Seven Key Truths Your Spellbound Church Doesn’t Know

Scripture tells us that God is not the author of confusion. So, who is? Why are there so many differences of belief in the various churches? Why does there seem to be some contradictions in the Bible?

Well, the Bible also says that if the blind lead the blind, they will both fall in the ditch. Your pastor is a blind man. That’s your problem, right there.

So with a little Light, comes sight. Read this edited version of a writing by the late Roger Hathaway, and be amazed at what God’s truth can do in your life.

1. WHAT IS THE NEW COVENANT? We all know that the 27 books written after Jesus lived are called the “New Testament.” The word “testament” means “covenant.” Ask most any preacher or Christian what the New Covenant is, or where it is found, and he won’t know because his religion is about something else. Can any question be more basic to Christianity than this? We Christians live under a contract with God, a covenant, and Christians know little or nothing about it! The new contract with God was the very purpose of Jesus; it is what He came to accomplish.

The New Covenant was foretold by Jeremiah, in chapter 31, and is restated in Hebrews 8. “This is the Covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” saith the Lord; “I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people. And they shall not teach, every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord:’ for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.”

If you read it, suddenly it becomes clear why Christian teachers don’t address it. In this contract the only clause which obligates us to do anything is that which requires us to “not teach” our fellow men to “know the Lord.” Ponder the contract closely; think about it! Isn’t God saying something like this? “You preachers and teachers step aside. These are my children. I’ll take over from here. I’ll work in their hearts and minds, and the idea of “sin” won’t even be a factor.” It’s pretty clear that God is saying exactly that! But, that puts a Christian’s mind in a tailspin, with all kinds of questions demanding immediate answers: What about Church every Sunday? What about fellowship? What about the Law which convicts us of “sin?” What about hell? Wouldn’t that be the end of religion? I tell you that those are questions you should be asking yourself, as an individual in whom your immanent God works directly. But, that is uncomfortable, isn’t it. Must we throw the Old Testament out? Well, that brings us to another elementary teaching that we need to look at.

2. WHAT IS THE OLD COVENANT? The first 39 books of our Bible are named after this one particular contract. There were other covenants between God and man, but this one at Mt. Sinai stands above all others. The Old Covenant is a contract of Law. Most Christians know that “Old Covenant” means God’s Law. God revealed Himself through Ten Commandments, advising Israelites that this lawful behavior is required of His children, and they will be greatly rewarded for it. But if they fail, they will be severely punished. The Israelites agreed to the contract when all with one voice shouted out, “All this we will do.” Done! It’s a deal! As we know, Israelites breached that contract; they broke it, and according to the sacrificial system in place the only acceptable payment for the “breach of contract” was the death of a perfect, unblemished, innocent victim. Of course, Israel had no such perfect one to offer in payment. So, God expressed His own Son as the victim offering. Jesus died to make that payment. He settled the “breach of contract,” an action which terminated the contract, freeing Israel from its obligation of obedience to Law.

Some churches preach Law just as though we are still obligated to that old contract. Illogically, many want it both ways, teaching that one is still under God’s Law, but that Jesus forgives one for violating it IF he will buy the rest of the sectarian package that is being marketed. Of course, the church is twisting God’s Word to satisfy its own agenda. The truth is that Israel was relieved of the obligation to Law when the “breach of contract” was settled by Jesus. The New Covenant which Jesus secured frees Israel from any concern about “sin,” with God’s promise that He remembers it no more. So, where is the threat which preachers might use to frighten people into bringing their wallets into painted sepulchres? How dare I suggest that we are freed from the Law? How dare I suggest that Jesus proclaimed full freedom for those who had been captive to the old contract? The Christian religion solved the dilemma by neutering the Truth, claiming that Jesus’ forgiveness of those contract violations is conditional upon a person’s act of submitting to the church’s religious requirements. In Christian sects, Jesus’ settlement of the “breach of contract” is reserved for those who buy into their denominational beliefs, quite contrary to the real words of the contract!

