How Jewish Investment Giants Force Communism on CEO’s

The Vanguard – Black Rock – State Street Mafia literally owns much of Corporate America — and is wielding that might on behalf of Globalism-Marxism (Communism/Judaism/Satanism)

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Eugene Scalia was appointed Secretary of Labor by Donald Trump in September, 2019. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he is a son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – who, as reasonable suspicion, WikiLeaks and Q Anon all suggest, was murdered at a desolate ranch on orders from Obongo & pedo-monster John Podesta.

Papa Scalia’s voting record was perfect. And now, we are pleased to report, the son is making an important power play against the growing Marxist cancer that is spreading through, of all places, “Corporate America.”

From the article:

“The Labor Department is seeking a new federal regulation that could discourage retirement funds from making investments based on environmental, social and governance considerations.

Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia said the move “reminds plan providers that it is unlawful to sacrifice returns, or accept additional risk, through investments intended to promote a social or political end.

Investments based on social goals can consider, for example, a company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint or to promote racial and gender diversity among its directors and executives.

Such investments have grown immensely in recent years, to roughly one of every four dollars under management. Some experts think 401(k) plans will play an increasing role in such investing.” (emphasis added)

Heck! We knew about the “social investment” trend, but until reading this article, we had no idea this subversive scheme now encompasses “one of every four dollars under management” — with 401k’s expected to follow suit. Let’s explore this some more.

  1. In 2016, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered so that Obongo could replace the conservative legend with another Jewish Marxist. Fortunately, Republicans were able to delay Obongo’s pick until after the election of 2016. // 2. Eugene Scalia was sworn in as Secretary of Labor after 43 of 47 hate-filled Senate Demonrats voted against his nomination. // 3. The “Socially Responsible” investing scam is now MASSIVE.

ESG stands for Environmental Social & Governance. The practice of ESG investing integrates Globalist objectives into investment decision-making. So, let us say that a publicly traded company fails to manifest sufficient “awareness” ” or “sensitivity”  on issues like cross-dressing, “diversity in the workplace,” the Climate Con, gun control etc. — The giant investment advisory groups can and will boot that company’s stocks out of certain ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). Conversely, if a company virtue-signals by adopting the “politically correct” libtarded agenda — its stock will be included in all of the major funds.

From Barron’s Magazine (August 12, 2019)

Vanguard ESG Funds Drop Nearly 30 Stocks

“Two Vanguard ETFs that aim to invest using environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are getting rid of 29 stocks, including gun maker Sturm Ruger, fast food purveyor Yum Brands, private prison operator Geo Group, and media company News Corp (FOX News).

The funds will steer clear of companies that make money from adult entertainment, alcohol and tobacco, fossil fuels, nuclear power, and those that “do not meet standards of UN global compact principles” and fail on certain “diversity criteria.” (here)

And it’s not just Vanguard flexing its Marxist muscle. Two other investment powerhouses — Black Rock and State Street — are playing the same dirty game. Collectively, these Big Three have become the largest shareholder in 40% of all publicly listed firms in the United States. (here

More recently — from The Financial Times:

BlackRock Punishes 53 Companies Over Climate Inaction (here)

There is simply no exaggerating of the coercive financial power of the Vanguard-BlackRock-State Street Money Mafia. It’s not “conspiracy theory” — it’s “mainstream.” Here’s more — A headline, from Bloomberg News:

BlackRock and Vanguard Are Less Than a Decade Away From Managing $20 Trillion

Two towers of power are dominating the future of investing. (story here)

When this Terrible Troika of Titans tells the CEO’s of America to “jump,” they must respond “How high, sir?” – lest their stocks take a nasty hit. In a recent article, investigative journalist Jon Rappaport pointed out the VG-BR-SS Investment Mafia has top executives sitting on the Boards of major health care companies and hospitals – which also helps to explain why “Corporate America” has been rendered so docile and obedient when it comes to propagating the Stupid-19 Scamdemic – at their own expense.

The Vanguard – Black Rock – State Street Mafia literally owns much of Corporate America — and is wielding that might on behalf of Globalism-Marxism.


In an earlier ANYT / RHC piece titled, “Bolsheviks in the Boardroom” (here)  we explained how “college educated” millennial Social Justice Warriors — now rapidly rising through the ranks of Cooperate America — were driving the “social policies” of their companies leftward. Though we still stand by that analysis – we now believe that factor weighs less than the ESG investment scheme now being promoted by VG-BR-SS Mafia.

In addition to gaining a better understanding of how the Stupid-19 Scamdemic was pulled off so easily, this revelation about the power of the VG-BR-SS Mafia — itself, by admission, politically aligned with the U.N. / NWO Mafia — clarifies so many other mysteries, doesn’t it? It explains why certain retailers, contrary to the wishes and political leanings of their own paying customers, stopped selling firearms.

It explains how, seemingly as a single entity, corporation after corporation after corporation suddenly went pro-sodomite and pro-cross dressing — and started heavily promoting “Pride Month” in June 2019, and will continue to do so every June thereafter..

It explains why so many companies allowed themselves to be “shaken down” by the “anti-capitalist” Marxists of Black Lives Matter. You see, it wasn’t actually a small group of Black lesbian street activists who forced Corporate America to promote BLM on their company websites while collectively pledging an estimated $1.6 Billion dollars to the Reds. No sir. It was the Vanguard-BlackRock-State Street Investment Mafia that did that!


The mighty VG-BR-SS Mafia now controls the “Environmental-Social-Governance” policies of publicly traded corporations throughout America, and the world.

1. CEO Lawrence Fink of BlackRock // 2. CEO Mortimer Buckley of Vanguard // 3. Ronald O’Hanley of State Street — These three crooks — all Globalists — are now wielding more power than US Senators or State Governors.

Stupid-19 TV ads. All the major companies have been forced to say the same thing!

The same weird phenomenon with the Black Lives Matter mania in he wake of the fake killing of St. George Floyd.

“Pride Month” — So many corporations — all of a sudden, speaking with one voice on LGBT.

Companies had better go “green” — if they want their stocks to stay in the big funds managed by VG_BR-SS.

And “Oh, just one more ting, if you don’t mind,” as TV Detective Columbo used to say back in the 1970’s. If the ESG agenda is being dictated to Corporate America by the VG-BR-SS Mafia —  the question naturally arises: Is someone even bigger pulling the golden strings of VG-BR-SS as well? Ah, ya gotta love the power of the Internet! Have a look at a few headlines we found from “mainstream” sources:

* Rothschild Investment Corp reports Increase in Ownership of Vanguard Index Fund

* Rothschild to Outsource Global Fixed Interest to BlackRock Group

* Soros Bets on BlackRock

* State Street Appointed By NM Rothschild & Sons to Provide Investment Servicing for $650 Million 

The usual suspects – the usual schemes — surprise, surprise. Let’s hope Trump and Scalia can put a stop to this extremely dangerous, fast-growing, very little known, extortion-driven Marxification of Corporate America. Do your part by sharing the “free version” of this important ANYT article far and wide.