A Message and History Lesson for Non-believing Fools, including White Nationalists & Pagans

Atheism is a religion of hatred towards God. The fool has said in his heart there is no God. Everyone knows there is a God. It is an axiom – a self-evident truth. Every painting has a painter. Every building has a builder. Everything made has a maker. Everything created has a Creator. The fact that we exist is a fact our Creator exists. The atheist can’t find God for the same reason a criminal can’t find the police. If one admits there is a God, then they must admit that they are accountable to that God. Atheists deny God because they are trying to punish Him for not giving them what they want. White atheists are rebellious fools. They will all bow to God eventually – if not voluntarily, then they will be forced to submit and live eternally in shame and contempt. Of course all non-whites will go destroyed in the Lake of Fire, which was prepared for the devil and his angels. Nothing more needs to be said about atheism.

Secular White Nationalism, Paganism, and other White systems that do not believe in true Christianity have innumerable shortcomings in their world-views and therefore, they will always continue to fail.

Firstly, we must state emphatically that we do not accept denominational Judeo-Christianity to be Christian at all. Rather, these misguided souls have come to worship Jews rather than Jesus, and seek to advance World Jewish Supremacy rather than the Kingdom of God. The Roman Catholic Church was heavily infiltrated by presumably converted Jews and its literature became awash with truly anti-Christian, Jewish ideas from as early as the 14th century. Even the greatest of Protestant scholars such as Martin Luther were poisoned with the writings of Jews such as Lyra and Burgensis in their formal church educations, and the churches they founded retained those Jewish ideas.

The anti-Christian White Nationalists and Pagans assume that the modern churches represent Christianity, and that is a bad assumption. The denominational churches had long ago been turned to the will of the internationalist merchants, and their policies have long represented the will of the merchants rather than the will of the Christian God. Many of their policies stand in direct contradiction to the Christian Bible, even in spite of the bad translations which most Bible versions have suffered partly due to these same influences. Much of this phenomenon is readily evident in Church history.

From the 1st through the 16th centuries, and in some cases even beyond that, Jews were consistently and properly portrayed by Christians as devils. In Europe through the 18th century, Jews were practically ostracized from the Christian society. Jews were not allowed to hold Christians as slaves, they were barred from inter-marrying with Christians, Christians were not permitted to borrow money at usury, Jews could not hold public office and they were barred from most occupations. However Jews were found to be useful by many greedy kings and others of the noble class who profited by allowing them to operate their vices and who for that reason even protected them from the wrath of their own citizens.

Because they were allowed to operate their usury and their vices, and because they were allowed to operate an international trade over which they had almost exclusive control, the Jews became far richer than most White Europeans even of the noble class, and thereby they became influential enough in Europe to subvert it, using the secret societies and their control of the press to launch a revolution by which they forced their own emancipation. With the coming of Napoleon, for the first time in over a thousand years Jews became equal citizens with Christians in Europe.

After the French Revolution, secular humanism would become the new philosophical paradigm of every nation which the Jews were able to subvert. Where Christianity endured, and especially in America, the denominational churches were subverted with Jewish money to conform with doctrines beneficial to Jewish supremacy. The early popularity of the Scofield and Bullinger Bibles and how their influences have come to dominate American Protestantism is one aspect of the result of such Jewish corruption.

Now this short synopsis may be quite simplified, but it is nevertheless true. While White Nationalists and Pagans have despised Christianity in name, in reality they know nothing of Christianity because the denominational churches have not ever represented or taught real Christianity in its proper historical and literary contexts.

Today the only form of Christianity which comes close to being faithful to those contexts is Two Seedline Christian Identity, which began to develope in earnest among early Christian Patriots in the light of the archaeological discoveries of the 18th through the 20th centuries that have necessitated a revisionist view of traditional church dogmas as well as a rejection of the developments which have caused the relatively recent Judaizing of Christianity. Therefore we assert that Christian Identity is the modern expression of legitimate Christian thought, whereas denominational Christianity is a Judaized and false Christianity.

