Whites Need to Wake Up!

Do you understand why (((they))) are tearing down our confederate monuments and re-writing history?
Are you buying the lies that our White ancestors were evil and mistreated blacks, jews, and indians for no good reason?
Do you really think your ancestors owned slaves? If they did, were they wrong for doing so?
Do you believe that White people rounded up blacks and lynched them for enjoyment or entertainment?
What’s behind the White hatred and White self-hatred being pushed on men today?
Why do you suppose, in spite of our wishes, that colored hordes are being forced on ONLY White countries with mass immigration?
Do you think sodomite homosexuals are harmless people just minding their own business?
Do you really believe that “abortion” is about a woman’s right to reproductive health care services?

If you believe any of these lies, you are uninformed, misinformed, and criminally ignorant! You need to WAKE UP and prepare to defend your White race!

Jews, liberal/communists, and stupid and gullible, brainwashed white race-traitors are destroying our White nations, cultures, traditions, and heritage. Why? Because they hate your guts and want you gone from the face of the earth! Why? Because they are controlled by Satan, the enemy of God and the White race!

Satan’s jews want to erase the true history of the Confederacy and the South, because they don’t want any reminders of the last time the People fought against an oppressive and tyrannical government. This is also why the cursed politicians are working tirelessly everyday to take your guns away.

The Civil War wasn’t just about slavery. It was about our rights and the need for evil businessmen to make money.

First of all, God’s White people have used slaves in ancient times, and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s a matter of economics, not oppressing people. At one time in America, there were more White slaves than there were black ones! Blacks were even slaves to their own people in Africa before they were sold to the jews, who dominated the slave trade and brought these animals to America. In recent times, many farmers used mules to work the fields. It is no different, because blacks are animals, just like mules.

Blacks in Africa were into voodoo and satanic religions. They worshipped demons. They worshipped fire and snakes. They fought among themselves in tribal warfare. They even cannibalized each other! They faced the constant threat of disease and malnutrition, just like their contemporary counterparts do to this day. There are still slaves in Africa and the Middle East. Everyone knows that blacks are much, much better off here in America, where everything is handed to them for free.

Chances are, your ancestors never owned any slaves. Only a wealthy few actually owned them. It is more likely that your ancestors were either slaves or sharecroppers.

As for the Indians, Christian Whites came America in peace and tried to be good neighbors, but indian savages deceived and attacked our people relentlessly. We had no choice but to fight back. If you would read some older history books (not written by jews), you would know this.

After the Civil War, blacks were supposed to be sent back to Africa. Even “statesmen” like Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson wrote that they were certain that blacks and Whites could not live together as equals. Many blacks did go back and formed the African nation of Liberia, which still exists today. But, meddling jews and rotten politicians saw to it that blacks remained. It was done for no other purpose than to corrupt White Christian America and to promote race-mixing, a sin which God despises.

Yes, blacks were lynched. So were jews and whites who committed crimes that merited such punishment. Perhaps some were innocent, just as there are innocent people in jail today. But, blacks weren’t lynched just for being black. They were lynched for doing the same things they do in every city in America today; raping, stealing, killing, etc. Today, we put them in prison and feed them. Back then, we did the right thing, which is eliminate them. Whether in the jungles of Africa or the streets of Chicago, blacks are still evil, impulsive, selfish, and dangerous animals. If you live near Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, Memphis, or Washington, D.C., you know it is true. Just watch your local news and realize that for the many crimes you hear about, there are many, many more that you do not hear about. Interracial crime is 90% black on White. Don’t tell me that we are all the same!

We are bombarded by jewish education and media on a daily basis trying to convince us that all people are the same. They tell us our noble White Christian ancestors were evil monsters who raped and killed brown, black, and red people for no reason. It’s all lies. Your ancestors were great! They were and are God’s chosen People! These non-white animals hate us and desire to destroy us and you are too gullible and soft-hearted to realize and take measures to protect yourself.

Jews are flooding ONLY White countries with niggers, ragheads, and muslim savages from the filthiest and most dangerous places in the world in an effort to mongrelize, bastardize, and adulterize our Holy White Bloodlines! They hate us because we are intelligent enough to be a formidable opponent to them, and they hate us and our God. Jews openly brag about their plans to destroy the White race and enslave the planet. They kill our children with their so-called “abortions” and their sodomites molest our young boys in an effort to make them effeminate and stop them from having White children.

What do we do? Sit back in our apostate churches “turning the other cheek”. We worship their money. We entertain ourselves with their corrosive movies and media. We have no time for God’s Word. We “mind our own business”. We allow faggots to rape our children. We let niggers rape our women. We let atheists and faggots blaspheme our God. We do nothing! We are weak, gutless cowards. We sit back and ask God to bless America, while worshiping the idols of His enemies!

Why doesn’t someone do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

That is the question asked by Brenton Tarrant before he got revenge on the muslim bastards that were killing little girls in New Zealand. I guess he decided he should do something, and he did.

That question was probably asked by John Earnest before he opened fire on a synagogue of kikes in California.

That question was probably asked by Dylann Roof before he shot those godless nigger apes in South Carolina.

I’ve asked myself similar questions. I guess I’m still pondering the answers like many of you are.

Obviously, I cannot and do not encourage or condone violence. That would be illegal.

I can say that John Earnest, Brenton Tarrant, and Dylann Roof are my heroes, and I wish I had their courage. I wish we all had their courage. Most of all, I wish our White race had my knowledge of the reality of evil in our midst, and a love for God. If they did, our problems could be taken care of before the week was over.

So, because I don’t have the courage that I need, yet, I guess I will just continue to expose the serpent seed jews and their colored cronies to anyone who will listen.

Thanks for reading this. Pray for me. And, WAKE THE HELL UP!