3. WITH WHAT PEOPLE DID GOD MAKE COVENANTS? Christian churches preach from the highest pulpits that the Law obligates ALL human beings of the world, and that Jesus died for ALL people of the world. The Bible clearly states, in unmistakable words, that God made the two covenants with one particular genetic race of people called “Israel.” Israelites are the physical descendants from one man, Jacob, whose name became Israel. It was ONLY Israelites who stood at the base of Sinai and shouted “All this we will do.” No other people were given God’s Law! There were no other parties to that contract. Look it up for yourself. Israel, ONLY Israel!

If Christians really understood God’s program, and if they had more integrity than vanity, they would refrain from going all over the world, to all races of people, and insisting that they need Jesus’ forgiveness. It is a grandiose lie to which missionaries and preachers dedicate their lives. I sit dumbfounded that men who are supposedly well-meaning could miss the simple truth of the Bible so terribly! How does this happen?

If I grant the very kindest interpretation to this puzzling question, I would say that it happens because of the deep and Godly compassion of men’s hearts, that they want to “save” the whole world. Therefore, they interpret the Bible as a book of God’s love toward the whole world. And, truly, I do think that most Christian teachers feel that way. And, since they grew up in churches which twisted, denied, and scorned basic Biblical truths, thus inuring them to illogic and confusion, it is consistent for them to believe such error in spite of Scripture’s clear statements.

What are those clear statements? Read the Old Covenant contract at Sinai, and see to whom it was that God gave the Law. Read the New Covenant of Hebrews 8 and see that it is still ONLY ISRAEL who gets the new contract. Read Jesus statement that “I was not sent except unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” I have challenged many Christians to address that clear statement of Jesus, but have never had a single person attempt to do so. They change the subject, switch tracks, or just ignore the question.

Simply, now, very basic, at an elementary, kindergarten level here, let’s consider this. God made a contract with Israelites at Sinai. They broke the contract, so they had to pay a penalty. Only Israel had the contract. Only Israel broke it. So, ONLY Israel needed a “repairer of the breach.” When Jesus came to repair that breach, why would it be necessary for Him to come to anyone except Israel? Any school child understands that if he makes an agreement with someone, it is only him that is responsible to keep that agreement, and it is only he who will pay the penalty if he breaks it. This isn’t difficult stuff, is it? Yet the entire Christian church has perverted the teaching for the sake of evangelizing the whole world. Oh, the history of this false teaching is clear enough; it happened after 300 AD when the early Roman church adopted some of the common religion of Paganism into Christianity, making it a political power over ALL races of the region. Later, Pope Gregory the Great adopted all the Pagan festivals as Christian festivals, and established the Pagan mother-goddess religion as Roman Catholicism. While the apostles had gone ONLY to the lost sheep of the house of Israel in Greece and Europe, the new doctrine of UNIVERSALISM (the word “catholic” means “universal”) was adopted by the Roman church for political purposes, to rule over all people of the world.

4. WHO WERE THE LOST-SHEEP OF ISRAEL TO WHOM THE APOSTLES WENT? The apostles knew exactly where their fellow Israelites were. From the Assyrian dispersion of 721 BC, the “ten tribes” migrated into Greece, Italy, Spain, Britain, and central Europe. Many crossed the Caucasus mountains, which explains why Europeans are called “Caucasians.” The ancient language of Phoenician, which our Biblical ancestors spoke, evolved in the Hellenes to become Greek. The Welsh language in Britain is still today nearly identical with the ancient Phoenician. Without going into a lengthy review of Israel and Judah’s history, the Judahites of Palestine (like Paul and James) knew exactly where their northern kingdom brethren had gone, and they felt a great animosity toward those “lost sheep of Israel” who had built the Samarian idols and caused God’s great displeasure. Paul, as a Judean (of the southern Kingdom of Judah, being a Benjaminite) had real difficulty forgiving northern Israelites for their apostasy, and, like Jonah’s feelings, he did not want to go to them with Jesus’ forgiveness. He was filled with bitterness about this, but finally accepted it, and in his letter to the Romans made the statement that the Greeks (which included the white-race Romans) Judahites were the same family. Of course they were! Both the southern and northern kingdoms were descendants of Jacob/Israel!