With the emancipation of the Jews, the rise of secular humanism in Europe had much more of an impact on the dissolution of Christendom as a tangible entity than the much slower infiltration and corruption of the formerly Christian churches. And the motto of secular humanism which espouses the false ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity among all of the worlds races, while itself being anti-Christian, has been a foundational philosophy of the Jewish new world order that has been forced upon the denominational churches wherever they had not readily accepted it.

This leads to the first cognitive disconnect which is evident among anti-Christian White Nationalists, Pagans, or non-christian racists. We would like to mention pagans specifically. The pagans think they are somehow returning to the original religion of their ancestors. We do not accept that paradigm, and we can demonstrate historically that Christianity was the original religion of their ancestors, who had turned on God and adopted paganism. However, pagans must come to understand and admit the simple truth that any religion, Christian or pagan or otherwise, which had dominated and united Europe throughout the Middle Ages would have ultimately been infiltrated and subverted by the Jews so long as Jews were allowed to operate in Europe, and paganism itself never had any philosophical defense at all against the Jews, so it cannot be imagined that it would have fared any better than Christianity. In fact, the jewish influences in pagan religions is overwhelmingly obvious.

Therefore it is not Christianity itself which is to be blamed for failure, but the greed of the noble and priestly classes of Europe who allowed the Jews to operate their usury and their other vices within the European nations. Christianity itself demands that those practices are forbidden, and that Christians not tolerate those who practice them.

This leads us to the next cognitive disconnect we wish to discuss, which is shared by all anti-Christian White Nationalists: they all accept the Jews of today as the people of the Bible, and they all esteem the Bible to be a Jewish book, when the plain fact is that the Jews of today are not the people of the Bible, and they never were.

The people known as Jews today are derived from the Edomite and Canaanite peoples of the histories of the Old Testament. However secularists and pagans and all those who reject the Biblical writings cannot see the evidence of that because they will not take the time to honestly examine the Biblical writings in the light of recorded history. Fear and laziness keeps them from entertaining any thoughts contrary to their delusions.

These Canaanite and the related Edomite Jews were over-represented among the merchant classes for 3,000 years before the time of Christ, and had infiltrated and subverted many of the kingdoms of antiquity. In the Hebrew scriptures, the word for Canaanite had become a synonym for merchant as well as becoming the general label used for the accursed races of Canaan. These same Canaanites were also present in pagan Hellenistic Greece and pagan Imperial Rome and were well-represented among the usurers and merchants of those societies. However much earlier than that, ancient Sumer, which had become known as Babylonia, was fully infiltrated by Canaanite tribes, which is a fact illustrated in the archaeological inscriptions, and therefore it should be clear why the term Mystery Babylon is used to describe the international merchants in the Book of Revelation.

In the Hebrew scriptures, it is the same Canaanites who were responsible for all of the sexual deviancy and perversions of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is the same Canaanites who were the promoters and purveyors of homosexuality and prostitution and every sort of sexual deviancy, which they had organized into the cults of their pagan temples. Then in the second century BC certain tribes of these same Canaanites and Edomites had been conquered and absorbed into the formerly White nation of Judaea. The Judaeans having long been allies of Rome and having a special religious status within the Roman empire, the Edomites found it quite expedient for their own purposes to foment discord so that they could subvert the nation of Judaea and use it for their own purposes. Agitating a revolt against Rome, when it was over the Edomite merchants had taken over completely and Herod the Edomite was in a position to become King.

From that time forward Judaea was a multicultural mess, until 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans and the Edomite Jews could claim the Hebrew legacy for themselves. The writers of the New Testament, all of them original and White Judaeans, had exposed these Canaanites for the infiltrators and subversives that they were and the original Christians were therefore persecuted for three hundred years. Early Christian writers such as Tertullian and Minucius Felix explained that the persecutions of Christians by pagan Rome had been instigated by the Jews. After three hundred years the Jews could not use the power of Rome to persecute Christianity out of existence.

