Ghosts & Demons: What are They?

To the Greeks, a demon was a spirit-being that was perceived to be a god or goddess. In the New Testament the word is a spirit-being of lesser power and authority than God. The two differing perspectives reflect very well the Biblical assertions concerning the origin of idolatry and false religions. In the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the Enoch literature it is found that unclean spirits originated with the spirits of bastards, specifically those bastards created by the watchers (fallen angels) when they mixed their seed with other kinds. Paul explains in Colossians chapter 2, and more clearly in 1 Corinthians chapter 10, that these demons are the sources of the world’s false religions. Paul says that “whatever the Nations sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons, and not to Yahweh”. In Psalm 95 verse 5 in the Septuagint, the verse reads “For all the gods of the nations are demons: but the Lord made the heavens.” The King James Version has only idols at that verse. We also see the Greek word for demons at Isaiah 13:21 and 34:14, where the King James Version has satyrs and wild beasts instead.

That these demons were real spirit-entities was a belief of all of the earliest branches of our race. Today we have a tendency to dispute the existence of such things, and to attempt to explain the unknown by searching for explanations in the natural world as we perceive it to be. Quite often the explanations fall short of the circumstances related by the descriptions of the events in question. While many strange events and apparitions may have a logical explanation in what we may consider to be natural phenomena, there are some that certainly do not, and these accounts are among them. The gospel writers knew the difference between those who had maladies, or diseases, and those who were possessed by demons. In Matthew 8, it is evident that these demons even speak through those people whom they possess.

These unclean spirits, or demons can possess people, animals, and inanimate objects. They are the ghosts that haunt some houses. They can cause illness, insanity, and even death, often by suicide. This is especially true for fools who dabble in voodoo and witchcraft. But, their main mission is to deceive us. Jewish lies on TV, in recent years, have tried to convince people that ghosts are the spirits of deceased home-owners (mostly White). This is not true. Ghosts and demons are the same. They are the departed spirits of bastards, especially the dead offspring of fallen angels with humans and/or animals. This is also closely connected to the UFO/Alien phenomenon, as well. But, that is a subject for another time.