When Jesus, His disciples, and Bible authors spoke of their own people of Judah and Israel they often used the Greek word “ethnos,” which is a root for our word, “ethnic.” Jesus and His friends used the word frequently when referring to their own “ethnic group” of Israelites. When the King James Bible was translated, the word “ethnos” was translated into the English word “gentile,” which came from the Latin gens and from the Greek “genos,” both of which mean “race.” “Gentile” meant “genteel,” in King James English, an elite race. So, to Jesus’ disciples, “ethnos” meant “race” in the context of “our own ethnic group or race.” During the past couple centuries, with the missionary fervor of Christianity, the word “gentile” has gotten twisted to mean “non-Jew.” How this could happen leaves a linguist scratching his head. “ethnos” never meant any thing like “non-Jew!” Today, every Bible reader understands “gentile” to mean “non-Jew,” which confuses Jesus’ gospel message so terribly that no one can explain it. In spite of Jesus’ clear statements to the contrary, the church pushes contentedly forward with its evangelism to convert hostile races to a contract to which they are not a party. It’s no wonder Christians are so confused!

The answer to the question: “Who are the lost-sheep of Israel?” is: the European Caucasian race. Besides all the ancient historical records of the dispersion and migrations into Europe, including Homer and Virgil who speak mainly of the line of Zara Juda into Greece and Britain, and besides the linguistic witness, and besides the ancient British historians like the Venerable Bede and Geoffrey of Monmouth who tell the story, the most conspicuous evidence is the European flags. Yes, the very flags which still fly over nations of Europe proclaim to the world that they are the tribes of Israel. By “flag” I loosely include their official banners, emblems, and insignia. The Lion of Juda represents England and the Sovereign who sits on the throne of David there, which Jeremiah brought to Ulster about 580 BC. In Westminster Abbey hangs a genealogy chart which shows Queen Elizabeth’s family tree back to King David! The Lion of Juda is also used by Germany. The Ship of Zebulun is a symbol used by Holland, Scotland, Denmark, Netherlands, and England. The Sword of Simeon is used by Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. The Man of Reuben is used by Greece, Iceland, and Denmark. The Bull of Ephraim is used by Britain and most Scandinavian countries. The Eagle of Dan is used by Germany and the U.S. The Olive-branch and 13 arrows of Manasse are used prominently by the United States, and also used somewhat by England, Scotland, Netherlands, and Holland. Jesus wouldn’t have any trouble identifying His “lost sheep of the house of Israel,” for they still display their ancient tribal symbols! It is only modern theologians, who ignore all the evidence in order to maintain their religious orders, in which they have vested interest, who close their eyes to the truth!

5. WHAT IS THE TRUE GOSPEL? The good news which Jesus asked His friends to spread regarded the two covenants. The Old Covenant, a contract which Israel had breached, would be settled by Jesus’ death. Israel’s descendants had been dispersed into Greece and Europe from the time of the Assyrian purge about 700 BC. God had divorced the people from Himself. The prophets said they would be scattered to distant lands and would forget their God, and their origins, and would follow after strange gods. And that is exactly what happened to the so-called “lost tribes of Israel.” With Jesus’ settlement of the contract breach, Israel’s punishment was over. The Law was no longer over them as an instrument of condemnation. God’s children, Israel, would return to their true Father. And that is exactly what happened, as the good news of Jesus’ work was carried to them. The second part of “Gospel” is news of the New Covenant, which we already discussed above. The Holy Spirit would work in their hearts and minds a new INSTINCT by which they would know their true Father, a loving God who threatens no condemnation from violating His eternal Law, and who promises that their sins will not even be remembered by Him. The two covenants, which Jesus completed, were “good news” to those lost tribes of Israel.

