Buddha Was a White Dude

The northern and westward migrations of the Twelve Tribes of Israel have been extensively documented in the writings of the British Israel and Christian Identity movements. Most of this research has focused on our European migrations. Recently, however, the southward and eastward movements of our ancestors have come to light, as it is now being realized that the Aryans of India were Shemites and the Parthians of Mesopotamia were descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Knowing that most of the world’s most advanced civilizations have been created by the White Race, it was an easy step to speculate that the religions they practiced were also of Adamic origin. The Magi of Parthia and the Celtic Druids are perfect examples of priesthoods that were of Mesopotamian origin, being based on Aryan/Shemitic religion. Both of these priesthoods actually incorporated much of the ritual and dress of the Levitical priests of Israel. These two traditions had borrowed much from the Levites of ancient Israel, but they had also developed non-Mosaic customs and beliefs, which could not be related to Moses or the original Levitical priesthood.

The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that Buddhism also falls into this category.


The Aryan/Hebrew/Israelite Connection


It is common knowledge that the high civilization of ancient India was created by Aryans, but few people have ever connected these Indo-Aryans to the relatives or descendants of Abraham. In the words of Willie Martin:

In the Hebrew text of Genesis, the word translated “Ur” is a word of three letters “Aur.”“Chaldees” also is merely a Greek and Latin rendering of the Hebrew “Chas-dim” or “Kash-dim;” both these words have very significant meanings. “Aur” is “Light.”“Kash-dim;” means the “keepers of secrets” or “interpreters of mysteries.” The “Chaldees” of the Book of Daniel were true “Kash-dim” … they were not the common population of Babylon, but an aristocracy of science.

Thus Daniel 1:4, “the learning and the tongue of the Chaldeans” is recorded; in Daniel 2:2, “the magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans.” A Chaldee or “Kash-d” was an “interpreter” whether in the West or East.

From time immemorial has the north of India been the home of mysterious science, such as the Kashdim of Babylon pursued. The province of Kashmir is about 1,900 miles due east of Mesopotamia (bordering on Chinese Turkestan and Tibet, both provinces of the Chinese Empire). The word “Kash” abounds and always has abounded in the local names of that region, as any good map will show.

But in this account careful reading and a comparison of chronology with ancient history shows that for a full century, at least, Noah and the two sons whom he had blessed continued to occupy their settlement on the Indus. It was not until the “days of Peleg,” who was born 101 years after the flood, that a great religious feud separated the families of Shem and Japhet. Then southward into Kashmir where, subsequently, Abraham was born, Shem journeyed, and in due time the nations sprung from him peopled, in the main, the southern half of Asia, below the Caucasus, Hindu Kush, and the Himalayas. The name Brahmin is from Abraham.

Now note that the Bible is Hebrew Scripture, a history of the Hebrew or Shemitic people only. There are no Japhetic or Hamitic Scriptures, hence there is no specific record of the descendants of these two sons of Noah after the detailed genealogies in Genesis 9, 10 and the first 9 verses of Genesis 11.

–          “Cradle Land,” by Willie Martin.

The fact is that southeastern Mesopotamia was the earliest cradle of Aryan civilization; and a large branch of it moved into the Indus Valley, which ascends toward Kashmir, India. This is where our ancestors wrote the Vedas, Avesta and other ancient literature, including Tantra, which is a highly sophisticated system of metaphysics, although it is today known only for the sex rituals that go by the name of “Tantra.” Conveniently, modern Hinduism totally ignores Tantric metaphysics and focuses on the sex rituals that have replaced the metaphysics. The original Tantra was by no means “Hindu” literature, even though it has been “preserved” by the Hindus in subterranean vaults that few people inspect. Hinduism is a polyglot religion, which has always borrowed ideas, gods and goddesses from existing religions and from other cultures. This collection of ideas (Hinduism) did not begin until after most of the Aryans left the territory. Like Judaism, Hinduism claims a false antiquity for itself, when it is, in fact, quite recent in origin – perhaps dating only to 300 BC, from the time when the Aryans began to leave Mesopotamia forever.

The distance from Mesopotamia to Kashmir seems impossibly long, but, by sea, from the Persian Gulf to the Indus Valley, it was an easy trip for the ancient mariners. Archeologists have determined that sea trade between Sumer and the Indus Valley occurred on a regular basis and that the so-called Harappans (3000 – 1500 BC), from the Indus region, had established their own trading post in Sumeria. The overland route (the ancient Silk Road) between Mesopotamia and Kashmir went along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea straight east through Iran (ancient Persia) and Afghanistan (Hindu Kush) to Tibet, just north of Kashmir.

Essentially what happened was that the Japhethites split up into two groups, one going east toward India and the other going north and west into Europe. The group that went east migrated as far as Japan. Japan is even named after the Japhethites who settled there. It’s odd that historians will refer to these Japhethites as “Aryans” while ignoring the fact that the Shemites were their kindred. Ham, Shem and Japheth were brothers, after all! (They were NOT Black, White and Yellow, as the false churches teach! They were all Adamites, who showed blood in the face.) And these three brothers had to have spoken the same language in the household of Noah. Their respective languages changed as their descendants migrated great distances apart. How the Shemites would have come to resemble Canaanites is something none of these academics can explain, especially since these Shemites practiced a strict, racial segregation! It was the Indo-Aryans who established the Caste System, which was then based exclusively on Race, with the Aryans (the Noble Ones) at the top and the least civilized natives on the bottom. The Shemitic Israelites were just as racially exclusive; and our religion (Mosaism) has always taught racial segregation, something which the Jews have always opposed.