Once it finally became evident that Christianity would prevail over the Jew, it was tolerated by Rome. But almost immediately it was taken over by the formerly pagan priestly class, and corrupted into a form of paganism itself. The rites and rituals of Roman Catholicism and the sacramentalism which they represent are a hybrid religion of Christian language and pagan rituals. Then from the time of Justinian Christianity was made into an imperialist religion used to further the imperialist desires of Rome. These are not mere religious beliefs, but verifiable, historical facts.

The Catholic Church never represented the Christianity of the apostles. The original Christian message was persecuted for three hundred years. In spite of that, Christianity continued to grow wherever it spread, for example in Britain, Makedonia and Illyria, in Pontus, and among the Goths and Alans, as well as being underground within the empire. When Rome finally realized that Christianity could not be suppressed, it tolerated it. During the period of toleration, the Christian message was remodeled into an imperialist message by pagan priests who never truly understood Christianity. From this situation came the hegemony of the bishop of Rome which was granted by Justinian in the 6th century. The Roman Catholic Church was always an imperialist organization which must be distinguished from true Christianity. There were times when that imperialist organization did things favorable to Whites, but for the most part, since the late Middle Ages that organization has acted in its own interests against Whites.

The Roman church was never truly Christian, but it did come to accept many Christian ideals, Christian morals, and defend Europe against the Jews. There were always at least a few good Christian men working within the Roman Church and promoting true Christianity. But as a universal church it was disconnected from the truly historical roots of early Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church became a tool for the kings of the empire, and by it the original and independent Christian churches throughout Europe were all eventually subsumed into obedience to a pope.

But just because organized churches have been used to establish a tyranny in the name of Christianity, does not mean that Christianity is to blame. The nefarious forces which did such a thing would have perverted any religion in order to dominate the common folk of Europe. But none of this means that Christianity is not true, or that men should reject God.

If men accept that there is a God, then men realize that they must subject themselves to the laws of God. Doing so, the morality of the society becomes concrete, because man cannot change God’s law at his own whim. Once the men of our race acknowledge that God’s law is good, and choose to conform themselves to it, vibrant societies emerge among us because men can operate in a spirit of mutual trust and companionship. This was the foundation of the medieval German states, England as a world power, and the American republic. The decline of all of those great societies is attributable to the treachery instigated by the Jews, and in particular the manipulation of the international bankers.

Because non-christian, secular Whites have rejected God and Christ, they have also rejected Christian morality. Popular so-called White Nationalists regularly engage in immoral behavior, and they announce it openly. The introduction of moral relativism came to Europe through the Babylonian Talmud of the Jews, and disseminated itself through the writings of Jews, crypto-Jews and converso-Jews throughout the late Middle Ages. The result is the rise of Secular Humanism, and it has accompanied the another Talmudic idea, which is the belief that man can be his own god.

When man believes he can be his own god, then man makes his own law and his own morality. With this, there can never be a spirit of cooperation and harmony and mutual trust among men, and there can never be a stable society, unless the strongest of men can maintain it by force. Therefore the result of Secular Humanism is always tyranny. By rejecting God, the secular humanists have invited upon themselves the tyranny and inevitable Jewish Supremacy which all men everywhere are being forced to live under today, a tyranny which will only progress until it becomes absolutely unbearable. The enemies of Christ know this, and therefore they have tempered the progress of this imposition of tyranny so that it has been slow and imperceptible. The so-called New World Order is therefore the inevitable result of man’s rejection of God, and his acceptance of the immorality of others.

Furthermore, without God, what does racism matter? Without God, as the prophet Isaiah wrote 2,800 years ago, “let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.” Without God, there are no reasonable grounds for worrying about one’s posterity, since there is no accountability for what one leaves behind, and therefore racism does not matter. Without God, we have no responsibility for our actions in this world. If the forces of fleshly nature alone must prevail, those who reject God and His morality must accept the proliferation of the non-White races and race-mixing Whites as the inevitable outcome since it reflects the present reality.

