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The goal of this site is four-fold.

1) Expose the evil ones and their lies.

2) Reveal to God’s family, their identity and purpose.

3) Convince our folk to think for themselves and become free from their controllers.

4) Help God’s people find answers to the questions that they haven’t been able to find in church.

You’ve been deceived and manipulated, all of your life. I’m simply going to tell you the who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Who I am isn’t important, but I’ve been around and I’ve experienced some interesting things, met some interesting characters, and I’ve learned a lot. I’m a former Freemason and former Christian Pastor.

While you’ve been busy with work, school, family, friends, social life, hobbies, and entertainment, I’ve been studying various subjects like, religion, spirituality, the occult, the paranormal, politics, government, conspiracy science, and forbidden history, to name a few.

Now, I want to pass this knowledge to you, with the hopes of it making a real difference in your life, and our world. If you are really open to the truth, God will use this site to reveal things to you that you could never imagine.

This information is not for everyone. You will know soon enough if it’s for you.

I appreciate your interest.

Watchman Mike