Going north and west, there is also a strong connection between these Indo-Aryans and the Anglo-Saxons (Germans, Goths, Cimmerians, Scythians, Vikings). As later Saxons migrated into Europe, following in the tracks of the earlier Japhethite migrants, they carried their paganized religion with them. The Bible clearly tells us that Yahweh had evicted these Israelites from Palestine in order to separate them from the increasingly pagan influences that had begun to infect the Ten Northern Tribes, and that He would exile our ancestors into the wilderness as punishment for their rebellion against His demands that we remain racially and religiously distinct from all other peoples. The Scandinavian Eddas are legends that recall this forgotten history, and the Eddas are actually related to the Vedas in the sense that the Eddas are a dim memory our Israelite/Vedic past. As one author puts it:

Most of the myths of Odin are found in the Elder Edda; which is a collection of the ancient Norse/German mythology saved from oblivion by a few dedicated scholars, in the late Middle Ages. The similarity between the words Veda and Edda is no coincidence according to the Indo-European language experts, which believe they both descend from a common ancestral Proto-Indo-European word for Wisdom/Knowledge thus the Elder Edda means the Old Wisdom/Knowledge.

– http://ambrosiasociety.org/odin__the_eddas.html

It is quite possible that the mythological battles recalled by the Aesir and the Vanir are vague recollections of the very real, historical wars between the Aryan Adamites (Israelites) and the giants, troglodytes, and chimeras then known as the Nephilim. There was also a historical split between the Shemites (Aesir) and Japhethites (Van), which took place in Mesopotamia. The Aesir (Israel?) had twelve leading gods, which are obviously reminiscent of the twelve patriarchs of Israel. Their place of origin was Asgard (Persia, northeast of Mesopotamia). Herodotus places the Asgardi together with the Germans (Judah) and Danes (Dan) in Iran, at the time of Cyrus the Great (6th C. BC). [Herodotus, Histories 1.101 and 125;tr. by Aubrey de Selincourt: http://www.livius.org/saa-san/sagartia/sagartia.html ]

The Van (also known as the Wends and Veneti), were the first Whites to colonize northern Europe, as far as Norway and Sweden, etc. This was probably very soon after the Japhethites began to outgrow their space in Mesopotamia. The famous Amber Trade Route was very likely developed by the Wends, from the Baltic Sea to the Balkans, from Jutland along the Elbe and Danube Rivers back to the Black Sea. Other Japhethites, along with later Shemites, migrated further north toward Scandinavia along the Don and Dnieper Rivers and settled Russia along the Volga River. It is very possible that Russia gets its ancient name from Rosh, the Son of Benjamin. The northern Wends collected the amber and delivered it to southern Europe, where they established a trading post, today called Venice, after the Veneti people. All of these migratory people are descendants of the Adamic Noahite nations of Genesis Chapter 10.

What Willie Martin is telling us is that Aryan and Shemitic culture were always closely related, and this includes the cultural ties between the Chaldees and the Indo-Aryans. Some of these pre-Hebrew Shemites (not to be confused with Jews) settled in Kashmir and never left. Their descendants make up modern India’s highest caste, although probably none of them are pure Aryan anymore. Moses, recognizing his kinship with the inhabitants of Kashmir, may have travelled there and lived out his last days there, after being forbidden by Yahweh to accompany the Israelites into the Promised Land. He is reputedly buried in Kashmir, where a tomb exists bearing his name. [Author Suzanne Olsson believes that the “Beth Peor” (Hebrew) of Deut. 31:2 is the same as Bandipore (Sanskrit) in Kashmir. Her webpage includes some incredible photographs of ancient Aryan statues, mummies, etc.: http://www.jesus-kashmir-tomb.com/MosesGrave.html Queen Hatshepsut looked just like a modern White woman!]

It is also possible that Adam and Eve relocated to Kashmir, after being ejected from the Garden of Eden. This would be the mythical “Shangri-La” of the southwestern Himalayas. [Despite the dubious claims of Yahshua’s tomb being also in Kashmir, this website is cited because it gives a beautiful depiction of the Kashmir Valley: http://www.jesus-kashmir-tomb.com/DNAProjectOutline.html ]

This early Aryan/Adamic culture flourished in India until an earthquake, around 2,000 BC, redirected the flow of the Indus River, forcing these original Adamite/Aryan settlers back west towards Persia and Kush (Afghanistan), north towards Tibet or south into the Indian plains and jungles, where they were forced to make war upon the native Dravidians, of apparently Polynesian origin, who had settled in India at some pre-historic date. Whether Kashmir was affected by this earthquake I cannot say. In addition, these early Aryans made war against the Nagasthe serpent people, who must have been the Biblical Kenites (descendants of Cain), as they were the serpent cult of Sumer. The word Naga is cognate with the Biblical Nachash, the Serpent of Genesis 2 & 3. Naga is also cognate with the word Anunaki, the Sumerian word for the fallen angels and giants of Sumer. The Bible refers to the survivors of this race as the Anak and Anakim.

