Who Was the Bible Written To?

The Bible is only to Israel and for Israel
God’s Word (The Scriptures) itself says that the Bible is only for one family of people on the
Earth. It never was written to everybody or to all people. If you are a racial Israelite the Bible
is strictly for you. Nobody was more clear about this than Jesus Christ Himself. Here is what
Jesus said:
“I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Matthew 15:24)
The reason Jesus said this was that He was repeating (upholding) what God had already set
forth in the Old Testament Scriptures. Look at what God said about who He knows as a family:
“O Children of Israel, you only have I known of all the families of the Earth” (Amos
The name “Jacob” was another term used for “Israel” because the man Jacob was
renamed “Israel” by God. Here is what God says about Jacob/Israel and God’s Word:
“He (God) shows His Word unto Jacob, His statutes and His judgments unto Israel. He
has not dealt so with any nation: and as for His judgments, they have not known them. Praise
ye the Everliving God.” (Psalm 147:19,20)
The idea that the Bible is for all people comes from the doctrines of God’s
enemies who are basically known as “Communists” because they see the entire world as a big
commune run by what they feel should be “social justice”. That system is highly perverted and
it hates God’s order of differences in creation and His laws of how things are to be run. The
“world system” is a system of wars, disease, poverty, and death. Only God’s people Israel have
His laws in their hearts to understand how to rule in righteousness and to make the Earth a
place of peace and safety for God’s creation. By “Israel” it is not meant to refer to today’s
so called “Jews” because the Jews are NOT the Israelites of the Bible. They are a different
people altogether than the Israelites. The true Israelites are the White Christians who have
totally forgotten who they are – God’s chosen Israel.