What is even stranger, is that most secular White Nationalists have accepted as gospel the Jewish and humanist religion of Evolution. Therefore, if we all evolved from nothing, and if the natural proclivity of any individual is to race-mix, then men must accept race-mixing as a part of the evolutionary process, and race-mixing should not be a concern, but should even be viewed as possibly beneficial to nature. In the religion of evolution, the dangerous and destructive gospel of “hybrid vigor” is an important tenet. But without a God, it must be perceived as inevitable and therefore racism is immaterial, and may even be considered evil and counter-productive.

While Darwin was not a Jew, he has certainly helped to pave the way for Jews in their endeavor to undermine Christian Society and morality. The greater number of Jewish religious communities have long ago embraced Darwinian evolutionary theory and have also purposely left open the possibility of macro-evolution, some even going so far as to having integrated evolution as a component of their beliefs in very loose interpretations of Scripture. The Roman Catholic Church has, of course, followed along.

This has removed any moral barriers which Jewish academics may have had to teaching evolution as a fact, and to openly attacking any Christian belief in Intelligent Design or the literal Biblical Creation. It has also obfuscated the moral barriers between specification of creatures as distinct kinds, and it has eliminated any scientific and moral grounds for perceiving absolute boundaries between species and races. This acceptance of evolution has in turn removed all moral obstacles to miscegenation, and now it is even considered immoral by the society at large to oppose miscegenation. This acceptance of macro-evolution shall ultimately be used by the enemies of Christendom to pave the way for the moral acceptance of carnal animal-human relationships.

Whites who embrace the idea of evolution, meaning macro-evolution which insists that all humans evolved from lower life forms, are therefore pawns of the Jews who have always endeavored to demote all Whites to the status of the lower life forms! This is the largest indication of absolute cognitive dissonance amongst so-called “secular” White Nationalists. They are not “secular” at all. Rather, they have embraced an alternate faith, a faith in evolution which allows the enemies of Christ to dictate their terms of existence which their own European fathers never believed and would not have accepted.

Evolution is the path to nihilism, the idea that there is nothing more to this life than what we can see and feel, and the mistaken perception that something can come into being from nothing. Transcendentalism, the idea that there is much more to Creation and to life than we can actually see, and that ultimately man shall transcend his existence here in this world, has always been a natural component of the mind of the Aryan man. The struggle between nihilism and transcendentalism is manifest in the Jewish undermining of White society today.

Real Christianity is in practice, and not in church. Most of the modern church traditions did not come from the Bible. The Bible is a Christian book, Whites are its protagonists, and the people known as Jews today are its antagonists. However many historical portions of what is called the Bible have been removed to other obscure books, or even discarded, so that the history which reveals the true identity of the Jews as Edomite infiltrators has been obscured. The Jews themselves actively obscure much of this information, and Christians are blind to it even though it is clear in both the New Testament and the histories of Josephus, once one is brought to understand it. So even the most devout Christians over the centuries have been confused as to the Jewish question. In fact, the obfuscation of history is why we have a Jewish question. If Christians investigated and found the truth of these matters, it would be no question at all and the Jews would be ashes already.

There are many proofs that the Christian Bible represents the Aryan spirit and Aryan heritage. The ancient Sumerian literature and that of the Hebrews have many parallels: Giants created by “gods”, which the Bible instead calls “fallen angels”. The very long lifespans of the Sumerian kings list is even more fantastic than the long lifespans of the Biblical patriarchs. The Greek, Roman, Germanic, Babylonian, Sumerian and Hebrew religious beliefs all have similar concepts of life after death, the possibility of resurrection, heaven and hell, etc. The Germanic myths of Ragnarock, the final battle against the world serpent, and life on a new earth after the battle are alike with the Hebrew Armageddon, the destruction of the Jewish serpents, and the resurrection of Christians.

