The Pope is a No Good, Rotten, Dirty, Son-of-a-B—-!

Okay, so, I’ve about had it with this stupid pope – yeah, Francis, the talking mule, Bergoglio, or whatever his real name is.

I’m tired of seeing him in the news everyday, doing or saying something blasphemous or insulting.

Every time there is some faggoty LGBTXYZ thing going on – he’s there. He has pretty much just turned sodomy into a virtue, rather than a sin for the Catholic church.

He said, “Christ became a devil.” “Christians don’t build walls.” “anti-semites are evil.” and the latest, “Christian Fundamentalists are a scourge.”

So, a fundamentalist would be someone who believes the basic tenets of Christianity like; the Bible, God created everything, Christ came and died for us, we should repent and love our fellow man, good works, etc. Yet this dope of a pope says you are a scourge for believing such?

Why is that? Maybe it’s because the pope is a suspected child-molestor who at least, enables and covers-up for known pedophiles. Maybe it is because this dope of a pope is a suspected marrano jew. Maybe he hates the One True God. After all, he recently participated in a “goddess-worship” ceremony with pagans.

Maybe he isn’t even a Christian. Perhaps he is an anti-christ. Maybe his “church” is actually Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth as prophesied in the book of Revelation.

The truth is, from it’s inception, the Roman Catholic Church has been a man-made religion that mixed elements of Christianity with Paganism. It was infiltrated and taken over by satan-worshipping jews. The fact that it’s clergy take a vow of celibacy only insures that only homosexuals and pedophiles would want the job. No wonder there is and always has been an epidemic of child-molestation in this vile institution.

There have always been good, honest people who belong to and attend this chuch, but there must come a time when you stop being a sheeple, stop being naive, and take a stand for God and what is right.

If you are a parent with children in this church, you are a criminally negligent unfit parent for exposing your kids to pedophiles. If you consider yourself a part of this monstrosity and contribute to it’s existence in any way, you are aiding the anti-christ.

The pope and the Roman Catholic Church is anti-christ. Neither he, nor it is “Christian” in any sense of the word. If you wish to remain associated with it, then you are a damn fool.

The pope just said, on November 18th, that “Fundamentalist Christians” are a scourge! No, Francis, you are the scourge – you, your cardinals, bishops, and priests! You are nothing more than the satanic leader of a pagan, anti-christ, child molestation factory!

And you, dear reader, if you want to continue to be a part of something so evil, then please, leave this website and never return. You are not welcome here. If you support this pope and this “church”, then you are no better than a faggot, jew, or nigger. Go away and be damned!

Whew! Got that off my chest. I feel much better!