What Really Happened at Roswell

For the last few decades Roswell has been the the number one case for UFOlogists. It’s the one case where many feel that solid evidence or proof of extraterrestrial life may exist.

It’s been 70 years since Roswell and researchers are still convinced that proof is there if only “they” would tell us the truth.

Although there is a mass of material, eye-witness testimony, photos, declassified files, etc., there is no hard evidence or definitive answers (according to most) for what UFO’s actually are. Roswell theoretically offers those answers. UFOlogist’s just need bodies, wreckage, and such. Yet, the majority of researchers and UFO buffs are desperate to find proof of Extraterrestrial beings, and not solve the mystery. In other words, if what happened in Roswell was NOT extraterrestrial in nature, decades of research would be seen as a waste of time.

Most UFO researchers presuppose that the pilots and occupants of these craft are creatures from another planet, and they do not want to consider other possibilities.

Those who conclude that aliens crashed at Roswell in July 1947, hope to prove it so that the whole world would believe that they were right all along. Should the truth about Roswell come out and it be NOT extraterrestrial in nature, the UFO community would have a disappointment on their hands, bigger than words can describe. For these reasons, UFOlogy cannot consider Roswell to be anything other than an “alien event”.

I hate to disappoint these folks. But, after studying Roswell for many, many years, as well as the UFO phenomenon in general, I must conclude that it WAS NOT an extraterrestrial event. If these UFOlogists would look at ALL the evidence and not be biased by their presuppositions, they would agree with my conclusions.

What most folks don’t know is that there was a lot of stuff going on in or near Roswell in 1945-1947. There were secret government experiments taking place.

Rancher Mack Brazel, who found debris on his ranch, had previously found government balloons there twice before, and even admitted that this wreckage was balloon-like in nature.

A local named Sue Farnsworth said, “We were used to finding ‘funny things’ from the base on our ranch all the time. This was different only because of the military reaction.”

A Special Agent S.W. Reynolds, in a discussion with a Col. Garrett of Air Force Intelligence, both agreed that flying discs were a very highly classified experiment of the Army and Navy. These experiments were taking place near Roswell.

Shortly before the Roswell incident, a Japanese Fugo balloon came down near Roswell with a cargo of plague-infested insects that led to the death of a young boy in the area.

Near by, Fort Stanton held “enemy aliens” and handicapped people that were rumored to be victims of government experiments.

For years, Roswell residents heard of highly controversial human experimentation taking place with some witnesses claiming to see bodies that looked ‘Asian’. Other victims of Progeria were supposedly involved in experimentation, as well. Witnesses also spoke of ‘deformed’ children and others born of incest with ‘large mongoloid heads’. Other military personnel swore that U.S. Government ‘saucer-shaped experimental aircraft’ with ‘midgets’ had crashed in the area.

A nurse grudgingly confirmed that she knew of the bodies of badly-burned Japanese being flown to a nearby base. There were rumors of high-altitude balloon and radioactive experiments being done with these Japanese people. Both Popular Mechanics magazine and Philip Corso’s book on Roswell were set to expose American experiments with Japanese victims of balloon experiments, but the government prevented them from publishing the information.

Writer, Nick Redfern was to publish this information in the early 2,000’s but the original manuscript of his book disappeared from the offices of his publisher Simon & Schuster in New York.

Perhaps the government doesn’t want us to know the truth about Roswell because it involves secret human experimentation. And, perhaps they have an agenda in wanting the public to believe in aliens from ‘outer space.’

Coincidentally, a ‘Roswell-like’ event happened in Australia, too. The story is nearly identical, and all of the key ingredients are there, including; handicapped people, giant balloons, and secret military projects.

After years of research, I’m convinced that Roswell was a secret government experiment that went wrong. Once it happened, the government took the opportunity to turn it into a PsyOp. I’m also convinced that the government secretly wants us to believe in extraterrestrials from outer space, because they will eventually use this lie in a ‘cosmic 9-11’ false flag event that will unite the world.

The truth is, both angels and demons, and God Himself, have utilized ‘things’ that fit the description of UFOs. I also believe there is a race of beings confined to this planet, who live underground, that use UFOs. I also believe that a lot of reported UFOs are simply classified or experimental government or military aircraft. The close encounters and abductions are eerily similar to other occult and paranormal events and should be considered the work of demons possibly working with the military. Many UFOs are paraphysical in nature. They are not mechanical. They act similar to orbs seen in hauntings. They are living intelligent entities from the spirit world who utilize electromagnetism. They also seem pre-occupied with tricking and confusing us humans. Sometimes they harm us. Some have even killed people.

The entire UFO phenomenon is closely related to NASA, the Catholic Church, and false science, including the history, and false history of astrology and astronomy. For more info click HERE and HERE and HERE. and HERE.