If the Old Testament were really a Jewish book, it would be a book of deception rather than a book of heroism. Samson would have been a banker, or perhaps would have owned a casino. The children of Israel would have invaded the land of Canaan with briefcases rather than with swords. Deuteronomy would have been a manual for bankers and insurance agents. If the Old Testament were really a Jewish book, it would not have scorned prostitution, made death the penalty for sodomy, or absolutely forbid the practice of usury. The Jews are absolutely contrary to the God of the Old Testament, because in truth that God is a Christian God.

So-called White Nationalists and others who insist on maintaining the lie that the Bible is a Jewish book when incontrovertible evidence can be presented which proves that these people called Jews are neither Israel nor Judah, are actually doing the Jews a service by assisting them in their claims to an identity which is not theirs.

If White Nationalists ever want to defeat the Jews and overcome being drowned in the sea of mud, they must abandon the Jewish religions that they have unwittingly embraced, and return to Christ their only legitimate King.

It is no mistake that 2000 years ago, Christianity spread and was accepted by tribes of White Europeans as they encountered it. It is no mistake that for the last 1500 years Europe has been predominantly Christian. Christianity had spread not only to both Greece and Rome, but also to Britain and other points in Europe as early as the middle of the first century. Tribes in Gaul were converting to Christianity in the second century. By the third century, if not sooner, Germanic tribes of the Goths and Alans had accepted Christianity. All of this was long before the official acceptance of Christianity began with Constantine the Great, the Edict of Toleration and the Council of Nicaea.

To mock Christianity today is to mock a hundred generations of our ancestors. People who mock Christianity think they know something better about our past than their own ancestors, the people who actually lived in those times many centuries ago. The truth is that the people who mock Christianity know little-to-nothing about the world of the past and the circumstances under which their ancestors ultimately accepted Christianity.

There are many incongruities in the perception of the people who mock Christianity today. On one hand they claim that it is a “cuck” religion, and on the other they complain that their ancestors were forced into Christianity by Christians. So they admit that their own ancestors were weaker than the “cucks” they despise. On one hand they claim that Christianity is an effeminate religion, and a Jewish religion, but then they complain that their ancestors were forced into it by Christians. So they admit that their ancestors were weaker than effeminates and Jews. All the while, they proclaim the “might is right” mantra of their own neo-paganism, while professing that their weak ancestors, forced to subject to Christianity, were somehow treated unfairly! Those who mock Christianity are simply too stupid to realize all of these cognitive disconnects, and there are many more that we won’t get into here.

The truth is that our ancestors accepted Christianity because they had tangible historical connections to the people of the Old Testament. The Jews are not those people. The Jews are mixed-race bastards descended from the few who were left behind. Look at modern America. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, non-White alien immigrants began pouring into American cities. In the North it was worse, as tens of thousands of Negros from the South had already moved into those same cities in the 1950’s and 1960’s. So we had White Flight, as millions of Whites abandoned the cities and moved out into the suburbs. But the Whites who were left behind, many of them are now mixed-race bastards, because their parents stayed in the cities and accepted and mingled with the aliens.

This same process happened in the Middle and Near East, and in Northern Africa, from as early as 2000 BC, and today we see the results. First it was Sumer, then Ethiopia and Egypt, and with the decay of the Byzantine Empire and the rise of Islam – a Jewish ploy – an entire White world became overrun and bastardized, and is now many different shades of brown. We, the survivors, may be the children of those who fled for refuge, but that does not mean that we should consign our inheritance to bastards. Either we are the children of God, and our God is the enemy of Jews, or the Jews are actually His people, and God is really a nasty old Jew.

The ancient world was a White world, and those White people who inhabited it had a common origin. In the first century BC, Diodorus Siculus embarked on his extensive and learned Library of History with an attempt to demonstrate how the Assyrian, Ethiopian, Egyptian and Greek cultures all had a relatively common mythological heritage. And of course, this is true, but it is poorly understood. All of these people were originally White, and they did indeed have a common heritage. But modern people usually dismiss Diodorus as a bearer of tales, because they themselves are ignorant of the facts that underlie his assertions.