Abraham lived in Ur of the Chaldees. This was southeastern Mesopotamia, where the sea route to India was already well established. So, the cultural connection between Abraham and the Indus was very strong. The history of this connection has been blacked out, especially in these days of racial censorship, because the Jews wish to maintain an artificial separation between the historical Shemites and Indo-Aryans. Hypocritically, the Jews are always insisting on their right to self-determination, while at the same time, these vipers use all their money, power, influence and propaganda skills to destroy our racial heritage.

The fact is that all the nations of Genesis 10 were White nations that came from the loins of Noah and his three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth; so all of these nations, which, by the time of David and Solomon, had spread from India to Egypt and as far north as the steppes of southern Russia, Afghanistan, Tibet and Mongolia (Tarim Basin), were Noahites. In my opinion, the Adamites of Kashmir were the original Indo-Aryans, dating back to 8,000 BC and earlier, even to the end of the last Ice Age, around 10,000 BC. The Bible picks up the history of the Adamic Race at around 5,000 BC (Septuagint reckoning). Although little archeological work has been done in Kashmir, Indian historians assert that the Rig Veda speaks of Vedic civilization, along the Saraswati River, going back into pre-history; and they have documented major earthquakes in 4,500 BC and 3,000 BC, in addition to the earthquake in 2,000 BC. The Saraswati River begins at the southeast end of Kashmir, while the Indus River begins from the northwestern end of Kashmir. These Adamites survived the Great Flood, which was not global. The Deluge (that is, the rainfall) was global, but the effects were not as devastating in all parts of the globe as where Noah’s people had to fend off the Nephilim (Gen. 6-8). This occurred in northern Mesopotamia (modern Armenia), just west of the Caspian Sea, where Mt. Ararat still stands. After the Ark landed near Mt. Ararat, these Adamites migrated down along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, where all of their separate civilizations, based directly on their tribal families, sprang up.

From this perspective, there were three separate waves of Aryans that settled in India: 1.) The antediluvial Adamites, or Sethites, 2.) The post-diluvial Shemites (Brahmins), and, 3.) The sons of Isaac, otherwise know as the Saxons. It is the third wave to which Buddha belonged. The oldest stories tell us that the Sethites lived in a mountainous country, developing high civilization, while the Kenites (descendants of Cain) lived in the plains as nomads. The Sethites developed a tradition of memorizing tremendously long stories. The tradition of the Celtic Bards actually dates back to Seth. Ultimately, written language was developed by these Sethites as well, although the Sumerians may have earlier developed a form of record-keeping script for their trade. The clay tablets of ancient Babylon are a part of this legacy.


The Assyrian Captivity


When the Assyrians started deporting the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel in 745 BC, they were relocated north and east of Palestine, what was then called Media. Today, it is called Armenia, after the original Aryans who had lived there for many generations. At that time, the Assyrians controlled all of Mesopotamia, including the southern shores of the Black and Caspian seas. In between these two seas are the Caucasus Mountains, from which the White Race gets its modern name. Most of these Israelites fled north through the Caucasus Mountains and became known as the Goths, Cimmerians, Scythians, Germans, Anglo-Saxons, etc. In Media, these exiles from Samaria came into contact with many of their old kinsmen that had stayed in Mesopotamia, such as the Medes and Persians (Elamites). One branch of these Israelites remained in Mesopotamia and became known as the Parthians. These Israelite Parthians created a huge empire, which engaged Rome in many pitched battles. Rome was never able to defeat the Parthians because of their superior horsemanship and armor. The Parthians had already developed the use of chain mail to protect their horses, which were crucial to them in their style of warfare. The Teutonic knights are actually the descendants of these Scythian and Parthian knights. The history books of academia are silent about ancient Parthia, because the Jews don’t want us to know our own history. [This website provides an excellent summary of how Scythian horsemen outmaneuvered Alexander’s legions: TheParthianShot ] The Roman army also found the Parthians to be more than a match. It was during a truce between Rome and Parthia that our Savior walked in Palestine. Otherwise, Judea would have been a battle ground.

Given these many connections between the ancestors of the Israelites and ancient India, it is not at all unlikely that an Israelite might have travelled to India and started a new religion. This is exactly what happened. Buddha was an Israelite of the Dispersion.


The Original Buddha Was Not a Fat Little Chinaman


In a former chapter it was intimated that the Israelites might have been classed by Herodotus amongst the tribes of Media, under the name of Buddhi, a name that reappears in his account of the tribes of Scythia. We now proceed to show that the Sacae were Buddhists and Hebrews.

We know that by some untold circumstance that Alexander was prevented from invading the Sacae, or at least from prevailing over them, as he did the Bactrians. The Sacae were then a distinct people, and their knowledge and influence appear to have been utilized by Alexander in his incursion into India. It is said that certain Sacae, being famous for their use of the bow, and also skillful as horsemen, were, of great use to his army. With these remarkable people a new religion appears to have been introduced into India. This religion has been ever since known as Buddhism, said to be first taught, in its present form, by Sakya. – George Moore, The Lost Tribes and the Saxons of the East and of the West, p. 160-162. [PDF version online at: http://christogenea.org/resources/Lost_Tribes_Moore.pdf ]

Another source tells us this:

