The Jew Bankers’ Agenda

“For thy merchants were the great men of the
earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations
(Revelation 18:23)

by Banjo_Billy
(The following was written in 2009 during the Obama Bank Bailouts)
Every cohesive group has an agenda, a plan to promote their ideals, 
a timetable for implementing their strategies, a method for 
achieving their goals. With the entire economy of the United 
States and the whole World shaking under what the Jewish bankers 
and the ruthless swindlers in the financial markets call a 
"deepening recession" shouldn't we ask: What is the Jewish 
bankers' agenda in all of this?

A Jewish bankers agenda? What could possibly be a Jewish bankers' 
agenda? What would be the agenda of a Jewish-owned Federal 
Reserve Banking System that first defrauds the entire nation of 
its wealth and then claims that if the government does not give 
it $700 billion to "cover its losses and to bail it out" that the 
economy will be further destroyed? Is there a Jewish agenda here 
for the USA, which has done more good for the Jews than any 
nation on earth? What could such an agenda be?

And then, what would be the Jewish agenda (once the $700 billion 
bribe is handed over) of continuing to drive the economy deeper 
and deeper into a Depression? The Jew bankers claim that such a 
Depression can only be avoided if the Government gives free money 
to the People as a "stimulus package" to keep food on our tables 
even as our jobs are being destroyed. But where does the 
Government get the money for such a "stimulus package? It borrows 
it AT INTEREST out of the $700 billion that it gave to the Jewish 
bankers for FREE! Thus, the Jewish bankers of the FED got our 
money for free to loan back to us at interest; that interest is 
the National Debt which is impossible to repay. Because it is 
impossible to repay, the Jews got $700 billion from the Treasury 
for FREE which it loaned back to the government at interest so 
that the government could give that same $700 billion back to the 
bankers again for free. Then the government borrowed at interest 
that same money so they could give it to the People as a 
"stimulus package" so that we can survive long enough to pay back 
the never-ending interest on the triple loan of our own money.

But since living long enough to pay back the Jews is impossible, 
then repaying the "National Debt" will have to be done by our 
great-great-grandchildren who will be working for the 
great-great-grandchildren of today's Jews. Not a bad inheritance 
for the Jews to leave their great-great-grandchildren, is it? An 
entire nation enslaved to the Jews forever. So, even if we let 
the Jews walk away with our wealth, do you see why we should, at 
the very least, hang all of the policians?

And then, what would be the Jewish agenda of reducing the People 
to the level of "wards of the State" through hand-outs? Is there 
a Jewish agenda here for having people stand in soup lines and 
bread lines? Is there a Jewish agenda in foreclosing our homes 
and then selling these same homes to foreigners who were 
purposely immigrated into this country in order to take away the 
jobs and to inhabit the homes of the American people who have 
given the Jews more wealth, freedom and security than they have 
ever enjoyed in the past 5,000 years? What could such an agenda 

Once the People are no longer dependent upon our jobs for a 
living but are solely dependent upon the Government for hand-outs,
what happens when the Jewish bankers then claim (in collusion, 
worldwide, in a single day) that the American dollars that the 
People depend upon are, instantly and in a single day, worthless?

And, if the dollars are worth-less, then who has money that is 
worth-something? Why the Jew bankers do, of course. They have 
plenty of Euros and yin and yuan to lend us. But since we are in 
such dire circumstances, then the lending rates will naturally be 
quite high because desperate people are more willing to take 
high-interest loans. But not to worry! The foreigners who have 
Euros and yin and yuan will be only too glad to "bail us out" by 
buying up our remaining properties in exchange for the "valuable" 
paper monies that they have. Although we will not own our own 
country, at least we will have plenty of paper Euros and yin and 
yuan in our hands as we work for the new owners of America.

In the banking business, where private bankers become the owners 
of entire nations simply through bribing politicians and 
swindling the wealth of the People, are you beginning to see why 
Holocausting every Jew on the planet should become an 
international sport?

Jesus and Hitler told the truth about the Jews. The Jews are 
devils; and the Jewish moneylenders are the biggest devils.