I’m not worried about the destinies of multitudes of Christians across our land who are playing religion like kids play house, without understanding the truth. They really do have some simple concepts right. Most really do love God, even though they don’t know much about Him. And they really do claim Jesus as their Lord, even though they don’t know much about Him. The people are like simple children, in whom the New Covenant instinct is strong. They love God and live as best they know how. And when the time is right, the veil will be pulled from their eyes, and they will know the truth. I’m not worried about my brothers and sisters in Christ! I wish they could walk toward their Father a little faster, for their lives would be so much happier. But, I can only point my finger in that direction. They must do their own walking. I certainly don’t condemn them; rather, I feel loving toward them.

Until one knows the players in God’s play, and the plot of the play, one might ignorantly adopt the kindergarten concept of “gospel” which the modern Christian churches teach: that if you believe in Jesus’ name (a meaningless phrase unless one knows the truth) you will be forgiven and go to heaven when you die. Forgiveness did truly result from Jesus’ nullification of the old contract, covering ALL Israel automatically, “once and for all.” All God’s Israelite children are forgiven; it’s a done-deal. They should stop doubting it, and stand up boldly as God’s elect heirs of the kingdom. And “heaven” is not some place off in the ethers where one goes after this life, but it is within us here and now on this planet.

6. WHO IS CHRIST? What does it mean that Christ is the Son of God? Let’s begin by imagining the Supreme Father as that ultimate Mind who expresses Himself through a time and space construct, like a dream. Perfect “Man” is the mental-character ideal through whom God expresses Himself and experiences life. Perfect Man is God’s offspring, an actual extension of Himself into this finite, limited reality where time permits events to happen in sequence, where there is an opposite reaction equal to every action (physical laws), and where a contest of dynamic struggle can be fought. The Christ is that perfect Man in God’s imagination and expression. In this great arena, this reality, God experiences the dynamic struggle through His Son, the Christ. The Christ is a body with many members. The Adamite/Israelite race make up the body of Christ, the “Man” of God’s image. As we have already discussed above, there are two races which have divine origin. One race lives by instincts to do good, and the other by instincts to do evil. The good race, from Adam and later from Jacob, makes up the body of God’s Son, the Christ. Jesus presents Himself as the head of this body, of whom we Israelites are members. We are one body, made up of many members, like the stars of the sky make up one universe.

If we are the members of Christ’s body, warring for Good in the dynamic battle between good and evil, then the other side of the coin is also valid: our opponents make up a similar type of membership in the body of the devil. The marquee reads “Christ versus Satan,” but in the great arena we find millions of members of each body. The actual battle is played by instincts. Each of us is born with certain instincts, and by acting according to our inherited instincts we represent our fathers appropriately. As a member of Christ, I need to develop my good instincts, to understand what God expects of me. I need to take my instincts into real battle, for sitting idle is worthless. God wishes to express pure goodness through me, a powerful goodness, a strong, bold expression, a dynamic life! I must follow my General, who said, “Don’t think I came to bring peace. I came not to bring peace, but to bring a sword.” That statement only becomes meaningful when one understands the contest being waged in this arena.

7. WHAT IS THE DOMINANT THEME OF SCRIPTURE? The dominant theme of the Bible is the story of God’s long-term designed program.Our planet serves as an arena for this contest between good and evil. On this planet live many different types of creatures and many races of men. All those creatures and most “humans” do not have divine spirit or life-after-death; they are manifested into appearance as symbols of things which God’s divine race believes. In this world of diverse creatures and races there are two races who are diametrically opposed, and who play out an adversarial contest of good versus evil. One race, from Adam, represents “good,” and possesses divine spirit which never dies because it is part of the everlasting Father Himself. The counter race, from Cain, represents the adversary whose divine origin comes from the fallen angel, Lucifer. In Genesis 3:15, God told Satan “I will put enmity between your seed (sperm) and her seed (from Adam).” In John 8:44 Jesus told the Edomites who ran the Jerusalem Temple that their father was not God, but was the devil, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning. Jesus was referring to the act of Cain who murdered his brother, Abel. But, I jump ahead by introducing Edom into the picture here.