Herodotus says that the BUDII were a tribe of MEDIA (Herod. 1:101). Herodotus also mentions another branch of the BUDII as a great and populous nation amongst the SCYTHIANS who had adopted SCYTHIAN customs (4:108). These BUDII were probably two branches of Ephraimites because Hosea 11:5-6 says Ephraim “shall not return into the land of Egypt, but the Assyrian shall be his king, because they refused to return. And the sword shall abide on his cities, and shall consume his branches (Heb.”BADDHAI“), and devour them (the BADDHAI), because of their own counsels.” The SACAE and BUDII moved east into northern India about 60 years after the Scythians had overrun Media and Mesopotamia — about 625 B.C. They may have become RAJPUTS and BRAHMANS. The worship of cows was the sin of Israel (1 Ki. 12:28) and they brought it with them to India. The BRAHMANS have among themselves TEN distinct classes, or rather nations…. One hundred miles northeast of Benares, at Kapilivastu, on the banks of the river Rohini, the modern KOHANS, there lived about 500 B.C. a tribe called SAKYAS (Saxons)…. Gautama (lord Buddha) had many titles, one of which was SAKYASHINA. He was also called ‘the LION of the tribe of SAKYA, SAKYAMUNI, the SAKYA Sage, Sugata the Happy One, Sattha the Teacher.’ This Buddha is called MAGA (a Magian) by the Burmese and in Burmah, Arracan, Ceylon and Siam the sacred language of Buddhism is called the language of the MAGI. The priests of the Bactrians, Chorasmians, Arians and Sacae were called MAGI (Asiatic Researches 11:76-80). When SAKYA died, those who especially honored him were the SAKYAS of Kapilivastu, and they did so saying, “The Blessed One was the pride of our race” (of Saxons). The religion of these SAKAI, the SAKHS of Indian history, proves to be BUDDHISM. The rock inscriptions, left in India and Turkestan by the early founders of BUDDHISM, prove to be HEBREW.

–          http://www.british-israel.us/24.html

Here’s more, connecting the East Saxons with the West Saxons and the Tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh:

Some of these SAKAI and BUDII came south. These left a curious rock carving (see picture above) on the gates of the large tope at Sanchi, or SACHI, called the Star Banner. This banner, composed of two UNION JACKS, one above the other on the right and a banner of STARS on the left, surmounts the LION and UNICORN with a shield or UNION JACK between them. This Sachi is 20 miles north-east of Bhopal, and the device goes back to 300 B.C. This is an ancient forerunner of the Star-Spangled banner and Union Jack. Balaam compared Israel to a “UNICORN” and a “LION” (Num.23:22; 24:8) which foreshadows the heraldic coat of arms of the British Empire. The STARS represent the TRIBES of ISRAEL (Gen. 37:5-11) and the UNION JACK symbolizes Jacob’s CROSSED hands (Gen. 48:14). – Ibid.

Since Buddhism was brought to India by third wave Aryans, it cannot be considered an oriental religion. My best guess is that Buddhism was a combination of ideas derived from the Aryans of Kashmir, plus the Shemites of Ur, plus the Saxons (Scythians) known as the Buddhi. The first Buddha lived around 681 BC. This puts us, historically, in the exact time frame of the Assyrian Captivity, which began precisely in the year 745 BC, when the half Tribe of Manasseh was taken captive by Tiglath-Pileser. Subsequently, all ten northern Tribes were taken captive (accounting for the Ten major divisions of the Brahmans) and the majority of the two tribes of Judah were added under Sennacherib around 700 BC. Thus, we have a great number of people from all Twelve Tribes inhabiting northern and eastern Mesopotamia between 745-700 BC, ultimately growing into a population of at least 20 million Aryan Shemites.

The Jews have led the whole world astray by claiming to be Shemites. This is a damnable lie, by which they have fooled millions of people into thinking that the “Semites” are a Jewish people, having the classic hooked-nose, receding forehead appearance, when, in fact, the Israelites and Shemites had a Nordic visage, just like today’s Caucasian people. These hook-nosed people were actually Canaanites, not Shemitic Hebrews. This is just part of the Jewish impersonation of Israel, an impersonation which actually began in 125 BC, when the first Edomite Jew was circumcised under John Hyrcanus, King of Judah. These Edomite Jews have been pretending to be Israel ever since. Because the Jews totally control the book publishing industry, few people outside of Christian Identity are aware that this is nothing but a historical charade. The Bible was not written by Jews, nor was Jesus a Jew. These Edomite Jews actually invented a NEW RELIGION, which is today called Judaism, which has nothing to do with the teachings of Moses. Like Hinduism, which only came into being after the decline of Buddhism, Judaism simply borrowed a number of key concepts from the Hebrew Bible, claimed to have authored it, and have passed it off as “Jewish” doctrine ever since! Throughout the New Testament, Yahshua spares no effort in condemning the Jews and their false religion, rabbinical Judaism, which He calls “the traditions of the elders” and which Paul calls “the traditions of men.” Yahshua was a 5’ 11” blue-eyed blond, an Aryan through and through. The Jews have falsified our history, pretending to be us, so that modern Aryans have been tricked into abandoning their Messiah, who came not to the Jews, but to us, True Judah and Dispersed Israel (Caucasian Israel). Note that the Jews have ABSOLUTELY NO TRADITION OF HERALDRY. That’s because they are not Israelites. We Anglo-Saxon Israelites still carry our ancient Israelite traditions with us. The Jews simply make up “tradition” as the need arises, fabricating both history and “the news” to fool the stupid goyim.


