Understanding BLM and Antifa, and Why They are Allowed to Exist

The following is an excerpt from Part 5 of a series on the Wisdom of Solomon by William Finck. You can read or listen to this series HERE

Perhaps with the exception of the Bolshevik Revolution, of which the actual circumstances were purposely hidden from the people of the West for many decades, nowhere in recent history is this phenomenon of the hatred which the wicked have for the righteous more evident than it is today. God-fearing White Christians are being persecuted for their Christian profession, and are hated merely for being White. Today the righteous are being openly and systematically persecuted for nothing else but speaking out against evil. The so-called “Black Lives Matter” organization, and also the so-called Antifa organization with whom it is partnered, are only fronts for the imposition of global communism, by which the wicked hope to steal the wealth of the righteous and destroy Christianity forever, as well as any concept of a White race. They hate Whites for being Christians, and they hate Whites for upholding the rule of law.

When we examine these movements, we find that they are supported preeminently by Jewry, and then because they are supported by Jewry, they are also supported by all of the world’s international banks and corporations, by wealthy international trusts and charities, and also by many politicians, bureaucrats and government agents. Here we call them “movements”, but that is not even their true nature. In the Book of Acts, we see that the Jews gathered the lowest sort of rabble from city streets and enlisted them to persecute the apostles of Christ. It wasn’t a movement, it was an organized gang of criminals. Likewise, Jews are the predominant figures behind both Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

For example, there is a Jewess named Susan Rosenberg who was a leftist militant in the 1970’s and 80’s. She was part of an organization of leftist radicals which provided support to another militant group, the so-called Black Liberation Army. To fund that group, she took part in armored truck robberies, and also participated in the bombing of government buildings and other crimes. So she was caught, tried and sentenced to 58 years in prison. But she was released in January, 2001 after serving only 16 years, upon being granted clemency by outgoing president and fellow leftist Bill Clinton. Today it should be no wonder that Susan Rosenberg is vice chairman of the Board of Directors of yet another leftist organization called Thousand Currents, a so-called “non-profit foundation” that “sponsors the fundraising and does administrative work for the Black Lives Matter Global Network” (Wikipedia). One of the primary funders of Black Lives Matter through Thousand Currents is the Kellogg Foundation, although there are many others (Influence Watch).

We see Susan Rosenberg as a symbol of the outright collusion between leftist anarchist communists and so-called “liberal” elements in American government and international coporations. Bill Clinton gave her clemency, and immediately she returned to the activities for which she was imprisoned in the first place, except that today others do the shooting and throw the bombs on her behalf. This is not at all coincidental. In the 1960’s the leftist communists were radicals rioting in the streets, and today they are presidents, governors and mayors, and they sit on the boards of corporations and foundations, because they have been groomed and supported by banks and corporations to do exactly what they are now doing, fulfilling the purposes of international Jewry.

So the Kellogg Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Packard Foundation, these organizations and others like them have actually funded the recent Black Lives Matters riots around the country, openly cooperating with leftist terrorists such as Susan Rosenberg. These international trusts set up by long-dead White billionaires are being used to undermine what remains of Chrstian governance. The rule of law is a Christian concept, and the ultimate leftist endeavor is to eradicate it entirely, plunging us all into a New Red Terror, as our friend Dr. Michael Hill has termed it, by which we shall all suffer under leftist tyranny – if indeed they can obtain their objectives. That is the real reason for calls to “defund the police”, so that the wicked can once again become a law unto themselves. The Jewish-controlled “mainstream” media, almost entirely owned by international corporations, is entirely complicit with them all.

As Identity Christians, we are not enthralled to the government – and especially to a government which has now oppressed us as Christians. But we must oppose evil, and we must endeavor to uphold the laws of our God, which is the law upon which the laws of the nations of Christendom were originally based. So we must seek to uphold the concept of the rule of law, because might does not make right, and we also must also seek to defend ourselves and our people from the beasts who would destroy them.

The Black Lives Matter movement is truly a “Black Supremacy” movement, as if there could ever really be such a thing as Black supremacy. They seek to destroy White Christians, and seek to “defund the police” in order to carry on their plans for their greater war against Whites in general. In Africa, Black supremacy determines which tribal chief may first rape a baby, and how many limbs from the corpses of rival tribes he may eat for dinner. That is how they want to remake America and all the West.

This stage of the war on White Christians has been carried out for nearly a hundred years, and so far, the media has gotten away with characterizing it as a “crime problem”, but it is and has always been a race war all along, and virtually one-sided, where Blacks are the constant aggressors and Whites are the continual and often-unsuspecting victims. In the Middle Ages the Jews used the Moors and the Turks in their assaults on White Christian Europe, and today it is Negroes. Soon it will be Chinese and Mexicans.

Because Blacks despise the rule of law, and they see law as a White construct, which is correct. The mere existence of laws and police are oppression to Blacks. That is why Blacks see the system itself as oppression, because the system prevents them from looting, pillaging, raping and murdering Whites without consequence. That is what they are really speaking of when they claim that there is inherent racism in the system, which is the system of law and governance originally put in place by and for White Christians. Their natural allies in this endeavor are Jews who have always sought to undermine Christianity, and the Sodomites and other criminals who comprise the majority of so-called Antifa. These are also lawless anarchists, wicked people who would oppress and even kill the righteous in order to freely partake in their own perversions.

Why are White Christian voices deplatformed by Paypal, Facebook, Youtube, Google, and even by major banks and other international corporations, while Antifa and Black Lives Matter, which are openly communist and which often openly promote the use of violence to forward their agenda, are supported and even funded by those same corporations? On July 16th, the current U.S. Attorney general criticized Apple, Google and Microsoft for supporting the Communist regime in China. But how does it go unnoticed that these same corporations and others have also long supported and advocated Communism here, through their supporting and enabling of these Communist groups? Is it not apparent, that all of these corporations and also the Communist Chinese government openly support Black Lives Matter, which at the same time is allied and colluding with Antifa? But at least most of the controlled media purposely keeps at least most Americans and others in the West in the dark concerning these things, just as Jews in control of the media throughout the West had succeeded in keeping most White Christians ignorant of the Jewish nature and origins of Communism for over a hundred years.

One of the promises of the Gospel of Christ, as it is recorded in Luke chapter 1, is “That we should be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us… that we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies might serve him without fear…” So we can be assured that our enemies, all those who hate White Christians, shall ultimately fail in their endeavor to destroy us.