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We are a non-denominational CHRISTIAN IDENTITY website trying to reach our white brethren around the world with the truth. Our only goal is to spread the truth to whites with eyes to see and ears to hear. We DO NOT accept donations, nor do we sell advertising. The truth of the Way cannot be compromised.

We live in times of mass deception, where the entire world has been deceived by the lies of Satan and his jews.

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world. And his angels were cast out with him” — Revelation 12:9.

While most media outlets and “jewdeo-churchianity” promoters are busy raising more questions than genuine answers, our goal is to help provide the answers you need. In today’s world most people are feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated with all the “noise” masquerading as “news”. False religion, secular humanism, fake science, and cultural marxism, along with political correctness is blinding YAHWEH’s people to the truth.

Many of those in the mainstream and alternative media and apostate “Christianity” so-called, are intentionally trying to subvert and undermine the True Way of Yahshua (Jesus Christ) and spin their fake news, history, and science, in an all-out last days effort to deceive the masses and complete their JEW WORLD ORDER in the world.

Our focus here is to proclaim truth and expose God’s enemies to as many people as possible by presenting news, commentary, and Biblical interpretation in a truthful and hard-hitting manner. We do so unashamedly and completely unapologetically. We cannot defeat evil with kindness and tolerance. Evil must be confronted, exposed, and destroyed.

DISCLAIMER: We DO NOT condone, promote, or encourage violence or illegal activity. However, as an American based website, we proudly and courageously exercise our rights of free speech, religion, and freedom of expression under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

About the webmaster:

Watchman Mike is a proud White man, political dissident, non-conformist, author, and researcher. He is a CHRISTIAN RACIST. It is his desire to tear down the governments of this world, and replace them with the Kingdom of YHVH.

If you are non-white, you should leave this site immediately. You are not welcome here.

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