Shakyamuni Buddha


Few people are aware of the fact that the Buddha had a very distinctive title. This title was Shakyamuni. When I first discovered that the Buddha had this title, I was intrigued, because of the similarity between the Hebrew Saka and the Sanscrit ShakyaBoth of these words mean the same thing as our modern word, Saxon. All three of these words derive from the name of Isaac, our patriarch. Gen. 21:12 states: “In Isaac shall thy seed be called.” This statement was very prophetic, as we Caucasians still call ourselves “Saxons” and “Anglo-Saxons,” even today. We are the Saka of Mesopotamia. The Jews have never claimed the name of Isaac, nor can they, since they are neither Shemites nor Saxons. They are Edomites, Canaanites and Khazars, who have no genetic connection to Isaac, nor do they claim to have.

So I was not surprised to find out that the expression Shakyamuni means “Sage of the Saxon Clan.” Once I had discovered this linguistic connection, I no longer had any doubt that Buddha was a Saxon.

Here are some of the linguistic connections, from the Siddhartha Glossary:

Sakya (Shakya): derived or descended from the Sakas, from whom the historical Buddha came, whence his honorific Sakymuni. “Sage of the Sakyas.” As the major migration of the Sakas and Parthians (Indo-Europeans, Mongolians?) to India does not appear to have taken place before the fourth century B.C., the establishment of a tribe of the Sakas in north-eastern India would seem to have been one of the minor infiltrations from the Caucasus in the later part of the second millennium B.C. Their form of government was that by an assembly of elders. Many people of the Sakya tribe followed the Buddha after his enlightenment.

The assembly of elders was exactly the form of government the Israelites had during the Judges period and also under Moses.

Sakyamuni (Shakyamuni): The author or reviver of Buddhism, whose birth appears to have occurred in the seventh, and death in the sixth century before Christ. He was the son of Suddhodama, king of Kapila-Vastu (Kapilavatthu) or of Magadha. He was also called Sakyasimha (“lion of the Sakyas”). The epithet probably
originated in Tibet. It was applied to Gotama Siddhartha after he separated himself from his teachers and went to find enlightenment himself. The word 
“muni” means capability and kindness and refers to a sage.

The Parthians are definitely one of the nations that formed out of the Assyrian Captivity of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Of this there is no historical doubt. The Parthians were comprised mainly of Judah, Benjamin and Levi, as they were taken captive by the Assyrians many years later, after the Ten Northern Tribes. These Parthians actually provided the royal kings (Judah) and the priesthood (Levi) for the Mesopotamian Saka. These priests of Parthia were called Magi.

The Sakyas or Shakyas were the relatives of the Parthians but were composed primarily of the Ten Northern Tribes. One can quickly see the similarity of the word Shakya to Saccae or Sakka. The Lost Tribes were referred to as “Saccae” by non-Israelites. They were known by this name due to having had an ancestor named Sakka, or as we know him, Isaac. The Sakka Tribes began forming in 745 B.C. with the first migrations of the Northern House of Israel to Media. The Parthians evolved out of the later deportation. The word “Sakka” is also the root word for the word “Saxons,” meaning “Isaac’s Sons.”

The original high caste Brahmans that brought the India culture to flower were descendants of Abraham’s wife, Keturah. The word “Brahman” is taken from Abraham and one or more of the sons of Keturah who were sent away into the east at the death of Abraham; from this genetic branch of Abraham’s seed developed the ancient culture of India… These people have always had their own independent religion {Brahman or Hindu} with their own gods {Brahma, Vishnu and Siva} and their own scriptures, known as the Vedas. – Willie Martin.

It is also possible that northern India was originally populated by Aryans of the Tarim Basin (Xinjiang Province of Western Mongolia) who migrated through Tibet or through Afghanistan. These people were Sethites (Adamites or Aryans) who lived in the region in the third Millennium B.C. before Noah’s Flood. Recent news reports have
revealed the indisputably Caucasian features of their mummies. Many of these mummies are so well preserved that you can still make out their red, brown and blond hair, and blue and light brown eyes. These original settlers of India were later joined by the Brahmans, who were the descendants of Abraham and Keturah. Abraham had sent Keturah and her sons away as well as Hagar and her son, Ishmael (the patriarch of the Arabs), so that they would not compete with Isaac for the birthright. Finally, as the glossary above indicates, as the Parthian Empire expanded into India, they and the Sakka that accompanied them blended in with the original Aryans. Buddha was a descendant of this latest migratory people. The Parthians were actually a branch of the Sakka, who were, in fact, composed of the majority of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The Parthians also colonized India, establishing the Pallava Kingdom of South India.

The reason for the confusion in the above glossary (Indo-Europeans, Mongolians?) is that the author was probably not aware of the three separate waves of Aryan migration into India. But, the author probably was aware of the fact that the “Mongolians” of the Tarim Basin were actually Caucasian Scythians, as their mummies have proven them to be Aryan Adamites. As we continue to trace the migrations of our ancestors, we find that, once again, the Bible has proven itself to be historically accurate, when the subjects of Race, History and the Migrations are properly understood.

