A Concise History of Our People

From: divinepageant

We, Adam/Israel/Man have lived since time began, since Christ began, as an expression of our Father, the ultimate supreme Mind behind all that is. Our story, for this segment of history anyway, begins in the Biblical “garden of Eden,” which was the Pamir Plateau, in Tajikistan, just north of present-day Pakistan. The Pamir is a high plateau region from which rivers flow toward all four cardinal directions. After the “fall,” we went eastward to the Tarim Pendi basin of western China. Hundreds of perfectly preserved mummies have recently been found there at the base of the Tien Shan mountains, mummies of blond, blue-eyed Caucasians with sophisticated woven-woolen clothing with tartan patterns, felt shoes and hats, and tools unknown to the rest of the world at that ancient time of many thousands of years ago (Google: Mummies of Urumchi). The flood of six-thousand years ago probably happened in this great basin. We next appeared in the Punjab region of northwest India as the Indus Valley civilisation, where our white-race left evidence of our spiritual natures in what later became the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads, and in a “caste” system which was natural to God’s race. Paralleling our migration over the long term was the race of Cain, our adversary, who settled in the Babylon region before we got there. Mixing with the neighboring African races, they became the Aramean race. The Cain race began the first-known great civilization of technology and worldly magnificence. About 2,000 BC we find our patriarch Abraam living there in Chaldea. God called him away from there to a land of new promise in the Palestine region.

The Old Testament stories tell of our ancestors’ struggles from that time, and demonstrate the everlasting contest of Cain/Esau against God’s people who were “born from above.” Our people were warned to not mix with other races, and were repeatedly punished for doing so. A Phineas priesthood was even established to correct such misbehaviors. Preserving the genetic lineage of the body of Christ from adulteration with non-divine people or Cain’s race was of primary importance to God. The Bible tells our history up through the time of Christ.

After Christ, the Edomites (Jews), who are Jacob’s natural and eternal enemies, became persecutors of the new Christian movement. New Testament authors tell about the persecution from the Jerusalem temple which was run by the Edomites, who were then calling themselves Judeans, later known as “Jews.” By the time of Christ, the Edomite Jews already had a large community in Rome where they fostered close ties with the Roman emperors and influenced the persecution against Christians. Josephus and Eusebius state that the Jews always had special favors from Rome, and were never persecuted by them. That Roman attack against Jerusalem from 67 to 70 AD was an isolated incident caused by a couple of trouble-making Edomite Jew leaders in Jerusalem. Many early Christians were martyred by the Romans during the first three centuries. Finally, about 300 AD, the emperor Constantine solved the problem by having the common religion of Paganism (with its Madonna and “lamentations” over the death of her son, along with statuary of the Pietá) to be combined with Christianity so the people would accept it as their new religion. The mixture of races in Italy at that time, with only a small minority of Caucasians, was predominately Jewish race (Edomites) and north African immigrants. Those paganists adopted Christianity, and used it for political purposes, pushing Papal powers into Europe and Britain. Charlemagne, in late 8th century, conquered all of Europe even up into the area of Prussia to place it under rulership of the Pope. Then the cruel tyranny of Rome began.

The subsequent centuries of persecution and inquisitions were a continuation of Esau’s efforts to kill Jacob. Europe was a massacre ground where the Edomite mother-goddess cult of Roman Catholicism slaughtered white-race Europeans to a number that historians estimate at about fifty million. Esau’s slaughter of true Israelites lasted until Luther’s Reformation in the 1500s. At that time, God began a migration of His children from Europe to a newly discovered land, the last “promised land,” America. God, like a chess-player, moved His children to safety for a while. Eventually, the Jews of the International Banking cartels came to conquer America. Jewish slaving ships foisted blacks onto the colonists that they didn’t want at first. The industrial north was easy to control, but the prosperous agricultural South refused to submit. A new Republican party was formed to represent the Jewish bankers, and their President Lincoln attempted, with some difficulty, to get a war started between the North and South who did not want to fight each other. Finally, he did get the war started, and defeated the South, whereupon the Carpet Baggers (Jewish bankers) bought the Southern farm lands at tax-auctions for dirt-cheap prices. Lincoln instituted a Central Bank for the Jews, but his Vice-president who followed him, Andrew Johnson got rid of it. Johnson was impeached for that, but not convicted. Also, by this time, Marx’s Communist Manifesto of 1848 (defining Jewish political aims) was becoming a movement. Based on Hegel’s “dialectic,” the Jews planned to conquer the world by promoting both “thesis” and “antithesis” so their predetermined “synthesis” would be achieved. It is a clever scheme of working both sides of every issue, thus causing chaos and discontent between two opposing groups (conservatives and liberals) which permits them to always settle problems with ever more government controls and power.

The Bolshevik Revolution in eastern Europe put the Jewish race of Khazars in control of Russia, whereupon Stalin massacred an estimated fifty to sixty MILLION Germanic-race Christians of northern Russia between 1920 and 1940. Germany was so strictured by the outrageous agreements following WWI that it could not survive unless something was done. Germany was being destroyed and the people would have followed any leader who would lead them toward a correction of their plight. That they followed a crazy(?) man is understandable. Even at that, Hitler’s only aim was toward Stalin in Moscow who had been exterminating the German race. In 1939 the Jewish Zionists published a book, titled Germany Must Perish, in which they promoted extermination of the entire Germanic race. Germany had good reason to defend itself by attacking Stalin. They had lost over fifty-million of their own race. Then, after Germany lost the war, General Eisenhower turned the German people over to the Jewish Communists who proceeded to massacre nearly nine-million more of them.

So, the story of God’s children in this foreign kingdom of World is a terrible one. We, Jacob, have been persecuted continuously by Esau, the “Jew.” Yet we live on and on, for they can never kill us all. Our bodies can be killed but our Spirit cannot disappear from this great arena.

In America, our God-inspired founding-fathers gave us a Godly form of government, where we were free to achieve and excel. And we did! Until the Jewish International Banks of the inner “City of London,” became our Central Bank in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson. Wilson later stated, “I have unknowingly destroyed our country.” But, he could not undo his treason, and we became a farm of “goyim” (Khazar/Yiddish/Jewish word for us, meaning “cattle”) whom their Federal Reserve System of Jewish banks has milked and milked. Now, the Jewish Illuminati are attempting once again to destroy our race through forced race-mixing as they flood us with third-world races and force their integration into our race.

When you understand the plot of this great pageant, you will read the Old Testament prophets with greater delight, for you will understand why they foretell God’s vengeance and destruction of Esau/Edom (Jews), sometimes called Mt. Seir or Idumea. Our history could have been less traumatic for us, and less destructive, if we had clung more tightly to our true Father. But we did not, for we are a stiff-necked and stubborn race. Now we must hope that our rebellious strength might benefit us in the end-time struggle at hand. We have some difficult days ahead.