“Indigenous” Peoples Are Merciless Savages

Libtarded Maine has become the 7th state (Vermont expected to soon become the 8th) to replace Columbus Day with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” From a Jew York Slimes article:

“There is power in a name and in who we choose to honor,” Governor Janet T. Mills of Maine said in a statement about the bill, which she signed into law last week.”

Ambassador Maulian Dana of the Penobscot Nation spoke at the bill-signing ceremony.

“…we are happy that our ancestral ties and contributions are validated and celebrated instead of silenced and ignored by the previous holiday that glorified the attempted genocide of our Nations.”

Attempted genocide, eh? OK “ambassador” — let’s talk about some of the “genocide” that was actually going on in the Americas long before Columbus and the other big bad white men arrived and introduced the sainted and oh-so-gentle “indigenous peoples” to the benefits of civilization and Christian ethics. Shall we?

NORTH AMERICA (Various tribes)

In his well researched book, Cannibalism, Headhunting and Human Sacrifice in North America, historian George Franklin Feldman summarizes the archaeological evidence for the brutal massacres, scalpings and cannibalism which “many of the Native American peoples” inflicted upon their defeated rivals — and without regard for women and children. A typically horrific excerpt:

“Long before the white European knew a North American continent existed, Indians of the Northern Plains were massacring entire villages,… at least five hundred men, women and children were killed—and not just killed, but mutilated. Hands and feet were cut off, each body’s head was scalped, the remains were left scattered around the village, which was burned… Other excavations…also indicate that warfare in the plains was a way of life in the pre-history era of Middle America.”


Archaeologists Say THOUSANDS of human sacrifices had their still-beating hearts cut out before their heads were severed and added to a monument the size of a basketball court …

New details of the gory rituals have also been revealed, which include turning skulls into masks.

According to the new research detailed in Science, captives were first taken to the city’s Templo Mayor, or great temple, where priests removed their still-beating hearts. The bodies were then decapitated and priests removed the skin and muscle from the corpses’ heads.

Large holes were carved into the sides of the skulls, allowing them to be placed onto a large wooden pole…. Some Spanish conquistadors wrote about the towers, estimating that the rack alone contained 130,000 skulls.”


From liberal-leaning Wikipedia:

“During the pre-Columbian era, human sacrifice in Maya culture was the ritual offering of nourishment to the gods. … By extension, the sacrifice of a human life was the ultimate offering of blood to the gods, and the most important Maya rituals culminated in human sacrifice.”

Image result for indians scalping other indians A stone Tzompantli (skull rack) found during the excavations of Templo Mayor (Great Temple) in Tenochtitlan. New research has found the ‘skull towers’ which used real human heads were just a small part of a massive display of skulls known as Huey Tzompantli. Image result for mayan human sacrifice

Scalping, raiding, warring and sacrificial murder rituals were all commonplace throughout the Americas BEFORE Columbus arrived.

Again, from liberal Wikipedia:

“Qhapaq hucha was the Inca practice of human sacrifice, mainly using children. The Incas performed child sacrifices during or after important events, such as the death of the Sapa Inca (emperor) or during a famine. Children were selected as sacrificial victims as they were considered to be the purest of beings.”

Even the most libtarded academic eggheads do not deny the brutality and human sacrificing that was going on throughout pre-Columbian times. They just downplay or ignore it. But it was this brutality which enabled the Spaniards, with such ridiculously small numbers, to overthrow these vicious tyrants. That’s because so many oppressed natives were eager to join their ranks of the Spaniards and throw off the murderous yoke of their Aztec, Mayan and Incan tormentors. The fact is, were it not for the arrival of Whitey and the Christian doctrine, these demonic mass-torture-murders would likely still being going on today. And that is why we, Whites and descendants of natives alike, should continue to honor the voyage of Columbus and those who came after him.

Just like the Africans who were starving and being cannibalized, these injun savages benefitted greatly from the White man who came and brought medical knowledge, intelligence, spirituality, and practical inventions like the wheel.

Unfortunately for we Whites, we weren’t expecting these animals to try to destroy us, and little did we know that hundreds of years later, jews and race-trator whites would re-write history and join with niggers and wetbacks to declare war on our race, religion, and culture.

It should be obvious to all God’s Adamic White race now, who the enemy is, and we should realize that we are in a war to preserve our history, heritage, traditions, culture, religion, and the very existence of our race.

White man, the world has assembled around you and has declared war on your God and your children’s very future! It’s time to react appropriately!