Eve was also sexually beguiled by the Serpent (Satan), giving birth to Cain. This unholy union spawned an entire race of devils. This race is known today as Jews.

Cain, being like his father, killed his half-brother Abel, and Adam’s second son Seth was his replacement. God’s Breath/Spirit would be passed down through Seth’s progeny while Satan’s evil ways would be carried on by Cain’s descendants. This was the prophesied enmity between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman that would play out throughout the ages (Genesis 3:15). ​​ From that time, the satanic sons of Cain would be vagabonds and wanderers – internationalists who would be a parasite on the children of Adam (the White race).

Years later, Esau, the brother of Jacob, mixed his seed with the satanic daughters of Cain, resulting in an upgraded race of devils with the cunning and patience to infiltrate all earthly institutions and establish a Jewish Matrix of Deceit. This is referred to in Scripture as the Beast System of Mystery Babylon. Conspiracy buffs and world leaders call it the New World Order. I like to call it the Jew World Order.

Regardless of the name, it is a deceptive counterfeit world built to control us and change us into children of hell. It is designed to remove you from your identity, your heritage, and your God. To remove you from the protection and blessings of your Father Yahweh Elohim and render you unrecognizable as a true child of the Almighty so that when the end comes, there won’t be any righteous or racially pure children left, so that the Devil can say to God, “Where are all Your children? These are all mine. They follow me.”

God put His Spirit in us Whites. He experiences His creation through us. Satan and his angels, the Jews, want to deny God that pleasure. They are still sore about getting kicked out of Heaven and they know their destruction is eminent. Therefore, they want to steal, kill, destroy, and deceive as long as they can. They hate God, they hate Christ, and they hate Whites, including you. This is why they push race-mixing and mass immigration in White communities. We are targeted for elimination because, as Jews admit, they want a world of their own.

They have been granted temporary authority in this earth realm. Remember how Satan offered Christ the kingdoms of the world if he would bow to him? They were his to give.

Scripture calls Satan the god of this world, and the Prince of the power of the air, and warns us that he, “…deceives the whole world”.

Why are most folks oblivious to this Jew World Order? The answer is found in the Holy Bible:

“These will come with the works of Satan, using great power, lying signs, false wonders, and with every sort of deception of unrighteousness, those who will perish for not receiving the love of truth, which would have preserved them. For God will send them delusions so they’ll start believing whatever is false, and they’ll prefer unrighteousness to believing the truth… which is what will condemn them..” (2 Thes. 2:9-12).

Because people reject the love of the truth, God Himself sends them deception and causes them to be misled.

God revealed this to me simply because I received a love for the truth. If you love truth, God will reveal it to you. If you don’t, you will be deceived.

So, I’ll continue seeking the Father for Truth, and I will be posting it here. It’s not for everyone – just those that love it. The truth is; most will not receive it, but I believe God will send people who love truth here to help their understanding. Perhaps you are one of those people.