Who is God?

Most people who are observant and look deeply into life’s important questions almost all
agree that Creation is so amazing and its laws so astounding that it is self evident that
existence as we know it is the result of a calculated design by an all-intelligent Divine Creator.
But has The Creator revealed anything about Himself to man so that we may know (to a
certain level) who “He” is and what His name is? The answer is yes. God has not left us alone
without a fundamental understanding of who He is and what He plans in the way of His
communication with us. That witness to God’s revealing of Himself is found in His written
Word – The Holy Bible, or “The Scriptures” as some note it.
When God appeared to Moses at the burning bush (Exodus chapter 3), Moses wanted to
know who God was and asked Him as much. God replied “I AM THAT I AM”. In the Hebrew
text it reads “Ehyah Asher Ehyah” which primarily means “I continue to be, and will be”. It is
an expression to denote that God is The Always Existing One.
Then added to this revelation about Himself given to Moses, God added that His memorial
name unto all generations is “The LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” (Exodus 3:15)
But this “name” is very misleading as it was not used by God when speaking to Moses. The
term “The LORD” was added centuries later and is a mistranslation contained in English
Bibles. God was impressing upon Moses that He was/is the author of LIFE and in fact is life Itself.
The word “LORD” does not imply this intent. Masoretic jews, who hate God and Christ, took God’s name out of the Bible and replaced it (thousands of times) with “LORD”.                                                                                    Instead of “LORD” God told Moses that His name in Hebrew is formed from four Hebrew
letters – YOD HAY VAUV HAY. In English this equates to YHWH or YHVH depending on
which dialect of ancient Hebrew the scholars debate to be the correct one. The important thing
to grasp is that these letters stem from the Hebrew root word “havah” meaning “to exist, the
existing one” or “The Ever-Living One”. Again the important matter to understand is that God is the source of life and
existence and that He is forever alive without being dependent upon anything else at all.
Also, as God gave His name to Moses in the Hebrew language, the closest we can reason to a
pronunciation of that name is Yahwah, Yahweh (Yah-Way) or Yahvah. In truth, nobody really knows the exact
pronunciation used in the days of Moses because we have no recording of the precise
pronunciation. So bickering over an exact pronunciation of Yahweh is not what God was
imparting to us. It is the meaning that matters. That meaning is LIFE EVER LASTING.
Therefore we may correctly refer to God as “Yahweh” but we must know that it means The
Ever-living One for this was the memorial intent of His name that God told Moses was to be
remembered down through all generations.