The Term “Jew”

The Term “Jew” by Kevin Conway

I think a little research in Strong’s Exhaustive Con-cordance would help a little in this matter. I want to elaborate on this for just a minute. This word “JEW” is a pain in my neck. First off you can’t find “Jew” anywhere in the original languages, so we need to stop using this tool which is employed by the Edom-ite hook-nosed kikes -for they are the literal off-spring of Lucifer.Starting in the Old Testament we find the very first mention of the word “Jew” (a mistranslation) in Sec-ond Kings 16:6 (KJV). The word is translated “Yehuwdiy,” (Hebrew #3064) which means: “a Jehu-dite (i.e. Judaite)” or “descendant of Jehudah (Judah). This was used in the context of someone in the linage of Judah -a RACIAL term for the tribe of Judah!The next occurrence for this tricky term, comes when we get to the book of Ezra which is after the release from the Babylonian Captivity. The two-tribed Southern Kingdom (with a remnant of Levi) returns to the land of Canaan to rebuild their city of Jerusa-lem and reinstitute their Spiritual worship of obedi-ence to Yahweh. We find that the word Jew again ap-pears in Ezra 4:12, 23; and 5:1,5. This is “Yehuwdaiy” (Hebrew #3062), meaning: “Jehudaite (or Judaite.” This word comes from the root -Yehuwd (#3061) meaning: “Judah, hence Judea.” So we see that when we read all these passages we can see that it is talking about the descendants of Judah unless specified as the land of Judea. This gives us a clear distinction of context.BUT when we get to the New Testament we find that the term Jew is a territorial distinction much like calling someone an American today. So let us get started with a brief glimpse into the 400 years be-tween the Testaments… We read about the Maccabe-an (true descendants of Judah) conquest of the neigh-boring Edomite/Canaanite nation known as Idumea in 125 B.C. When the Maccabean Priest, King Hyrca-nus won the war in 121 B.C. he offered this mixed multitude of Canaanites, (the Satanic Seedline of Genesis 3:15), full citizenship into the Nation of Ju-dea for nothing more than a promise to circumcise! SO NOW we have Canaanites masquerading as Isra-elites… Hello?Usage in the New Testament for the term “Jew(s)” is translated from the Greek word Ioudaios (#2453), meaning: “Judean, i.e. belonging to Jehudah.”This Greek word Ioudaios appears to be a geograph-ical indicating an area of residence. Thus, those in Ju-dea were “Judeans” -those from Galilee were know as Galileans, Samaritans, etc. Furthermore, the term Judea is translated from the Greek word Ioudaia (#2449) meaning: “the Judean land.”This is why we have to pay close attention to the con-text of the Scripture when identifying who is being referred to as a Jew(s). A negative connotation refers to the hook-nosed kikes (false Pharisees) which we see in the Book of John 7:11-13, which states, “Then the Jews sought Him (Jesus) at the Feast (of Taber-nacles), and said, Where is He? And there was much murmuring among the people the people concerning Him (the Christ): for some said, He is a good man: others said, No; but He deceives the people. Howbeit no man spoke openly of Him for fear of the JEWS.When the Apostle Paul preached that there was nei-ther Jew nor Greek… He was telling them that there was no difference between an Israelite of the land of Judea and a Greek Israelite (Exiled “Lost” Tribes of Israel) which had come from a false teaching of mythology.