The Purpose of the Riots and the Consequences of Amalgamating With Non-Whites

The following is an excerpt from a longer article by William Finck which can be seen in it’s entirety, HERE

While the Dindu Apocalypse has apparently subsided, at least for a time, with each new wave of negro aggression it seems that a greater number of White Christians become aware of the fact that the differences which we have with negros are certainly more than skin deep. However the spineless and effeminate capitulation of so many liberal politicians and cuckolded law enforcement officials is ultimately only going to further embolden the beasts, and it is inevitable that a complete breakdown of the rule of law will become manifest in many places in America and in the other nations of Christendom. That is the true objective of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements, to wear down the resolve of Christians, to destroy the constructs of Christian governance, and to plunge us all into anarchy, a process which has always resulted in tyranny. This is one aspect of world history that sadly, far too few White people understand: that the rule of law in the modern world is a product of Christendom, and those who hate Christ have always wanted to see it destroyed and replaced with laws of their own. If they are successful, the result will inevitably lead to a new tyranny of the Left, and the long-sought victory of global Communism. Any kindness which they are shown, they perceive as weakness, and it opens up new avenues for them to exploit. The controlled media and global corporations are on their side, all of the liberal and progressive politicians are on their side, and all of them have actively helped them advance this agenda. The Coronavirus lockdowns and recent riots over the death of a career criminal are only the newest phases in an age-old war against Christendom. The timing of these events was not a coincidence.

But this is not new to us. We have not reached these conclusions recently. We have known and have been writing about these things for over twenty years. Of course, as we often point out, Wesley Swift and Bertrand Comparet and others wrote about them sooner. Even if we do not always know what form it will assume, when the next attack is launched against our Christian society we certainly do know who is behind it, and we know who is on the side of our enemies. Where the Satanic war against the Camp of the Saints is prophesied in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, for us there are no allies and there are no neutral parties. All the nations are gathered, and one is either a sheep or a goat. There is no third choice.

However for the last twenty years, many supposed Identity Christians have claimed that we are mean-spirited, or worse, because of our position towards the non-Adamic so-called races. This is in spite of the fact that we were told that the Good Shepherd distinguishes the sheep and the goats on sight, and separates them in that same manner. So to this day, very often it seems that we are still only a divisive minority even within Christian Identity. But we are confident that they who despise us need to repent, that in spite of their supposed knowledge they still share in the sins of the world. So until other Identity Christians agree with us on these important issues, and profess that agreement, we will always be divisive, we will always choose to quarrel, and purposely so.

There is no option of bargaining with the devil, there is no concession to be made, and there is no concession to be found in Scripture whereby any acceptance of any of the other races could possibly be deemed righteous. Those who purposely throw the bread of the children of God to the dogs, calling it “crumbs”, will themselves be thrown to the dogs. That was the fate of Jezebel, who taught the children of God to commit fornication and who would not repent. So in the end we shall be vindicated, because it is our position which is the proper Biblical and Christian position. Once the rest of the world is overrun by “joggers”, all of the so-called Identity Christians who endeavor to ignore or marginalize us will be left without excuse.

This issue concerning the acceptance of other races certainly does impact the lives of many people, even within Christian Identity, as more and more people come to understand rudimentary Identity truths, while at the same time more and more White families have members who are race-mixing, which is a form of fornication. So this is not an issue that should be lightly dismissed, or considered peripheral. It is central to our cause, and therefore it is even a grounds for fellowship. As Paul had written in 1 Corinthians chapter 5: “9 I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators”.