Disregarding the Bible, Whites in Europe as a culture have about 2,700 years of accumulated literature. Sadly, we know of much more than what has actually survived the ages, however enough has survived to give us a clear enough picture of ancient history and the general development of our race into the earlier societies.

Today we can make one of two basic choices. If we accept the popular choice, we dismiss our own ancient literature and we mold our worldview from the findings of the so-called sciences, such as genetic science, archaeology and anthropology. These disciplines are all in the hands of our enemies. These sciences are subject to politicization, to the biased interpretations of people who start off with bad assumptions, ill-begotten premises, and agendas favoring the popular ideals of egalitarianism, multiculturalism and diversity. The second, and less popular choice, is to examine the ancient writings of our own people, to appreciate the fact that generations of our own ancestors felt that those writings were valuable enough to preserve, and to come to understand our ancient world according to these worthy witnesses of our own race.

Once we understand the Greek and Roman classics, then we can learn to reach back further, realizing that the Biblical literature represents an even earlier phase of that same tradition.

The apostle James wrote an epistle which we have in our Bibles, which is addressed to “the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad”. This scattering began with the Exodus, and it did not end until the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem after 585 BC. Only a very small portion of two tribes ever returned to Judaea, and the historian Josephus, as well as the Biblical literature, fully agree. But Josephus also informs us that “there are but two tribes in Asia and Europe subject to the Romans, while the ten tribes are beyond Euphrates till now, and are an immense multitude, and not to be estimated by numbers.” That group of Israelites beyond Euphrates lived in Armenia and Iberia in modern Georgia, and they had for many centuries been migrating north through the Caucasus Mountains. Among them were the Alans and Goths who accepted Christianity long before Rome ever accepted it.

Several tribes of the Greeks, the Trojans, Illyrians and the Romans themselves, the Iberians of the West, the original inhabitants of Britain and Ireland, the Phoenicians of Northern Africa, all of these had descended from the people who fled Egypt or from the people who migrated west out of the seaports of the Levant in early times. Later, the Germanic tribes came from immigrations into Europe by tribes that passed through the Caucasus Mountains and the areas around the Black and Caspian Seas. If the Bible is our heritage, we had better stop mocking our own ancestors for accepting Christianity, because evidently they were only fulfilling their God-appointed destiny by doing so.

Should we really think that our ancestors were too dumb to know what was going on in the world up to their own time? Should we really think that our ancestors were so weak in their own beliefs that they accepted a religion received from sand fleas and niggers? Those who mock or scoff at Christianity are pissing all over the graves of 80 generations of their own fathers and mothers. Only a few tribes were ever forcibly converted to Christianity. Among those were the Saxons. When the Islamic hordes invaded France, and the Christian ruler Charles Martel raised an army to defeat them, he had enemies to his rear. The Saxons were looting and pillaging the towns and villages of the Franks in the East. So for two generations Charles’ sons defended themselves against the Saxons, until Charlemagne finally defeated them and forced them to convert. From that time, the civilizing effect that Christianity had on the converted Saxons then gave birth to one of the world’s greatest societies, which we can probably reckon from the time of Otto I, who was born in the year 912. He in turn defended the West against the Slavs, and eventually the Slavs were conquered and Christianized by the Saxons, for very much the same reason. The pagans in these cases were the aggressors, and the Christians were tired of the aggression. We would assert, that Christianity was what our ancestors had departed from when they went off into paganism, and their return to Christianity was a fullfillment of Biblical prophecy, that they would eventually return to the real religion of their most ancient ancestors.

