The Swastika is a Christian Symbol

The swastika symbol is an ancient religious icon in most cultures of the world. It is used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality. In the Western world, it was a symbol of auspiciousness and good luck.

The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being.”

It was used in Ancient Greece and Rome, and can be found in the remains of the ancient city of Troy, which existed 4,000 years ago. The ancient Druids and the Celts also used the symbol, reflected in many artifacts that have been discovered. It was used by Nordic tribes, and early Christians.

One Sanskrit scholar P. R. Sarkar said that the deeper meaning of the word is ‘Permanent Victory’

The earliest swastika ever found was uncovered in Mezine, Ukraine, carved on an ivory figurine which dates back an incredible 12,000 years.

the swastika is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, abundance and eternity.

On the walls of the Christian catacombs in Rome, the symbol of the Swastika appears next to the words “ZOTIKO ZOTIKO” which means “Life of Life”.

In Nordic Myths it was a symbol linking heaven and earth, with the right arm pointing to heaven and its left arm pointing to Earth.

It has been used by the Phoenicians as a symbol of the Sun because the Sun was a symbol itself of God who brought light, warmth, and abundance.

The Swastika was and is a traditional symbol of Divine Power that dates back to prehistoric times. Many felt that it offers a shield against the four elements.

People may think that Swastikas would be oddly out of place in a Christian Church, but the Swastika has a long history as a symbol for Christ. During the first three centuries, authorities say, the swastika was the only form of cross used by the Christians. It was a disguised form of the cross and a unifying symbol among those who survived a common persecution. In Rome it is called Crux Dissimulata because the early Christians concealed themselves. The crucifix was not adopted by the church until the sixth century when Christianity had become the official Roman religion. The symbols in the catacombs are all universally conceded to be the initial letters of the name of Christ, including the Swastika which occurs a thousand times. The Swastikas are accompanied by Greek words meaning “Life of Life”.

According to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, the Swastika in the Nazi flag symbolised “the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work, which always has been and always will be anti-Semitic.”

The swastika also became important within the American Boy Scout movement as a symbol of nobility:

The Jews understand that to “abolish the white race” they must deprive whites of their history, identity, and power. Jews complain about any use or display of the swastika as a reminder of “atrocities.” Jews absolutely hate the swastika and have used their money influence to ban the use or display of the swastika in some countries. Jews point to Hitler and the so-called holocaust as justifications for the suppression and demonizing of free speech.

Jewish hacks at the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center brainwash the masses to believe that the swastika is a symbol of hate and German “paganism.” But the truth is that Jews object to the swastika because it is a symbol of their most hated enemy, Christ the Lord. Jews hate Christ, and have succeeded in suppression of the oldest Aryan Christian symbol of Christ under the subterfuge of stifling hate. The Jews are descendants of Satan, and will do the works of Satan, including banning Christian symbols.

The Jewish control of media and education is so absolute that most Christians today are unaware that the swastika is an ancient Christian and Israelite symbol. Jews associate the swastika with Adolph Hitler and paganism, Yet Hitler chose the swastika as a Christian Folk symbol, not as some revival of Odinism. Jews have brainwashed people to believe Hitler was a pagan cultist and the swastika was a pagan symbol. Yet in his own writings, Hitler rebuked the Odinists and the Aryan pagan revival cults as useless to their race. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler made numerous declarations of his devotion to Christ and his belief that resisting Jewish Communism was fulfilling the will of God in preserving and defending God’s handiwork, the white race.

Objections to the swastika by claiming Hitler was evil, and therefore the swastika is evil, are objections from the people who murdered Christ our Lord. Yet the modern illiterate, uneducated classes who profess a belief in Christ ignore scriptural statements about the Jews calling them the enemies of God, and toss a symbol of Christian power out in the trash heap while venerating Satan’s chosen, the Perfidious Jew.

Most people who criticize and demonize Adolph Hitler have never even read any of his writings or speeches and know not a single true fact about the man. Their demonization of Hitler is largely done out of ignorance and the Jewish mindset washed into their brains by Jew-controlled education.

Hitler was a devout Christian. Hitler understood that the Jews are Christ’s enemies. Hitler understood that the great anti-Christ in human form is the Perfidious Jew. Hitler chose the Swastika as a symbol of the Christian Aryan People, and it is first and foremost a sacred religious symbol. And the Jew has virtually banned freedom of religious expression by banning this symbol and associating it with “hate” via their television propaganda machine.

Certain forms of the swastika are called, “The Hands of God,” which is an ancient symbol popular with the Germanic Vandals. The Vandals used the swastika to symbolize God’s power and life-giving nature, as in the life afforded by the sun. Incidentally the swastika was sometimes called,“sun-wheel.” These symbols were also used by the Belorussian and Georgian People of the Caucasus regions, where the ancient Israelites were deported to by King Darius of Assyria. The Pass of Darius or the Darian Pass where Israel went north through the Caucasius Mountains is still called “the Pass of Israel” by the locals. Most of the peoples who migrated from the Caucasus to the four corners of the earth used the swastika in one form or another. It was used by Romans, Greeks, Celts, Gauls, Belorussians, Russians, and other Aryan Peoples. It is a symbol of their God, Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Why would Jews associate a symbol of Christ with “hate?” Because Jews hate Christ! The racial enemies of God want to suppress the oldest symbol of his power. The swastika is the oldest racial symbol and Jews wish to suppress all other races in advancement of their own. The White Race is the Handiwork of the Lord. The swastika is a symbol of that handiwork. And because Jews hate the Lord, Jews hate the white race:

To further understand the irrational Jewish hatred of the swastika one must understand the true meaning of the swastika.

The swastika is more than a symbol of the sun wheel. It is composed of four Hebrew letters joined at their axes. It is literally the Name of God, YHWH or IEUE, assembled into a single symbol. Just as Jews banned the use of the sacred name in Christ’s day, they are banning the use of God’s Name today. The following illustration proves the point that the swastika is the tetragrammaton in symbolic form:

Above is the sacred Name of God, YHWH, or IEUE, from the Paleo-Hebrew script. This is how the Prophets wrote the Name of God in ancient bible manuscripts. This sacred name is often called the TETRAGRAMMATON. When the letters are reversed and combined at their axes they form the swastika.The wing-pronged swastika is a symbol of the eagle and the phoenix and the sphinx, all used anciently as symbols of Yahweh’s power of resurrection and eternal life, and His grant of power to his children, the white race. The same race of Jews who murdered Christ also hate this swastika symbol with a passion.

Jewish hatred of the swastika should not deter the White Race from the use of this symbol. Just as Jews forbade the use of the sacred Name of God, they forbid the use of this sacred symbol of that sacred Name. White Christians should not let the serpent seed bully them into submission!

The Jews understand that to “abolish the white race” they must deprive whites of their history, identity, and power. The first step to eliminating the power of a race is to eliminate the symbols of its power. Symbols remind us of who we are. Eliminating symbols eliminates identity, the source of power. Now one can see why the Jew-controlled television tells men to hate the swastika. If Christians allow the killers of Christ to dictate what symbols are appropriate for their Christian civilization then the Christ killers are ceded a major battle in the war between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.