Race is the Issue, and Politics is NOT the Answer

We focus a lot on the racial aspect of the Gospel on this site. There is a reason. Because it is of the utmost importance. Honestly, we feel that this is the “milk of the Word” and we would like to share further and deeper revelations of Christ. However, most folks just are not ready, yet.

Mainstream “jewdeo-churchianity”, in all of it’s brands, has yet to grasp the fundamentals. Before you can even begin to understand Scripture, you must realize that the Bible is a book written by, for, about, and to White people, who are the descendents of the Biblical Israelites. Furthermore, these same Scriptures tell us repeatedly, that Yahweh (God) commands us to be separate from the other “races.” Therefore, the very beginning of knowledge and obedience deals with racial matters, and we cannot move further into the depths of Christ without a foundational understanding of our identity, heritage, and basic duty to God and each other.

With that said, we cannot begin to address the problems that we have as Whites, Christians, or European-Americans, nor can we begin to organize or come together in unity, when we cannot even start with a foundation of truth and reality.

“Jew-wise” secularists, White Nationalists, Pagans, and others cannot agree and come together. We true White Christians cannot agree and walk with them without compromising our faith. And, worst of all, these fellow Whites ignorantly think we have a “jewish” religion, and the so-called church even agrees with them!

Make no mistake. This is all by design. The devil’s kids have exploited our weaknesses. I could blame the jews and leftists, but the fault really lies with us. As White people, collectively, we have allowed our race to become brainwashed and ignorant because we loved the things of this world rather than God and His truth. We brought this on ourselves.

Disturbingly, many of our people are going along with the Jew World Order and are even bowing down before these demonic nigger beasts. I’m afraid that, barring some miracle of God, these are lost – too far gone. Meanwhile, some of our more critical thinkers are becoming increasingly concerned by the protests, riots, and racial tension in the world. They want to do something, but are not sure where to begin.

We are going to face some difficult times in the near future, where we will be forced to make some serious decisions. American will soon be under tyrannical control. We may end up splitting into two or more countries. There may be a race war. Regardless of the outcome, we know that anarchy always leads to tyranny. You may have to pick a side. You may have to re-locate. You may even be faced with deciding whether to accept a “vaccine” with a “digital signature” that might determine whether you can buy necessities or not. This is speculation, but a real possibility.

First of all, you cannot depend on politicians or political movements. Donald Trump will not help us. He couldn’t even if he wanted to. The Republican party is all talk. They will continue to slowly capitulate to the communist Left for fear of being called ‘racist.’ Your church can’t help you because, even if the government has allowed them to open, your pastor is probably a mind-slave to the anti-christ jews and doesn’t even recognize them as our enemies.

So, what can you do? First, you can educate yourself. Seek God and His truth. Ask Him for direction and guidance. And, above all…TRUST HIM! But resist the urge to look to political solutions. There is no political solution!

A man I admire greatly, William Finck, wrote an article a few years ago with that title. If I were you, I would read it, then read it again, then share it with everyone you know. It is full of truth and wisdom. You can read it by clicking THIS LINK.