As James had written to the twelve tribes scattered abroad, so did Paul of Tarsus, who professed that his commission was to bear the name of Christ before “both the Nations and kings of the sons of Israel”, which we see in Acts chapter 15. Then later, after the Jews had him arrested, he professed that “I stand and am judged for the hope of the promise made of God unto our fathers: Unto which promise our twelve tribes… hope to come. For which hope’s sake… I am accused of the Jews”, in Acts chapter 26. The twelve tribes, in the estimation of Paul of Tarsus, are therefore distinct from the Jews. Of course, one of those twelve tribes would have to be Judah, and even they are distinct from the Jews in the eyes of Paul. James wrote to twelve tribes scattered abroad, not to ten or eleven.

Paul saw Christianity as a fulfillment of the promises to the fathers. Paul never said that Christianity was for anyone who was not of those fathers. Christianity is not a religion. The apostles were not delivering a religion. Rather, Christianity is a racial covenant and an inheritance promised by God to a particular race, by which that race should abandon worldly religion. If our ancestors really accepted a Jewish religion, or a religion that loves niggers, then we all deserve to be slaves forever, because of their stupidity. But if we are actually the descendants of the people of that Book, as even the ancient Greek historians recognized to a great degree, then we had better honor our ancestors, because they made the right choice after all. We choose to believe our own literature, and follow our own ancestors, or we surrender ourselves to the Jews and accept all of their lies. What we believe makes a difference, and it is about time we got it.

If you believe that the Israelites of the Old Testament were Jews, then you are a victim of the Jews. In The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which are the work of the Jews, we see the following boast, from Protocol No. 16: “WE SHALL CHANGE HISTORY. Classicism as also any form of study of ancient history, in which there are more bad than good examples, we shall replace with the study of the program of the future. We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us, and leave only those which depict all the errors of the government of the GOYIM.”

The Jews have controlled the printing presses for five hundred years. If you think that Jews are telling you the truth about the Classics, the Bible, and ancient history, you deserve to be their slaves. The Jews are giving you a narrative full of lies designed to enslave you to them, and you have accepted them because you believe their lies.

When Moses organized the Israelites into a kingdom, he set down in writing an agrarian calendar. Then he wrote out the laws, and an examination of those laws shows that they are opposed to all of the activities which the Jews have always favored, promoted, and engaged in for themselves. The laws are against usury, they are against pandering, they are against mercantile cheating and unfair exchange of goods, they are against divorce, homosexuality and fornication, which is race-mixing. They are even against pharmaceuticals, which are sorcery, and necromancy and things such as tarot cards and soothsaying. Everything the Jew represents, the law of Moses opposes. The Jewish Talmud and the Koran uphold pedophilia. The Bible does not even mention pedophilia, because to Whites pedophilia is practically unthinkable. If the Bible were a Jewish book, pedophilia and other perversions would emanate from every page.

As I often like to say, If Moses was a jew, the Torah would have been a banking manual rather than a code of law which enforces morality with the penalty of death. If Joshua and the Israelites were Jews they would have invaded Canaan with briefcases and pencils, rather than with axes and swords. If Jesus were a Jew, He would have done stand-up comedy instead of parables. The Bible is the LEAST Jewish book in print today, and one of the only books printed in large numbers which is opposed to everything Jewish.

In this day Identity Christians wonder when our own people, who are locked in the paradigms of this world, will awaken to the fact that they are once again in bondage, and that their own attitudes concerning race and righteousness have been taught to them by the very ones who hold them in that bondage: the international Jews. The concept of political correctness which holds sway over their minds is an invention of the Jewish masters who rule over them, that they may retain that rule without difficulty.

When we show from the Bible and from history and archeology that the Anglo Saxon and kindred people are the modern day descendants of the house of Israel, to whom Yahweh has pledged with His oath so many great privileges and blessings, many say indifferently, “what difference does it make?” They only selfishly desire personal salvation.

But, the promises of personal salvation in Scripture are very narrow, and usually refer to temporal salvation. But the Scripture is replete with blanket promises of eternal salvation for the entire race of Adam, or the entire nation of the children of Israel. These are the promises upon which we should focus, because we should love our people, our brethren, more than we love ourselves.

