Caucasian Christianity

By David Tate from AnointedNation

A friend asked, “People say Jesus had to be dark if He was from the Jordan and an Israelite, so why do you believe Jesus is White? They say everybody on earth is God’s people, why preach that He’s for the White Race?”

It is an Afrocentric (Black supremacist) view that people from the Jordan, north Africa and the Arab states were dark 2000 years ago. People migrate, races mongrelize, and the shape and makeup of nations change over time.

America was populated in just a couple centuries, and in two more grew into a world power. In one more she will be as brown as the Middle East if we do nothing to preserve our heritage. In 2012 the newsmedia proudly reported that there are now more non-white children in America than White. In twenty years our race will be a minority in the nation our ancestors built. Our numbers were reduced in less than fifty years. Will we be treated “equally” by those aliens we have treated so well? (We already are not). When there are no more Whites in America who will the brown people of the future say built this nation?

It was common knowledge less than a century ago that the nations of the Mediterranean were White in the centuries leading up to Jesus. It took less than fifty years of “political correctness” to turn this history upside down. The term “Aryan” comes from the regions of Iran which were White before mongrelization. Our name “Caucasian” comes from centuries of migrations of White peoples north and south through the Caucasus mountain range through the same periods the Israelites populated Palestine, became a nation and then fell into captivity and decline. Whites are no longer in the Caucasus, does this now mean we should say Whites were never there and change our racial designation to something other than Caucasian?

Even today history records that the Greeks at the time of Jesus were White, largely blonde-haired and blue-eyed. In the Bible book of Acts (21:37-38) a Roman officer could not tell the difference between an Egyptian, a Greek and a Judean (Jew). He confused Paul, a Judean of pure birth, with an Egyptian, but hearing him speak Greek he confused Paul with a Greek until Paul identified himself.

Jesus was a pure lamb of the flock/race of Israel. Israelites were to keep their animals and their race pure (Lev 19:19, Deut 7:1-6, Josh 23:12-13). Because Jesus was of the pure line of King David we know He must look like him. David is described as “ruddy with beauty of eyes and was good in appearance to the Lord” (1Sam 16:12). The Hebrew for ruddy means “of reddish complexion,” a person with fair skin. The Greek from the Septuagint is purrakes and has the same definition. The Israelite historian Josephus describes David as “a boy with golden blonde skin, with fiery eyes” (Antiquities VI:164). Josephus used the Greek xanthos, a common term for Greeks describing a fair-skinned person with light blonde hair. Jesus is described after His transfiguration, “The hairs of His head were white as wool, as snow, and His eyes as a flame of fire” (Rev 1:4). Even the ancients knew the hottest flame was blue. So, no, Jesus was not brown.

The word “gentiles” is a intentional mistranslation of the Greek word ethnos which literally means “nations.” When we read in the New Testament that Paul preached to “the nations” (not gentiles), these were Greeks, Romans, Scythians, Barbarians (early Germans), Judeans (Jews), and etc. (Co 3:11, Ga 3:28, Ac 2:9-11). ALL NATIONS MENTIONED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT WERE WHITE AT THAT TIME. (The Judean of 2,000 years ago does not equate to the modern Jew racially or religiously).

The people of the Mediterranean were long aware of Nubians (Blacks), but they aren’t mentioned in the New Testament. Trade routes had long led into India and China, but no Chinese or mongrel East Indians are mentioned in the New Testament. Some PC college professors like to point all this out and call the first Christians “racist” because they didn’t preach Christianity to anyone but Whites in the ancient world. Yet Judeo-so-called-Christians claim all these nation were brown based purely on politically correct speculation, Afrocentrism and that all these regions are racially mixed 2,000 years later.

Fifty years ago people still believed America was a Christian nation. Our White Christian ancestors had established laws in 42 states prohibiting miscegenation or interracial marriage. They did not establish those laws out of hatred for other races, but because they knew our history. They loved our race and heritage and wished to preserve our way of life and an inheritance for our children. But mongrel banksters slowly erroded our educational, political and legal institutions by capturing our publishing houses and media. And in 1963 the supreme court betrayed the will of the majority of Americans at that time by reversing all laws banning interracial marriage. Later our laws on immigration and integration were overturned, the floodgates were opened and our children’s inheritance has been given away to people who had no stake in it.

Genuine Christians believe in preserving the natural world that God called “good” in the beginning (Gen 1:31). His natural order declared “kind begats like kind” (Gen 1). As God made each original race beautiful to itself, this is what He Intended. Does that make God a racist? This is not hatred, it’s common sense. We should love the world God created, not the messes “mankind” makes of it. To destroy the races God called good through the genocide of race-mixing opposes the will of our Creator.

The race of “Adam” (meaning red, ruddy, able to blush) is God’s special portion of the earth (1Pe 2:9 Exo 19:5-6 Lev 20:26). Only separation can preserve our kind. Not just separation in race, but also separation in behavior. As God’s children Christians should think His thoughts and do His works, living the lives He intended us to live from the beginning.