The original title by which Buddha was known is Shakyamuni Buddha, which means “Sage of the Sakya Clan.” We can easily substitute the word Saxon for the word Sakya without any loss or addition of meaning. From this history and considering the group from which Buddha came, and contrary to all modern depictions of Gautama Buddha, he was a White Man of the migrant Clan of the Sakya (Sakka) of the Ten Lost Tribes.


Buzi, Father of Ezekiel


Isabel Hill Elder, in her booklet entitled, Buddha the Israelite, has this to say about Ezekiel’s father, Buzi:

During a revolt in Assyria the Israelite captives made their escape and, for the most part, turned south-east to the shores of the Caspian Sea. These tidings having reached Buzi, his missionary spirit was aroused to go forth to these escaped captives, his kinsfolk. Taking with him five disciples, probably trained in the schools of the prophets, Buzi came to these outcast Israelites with a message of hope and forgiveness; he would make a supreme effort to turn them from idolatry to the worship of the one true God. As he journeyed towards their camping places, his name Buzi became Buddha; this change is easily understood when we realize that in the Semitic languages the Z and D sounds are related, e.g., in Hebrew Zahab and Dahab both mean “gold,” and so Buddha would be a natural alternative for Buzi. It is as Buddha that we first hear of Buzi, the father of Ezekiel, between Media and the Caspian Sea and his followers as Budii. – p. 1.

It is also possible that this Z and D confusion has resulted in the difference between the Greek Zeus and Latin Deus, as both of these languages obviously derive from Hebrew as well.

Buzi, Ezekiel’s own father, was a proselytizer of the Dispersed Israelites in the east. He was trying to convert them back to a form of the religion of Moses. He eventually travelled as far as India, seeking out his kinsmen, eventually settling there; and he was the original Buddha.

Buddhism was introduced into India, as Christianity is now, by the Saxon Race. The religion which King Asoka established as the state religion was that of a people who had issued from the neighborhood of the Caspian Sea and carried their religion with them until it was established in India. The Tibetans themselves assert that the fair, high-nosed people who came from the West and taught them their religion were the Sacae…The Purana Vahrana record that the White Island (Britain), Sacam or Saxum, was early possessed by Sacae who founded Buddhism in the East.” – Ibid., p.3.

Whether the Saxons who founded Britain were those who came from India or a different branch of the Saxons who migrated West is debatable; but there is no doubt that the earliest Brits were Israelites descended from Zarah, Judah’s son. The descendants of Zarah, along with other Tribes, such as Dan, Gad, Asher, Zebulun and Naphtali, settled along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic coasts and founded such civilizations as Troy, Rome, Spain, Carthage, Phoenicia, Ireland and Britain. Most of these tribes, from Ireland to mainland Europe, where they had reached as far inland as the Danube River, became known as the Kelts, Gaels (Gadhel) and Gauls (originally Galli), all three words being related to the Hebrew word ‘Gilead.’ Gilead was in the territory of the Tribe of Manasseh.

Another little-known, fascinating fact about the Buddha is that he prophesied the coming of Christ, 500 years before the fact:

In the Buddhist Scriptures, there is a prophecy from about 500 B.C. (Before Christ) of the “Holy One” who would come. One who would lead the people away from the old way, and introduce a new way. Buddha described the “Holy One” by saying;
in the palm of his hands and in the flat of his feet will be the design of a disk, in his side will be a stab wound; and his forehead will have many marks like scars….” This describes the risen Jesus, after being crucified for our sins, exactly!

Permission was granted to copy these Buddhist Scriptures regarding the prophecy of the Holy One (Jesus) from Wat Phra Sing in Chiang Mai Province. The person who gave permission was Phra Sriwisutthiwong in Bangkok. It is guaranteed that this copy is accurate according to the original, that there is no error in transmission, which is in the book of the district headman, the religious encyclopedia, volume 23, book #29. This inquiry was made on October 13, 1954 A.D. (Buddhist era 2497). Phra Sriwisutthiwong is the Deputy Abbot and Director of Wat Pho Museum, Wat Pho Temple, Thailand.
– http://christians.deviantart.com/art/Buddha-s-Prophecy-98497592

Since Siddhartha Buddha was a kinsman of Yahshua Messiah, it is only natural that He would prophesy the coming of his Kinsman Redeemer!


More On the Celtic Connection


…In my Celtic Druids I have shewn that the worship of Buddha is everywhere to be found – in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Hu, the great God of the Welsh, is called Buddwas; and they call their God Budd, the God of victory, the king who rises in light and ascends the sky – Godfrey Higgins (Anacalypsis).

Numerous analogies and correspondences with India are to be found in the Celtic and Celto-Iberian religion, which was familiar with the idea of reincarnation, a vegetarian diet, the tree cult and the swastika, a symbol that is found even today on the door-posts of Basque farmhouses. In the Musee Borely at Marseille there are two sitting stone figures, presumably cult idols, dated as originating in the second century BC…Although these figures are headless and believed by scholars to be Celto-Iberian gods, yet they are astonishingly similar to early Buddhist works of art, to bodhisattva sculptures characteristically sitting in the lotus position, with the brahmanic cord over the shoulder and bangles around the neck and upper arms and hands is also reminiscent of the mudras (gestures) in statues of the Buddha – Gruber and Kersten (The Original Jesus).

Another buried Celtic-Israelite connection is the fact that Hu Gadarn was an Israelite!