The Israel Identity truth is the key which opens up the Bible from the first promise made at the fall of Adam, until Yahshua delivers up the finished kingdom to Yahweh. It may be likened to a spiritual thread which runs through almost every chapter of Bible history, every doctrine, symbol, promise and covenant. The thread, which when found, makes possible the unraveling of most of the mysteries of the Word. This is why the people who see the truth have declared the Bible to be a new book, consistent, harmonious and satisfying to mind and soul.

Actually, almost everywhere Paul spoke of a mystery, he professed that he was explaining that mystery, and that is the mystery of the identity of the household of Yahweh, the identity of the true Israelites who were cast off centuries before Christ, who were being reconciled to God through Christ. Paul having made known those mysteries, they are no longer mysteries because he made them known, he announced their meanings.

Our remote Christian ancestors read the same Scriptures that we have, and had no problem believing them and assuming their identity in them for themselves. Should we imagine that our ancestors were too dumb to read? We can see, in the Book of Odes which is found in the Codex Alexandrinus, that early Christians formulated Christian Identity liturgy. It is the Jews who have “changed history”, as we read earlier in the Protocols of Zion, and when we believe what they say we are believing a lie. And they did not start corrupting history in the 19th or 20th centuries. Rather, they have been corrupting it all along, everywhere they can infiltrate, for 5,000 years.

Now that our race has fallen into sin, the other races are being used to chastise us, and they appear to be blessed, but upon our imminent redemption they shall all be destroyed. That is the promise of the Word of Yahweh, and to attain it all we must do is repent. We will be punished until we repent.

In Romans chapter 4, Galatians chapters 3 and 4 and 1 Corinthians chapter 10 Paul of Tarsus explained how the nations to whom he brought the Gospel were indeed the seed of Abraham, and the classical and archaeological records prove it.

In Genesis 17:7 Yahweh promises, “I will establish My covenant between Me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee”. Can it be possible that it means nothing to the believer to be chosen of Yahweh as an heir of that covenant, which in all of its ramifications Yahweh unfolds throughout the remainder of the scriptures?

This being among the promises to the fathers which Christ had come to fulfill, if we are not those people then our ancient ancestors turned to Christ in vain, and we being so stupid, we deserve to be ruled over by Jews. However if our ancestors knew what they were doing when they turned to Christ, then we are the children of God and it is time to repent and to rid ourselves of every Jew, and all of the other races as well, because our inheritance is unique and exclusive to our race.

In the Revelation, in its closing chapters, at the end of this world age, a city descends from God. The names of the twelve tribes of Israel are inscribed on the gates of that city. If you are not from one of those twelve tribes, you shall not enter into that city! The old Jerusalem did represent the kingdom of God on earth, but by the time of Christ it was a multi-ethnic cesspool. The Kingdom had to be taken from them, and all of that is also a matter of Biblical prophecy.

There is no commission to take the Word of God to any other race, and any Bible verse which suggests such a thing is poorly translated, removed from its original historical context, and poorly understood.

If our White race is not the Israel of the Bible, then we are nothing, and it makes no sense whatsoever for the apostles of Christ to bring the Gospel of Christ to Europe. They never tried to bring it to niggers, street shitters or Chinamen.

If we say that Christianity is for everyone, then that is a denial of the words of the book from which we get Christianity. What sort of book is ever interpreted in a manner which is absolutely contrary to what the book actually says? And if we do not realize who we are, we will never know what to do when Babylon – the globalist mercantile system – finally falls, and we hear the call to avenge our enemies.

If the Jews are Israel, which is a historical impossibility, then God is a complete failure, and we should not even care about our race, because there is no salvation or redemption. That is the very conclusion which the Jew wants you to arrive at, so that they can destroy you and you have no defense.

Conclusion: If you cannot revise your thinking based on new information, or at least on information which is new to you, you are a slave and a fool. In the end, we will ALL be Christian Identity whether you like it or not.

Most of this was plagiarized from Christogenea.org