The Old Testament tells the story of the descendants from Adam, making of primary importance the exact lineage from generation to generation. THE GENETIC-LINE FROM ADAM IS OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE TO GOD! I put that sentence in upper-case because it is the single-most primary, dominant, paramount theme of the entire Bible. God introduced a race of His own children who would struggle against evil and eventually bring it from World to Heaven where they will then represent Him as administrators of it. It is this single physical race which God nurtured, guided, protected, spoke-with, punished, made-captive, dispersed, anguished-over, reclaimed, loves, wreaks-vengeance-for, disciplines, and prepares for a special destiny in the kingdom to come. The Old Testament reveals Him to His children. The Bible concerns itself with NO OTHER RACE than this one, excepting its adversary divine-origin race which descended from Cain.

Cain married into neighboring primitive races and built cities. His descendants were the metal-workers, builders, scientists, mathematicians, and the musical instrument makers. They have a special instinct to work with WORLDLY physical materials because they own this kingdom of World. Adam’s descendants have instincts opposite from those of Cain, and when we get to God’s kingdom, we who are “born from above” will have the advantage. But this World is NOT our kingdom; it is Cain’s. It was Cain’s Nimrod who built Babel, and who began the religion of Paganism, and who built Babylon. Cain’s descendants still control the economies of the world today. The Cain race has always lived neighboring to, or among, the Adam race, always tormenting and exploiting us. This eternal contest was given new life with the birth of the twins, Esau and Jacob, sons of Isaac, grandsons of Abraam. Jacob became Israel. Esau married into neighboring Cain races to father the Edomite race. In 312 BC the Edomites were chased out of Edom by the Nabateans, migrating into Judea to mix with the true Judeans of the tribe of Judah. By 132 BC the Edomites were causing so much trouble for Jerusalem that the king, John Hyrcanus, forced them to convert to the Jerusalem religion of Judaism (Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism), which they did with enthusiasm. Here is Jacob inviting Esau, his mortal enemy, into his home, almost giving back the birthright which Esau had sold! Within a few years the Edomite Herod was king of Judea and Edomites controlled all of Jerusalem, the economy, and the Temple; they drove most Israelites to the edges of the city where they lived in poverty. Edomites called themselves “Judeans” (Jews) because they lived in and controlled Judea. Jesus came and called the true Israelites (His sheep) out of there, whence they became known as Christians. Never again would the body of Christ be called “Jew!” The Edomites had displaced the true Judeans, even taking their name; and have been known as Jews ever since. None of Christ’s sheep are Jews!

Back to our question: What is the Bible’s dominant theme. It is the contest between good and evil as played out by two adversaries, Israel (European white-race) versus Edom (Sephardim and Ashkenaz Jews). During this age, the Jews have the advantage over us because their instincts are “of” this World. We cannot defeat them, for this is their God-given, rightful time of dominion. Our task is to rise above this world, seek out the depths of God’s truth, and wait for His call to “Arise and Thresh!” (Micah 4:13). We may be killed, but that is only a worldly-flesh thing and not important. This is a time of struggle and difficulty and injustice for us, but all these trials strengthen us and draw us into closer relationship with our Father. As Jesus promises in His Revelation, those who “overcome” will receive the crown of life. It is not the devil that we are to overcome, for this period of history belongs to him rightfully, but we must overcome our human tendency to love mammon instead of our Father, and to love World-life better than Spiritual-life. Jesus said we must hate this world, and our own lives also if we are to be his disciples.

When you understand the simplicity of this dominant theme of the Bible, is only when one begins to see the “big picture” that these parallels are visible, and the pieces of God’s great puzzle start falling easily into place. Without the knowledge you’ve just read, no man can understand the Bible. That’s why so much error and deception exists.