What do the names: Joshua, Jesus, Hesus, Hu Gadarn, Hu the Mighty, Yeshua, have in common? They are all the names given to the same biblical Joshua who took the Israelites into the Promised Land. The eradicating of the knowledge of Joshua and the Israelite colonization of the British Isles has led to the longest enduring Holocaust, throughout Europe, which has not been properly recorded in history. More Israelite blood has been shed over the identity issue than Jewish blood shed during the Second World War. The knowledge of who the druids were is a major key to solving a historic puzzle. The Druidic priesthood was established in Ireland and Britain, by Joshua of the Old Testament. – http://www.cryaloud.com/joshua_hu_gadarn_druids.htm

So, it is very likely that the Celtic god, Hu, is none other than a deified Joshua, the great Israelite warrior and conqueror of the Canaanites! Unfortunately, Druidism has retained much of the paganism for which the Israelites were banished from Palestine. But, as we have seen, all religions change and evolve (or devolve!); and Buddha the Saxon has come to resemble a pudgy little Chinaman!!

Commenting on the similarities between early Buddhist and Israelite symbolism, Isabel Elder says,

The Israelitish character and origin of Buddhism is seen in many ways. It was a monotheistic reformation of the outcast tribes of Israel and its symbolism, that of the “Wheel” on the topes of Sanchi correspond exactly with that described in I Kings VII 33 as in Solomon’s Temple. There is such a close resemblance between Ezekiel’s writings and the earliest Buddhist records and inscriptions as to prove that the prophet himself, the son of Buzi, had for his father the original Buddha. – Ibid., p. 2.


The following images are taken from Wikipedia (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Gautama_Buddha) Note the obviously Aryan depictions of Sidhartha Buddha, Gandhara Buddha, and Vajrapani:

Gandhara Buddha. 1st–2nd century CE, Tokyo National Museum. Prince Siddhartha Gautama, Musée Guimet, Paris
Seated Buddha, Gandhara, 2nd century CE. Buddha with his protector Vajrapani, Gandhara, 2nd century CE, Ostasiatische Kunst Museum



The sharing of the relics of the Buddha, Zenyōmitsu-Temple Museum, Tokyo


The Migratory People


It has been generally assumed by historians and Bible scholars that the Israelites did very little travelling. This is a false assumption. The Israelites travelled extensively in the ships of Dan, Asher, Zebulun, Gad and those of the other tribes. The fact is that, in the days of Solomon, the Israelites, Hebrews and Shemites even travelled to America, and they have left numerous Hebrew, Phoenician, Ogham and Runic inscriptions from our East Coast to Arkansas, Michigan, Minnesota and New Mexico. Early American settlers were amazed to discover that the Cherokee Indians spoke a dialect of Gaelic. The early Americans who spoke Welsh and Gaelic were able to converse with the Cherokee.

Our ancestors were world travelers, unlike the Jews, who have always preferred the comforts and vices of the big cities.


Hinduism is a Perversion of Buddhism


It may also surprise some people that the Vedas are not compatible with modern Hinduism! The authors of the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita and other Indo-Aryan literature were monotheistic Shemites, who believed in an all-powerful One, plus many subordinate gods. These ancient ideas preceded the Bible by many centuries, so we can see that both the Jews and Hindus have made a reputation based on false claims! How is it possible that Scriptures which denounce idol worship have become incorporated into the most idolatrous religion of all: Hinduism, with its pantheon of thousands of gods and goddesses? As I said earlier, Hinduism is a polyglot religion that has borrowed most of its ideas from other religions. Modern Hinduism bears little resemblance to the Vedas, although there are sects that try to keep the Vedic tradition alive!

The Vedas actually denounce idol-worship! Observe:

Bhagavat Gita 7-22: Endowed with such a faith, he endeavors to worship a particular demigod and obtains his desires. But in actuality these benefits are bestowed by Me alone.

Bhagavat Gita 7-23: Men of small intelligence worship the demigods, and their fruits are limited and temporary. Those who worship the demigods go to the planets of the demigods, but My devotees ultimately reach My supreme planet.

Bhagavat Gita 7-24: “The ignorant believe that un-manifest Para Brahma (One God) incarnates or takes manifestations, because they do not completely understand My highest, immutable, incomparable, and transcendental existence.”

Bhagavat Gita 7:19-21: All those who do idol worship, All those who worship demigods are materialistic people.”

Yajur Veda 3:32: “…Of that God you cannot make any images.”

Yajur Veda 32:3: “God is formless and bodiless”

Yajur Veda 40:8: “All those who worship the uncreated things, they are in
darkness, and you’ll enter more into darkness if you worship the created things.”

Rig Veda, Vol.8, 1:1: “All Praise are to Him alone”

Rig Veda, Vol.6, 45:16: There is only One God, worship Him.”

–          http://www.usislam.org/comparative/hinduidols.htm

Obviously, Hinduism is replete with idol-worship. Hinduism cannot be equated with Vedic theology and philosophy. Just as the Jews falsely claim Mosaic heritage and teachings, the Hindus falsely claim Vedic/Aryan heritage and philosophy. It is all a religious con-game, plagiarism on a vast cultural scale. Here is how religion in India actually developed: The first organized doctrine was Vedic Brahmanism, although it is quite likely that the Vedic scriptures preceded Brahmanism, especially if they were based, at least in part, on Sethite oral tradition. The Brahmans were the descendants of Abraham’s wife, Keturah. Then came Buddhism. Buddhism competed with Brahmanism until Buddhism left India and migrated east. Hinduism is what remains of both of these doctrines, plus a lot of idolatry thrown in.

Are you beginning to sense that other cultures have stolen our heritage and claimed it for themselves? The word ‘Manasseh” means FORGETFUL. Boy, have we forgotten – or what? The Bible even predicted that we Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian Israelites would forget our Identity, only to rediscover our heritage in the End Times.

Here are some of the relevant prophecies:

Israel to have a new language: Isaiah 28:11. (The Jews have tried to preserve Hebrew – at least their corrupt version of it — to this day. This is part of their ongoing cloak of masquerade as Israel.) We Israelites have a new language: English. Those who are familiar with true linguistics understand that English syntax is directly derived from ancient Hebrew. Both German and English are largely derived from Hebrew. Welsh is virtually identical to Hebrew, syntax and vocabulary. The idea that Hebrew is not a part of the Indo-Aryan languages is simply false. The Jews invented this idea in order to perpetuate their claim to the names of Israel and Shem. Ignorant, deceived academics, following their intellectual masters, the Jews, simply don’t know any better.

Israel to be known by another name. (The Jews still claim the old name, Israel, for themselves.): Isaiah 62:2; 65:15. We are now known as Anglo-Saxons, WASP’s, Caucasians, Christians…take your pick.

Israel to forget its identity as the Covenant people (NOTE: The Jews have an unbroken historical claim on the promises bestowed upon Abraham’s seed; thus, they never could have had the collective amnesia which Scripture says would befall Israel.): Isa. 29:10-12; 42:16,19,20; Hos. 2:1-8; Romans 11:7,8,25. Er, excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Anglo-Saxon, would you please wake up to your true identity? It is essential that you know who you are if you want to accept your inheritance in God’s Kingdom. Do you want your inheritance to be given to someone else?

Israel to be hidden because of her loss of identity: Psa. 83:3; Isa. 49:2; Matthew 13:44. The Jews were never hidden. Indigenous populations (host countries) were always aware of their presence and their pretentious claim to being “Israel”. Throughout history, the Jews have made themselves so unwelcome that they have been expelled from virtually every nation that had the misfortune of letting them in.

Israel will remember her identity just before the last days: Ezekiel 39:7,22-29; Hosea 3:5. These prophecies are so significant that I must quote them here:

So the house of Israel shall know that I am Yahweh their God from that day and forward. And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword. According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them. Therefore thus saith the Yahweh Elohim; Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy name; After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid. When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nationsThen shall they know that I am Yahweh their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there. [In Palestine – Eli] Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith Yahweh Elohim. – Ezekiel 39:22-29.

Since these words were spoken by Ezekiel WHILE the Israelites were in captivity to the Assyrians, this prophecy is speaking of a future captivity, meaning our present captivity to Mystery Babylon!

Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as beforetime. – II Samuel 7:10. These words were spoken to David, while the Israelites were secure in Palestine, so the APPOINTED PLACE cannot be Palestine! As we know the Israelites of the Dispersion never returned to Palestine. We are the Caucasian, Dispersed Israelites of the world. There are too many of us to resettle in that little desert country. Our home is wherever our feet carry us, as Yahweh told Joshua! (Deut. 11:24.)

Afterward shall the children of Israel return [to Yahweh, not to Palestine! – Eli], and seek the LORD their God, and David their king; and shall fear the LORD and his goodness in the latter days. – Hosea 3:5.

These are the latter days, and we are returning to Yahweh and have rediscovered our Israelite heritage! These prophecies are highly significant for us today, especially since we are awakening to our true Identity at this very moment!

Rev. 2:9, 3:9 and 12:9 declare that an impostor people, namely, the Synagogue of Satan, would call themselves “Judah” and thereby deceive the whole world!!!

It is a tremendous pleasure to observe all of these prophecies concerning Caucasian Israel being fulfilled before our very eyes – yet, it is quite disheartening to know that so many of our brethren are still totally unaware of their Israelite Identity! Our people are fighting and dying in wars arranged by the parasitic Jew, simply because they believe that the Jews are “God’s chosen people.” If the White Race can ever come to grips with the fact that this is history’s BIGGEST LIE, Jewry would face its Waterloo.

We know that this awakening is still going to be a slow and tedious process until the Judgment Day. Isaiah tells us this:

And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall beat off from the channel of the river unto the stream of Egypt, and ye shall be gathered one by one, O ye children of Israel. – Isa. 27:12.

That’s what Christian identity is doing today, reclaiming Israelites one by oneOne by one He will reclaim us and restore us, as we repent of our sins and call upon His Name. Rediscovering our heritage is both a challenge and a necessary step in fulfilling our destiny as the Biblical House of Isaac. As you now understand, the Indo-Aryans, the Adamites, Hebrews, Shemites and Israelites were all related peoples. They are OUR ANCESTORS. None of them were Jews; and none of them practiced Judaism, except those in Judea who were deceived by the hypocrisy of the Pharisees.

It’s about time True Israel wakes up to her destiny, which is the inheritance of the Kingdom promised to us through our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel.

Just as Jesus was an Israelite of the Tribe of Judah, Buddha was a Levite of the House of Ephraim, of the Ten Lost Tribes.

Buddha was a Saxon.