The Face of Crime for October: Guess Who

The national news doesn’t report the crimes of niggers, wetbacks, gooks, ragheads, and other violent animalistic races. Besides a communities’ local news sources, there isn’t much reporting. To make the national news, they usually have to chimp out really bad and kill a lot of people. Even then, the news media doesn’t want you to know their race or ethnicity unless they are white. Then it’s headlines all over the world. Jews own the media and think you are stupid. So, if they only report white crime, they think you will think that only whites are criminals. Of course, this is patently false. Non-whites commit most of the violent crime. Black on white violence is increasing world-wide and the serpent seed jew media is silent. Here are just a few random news items from the month of October, that you probably didn’t hear about.
10/01 An elderly White man gets robbed and shot by a gang of niggers in Detroit after leaving a liquor store
10/01 A nigger was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a young white female artist in Washington, D.C.
10/01 A South African farmer was repairing a fence when a nigger appears out of nowhere and murders him for no apparent reason, other than he was a hard-working farmer.
10/02 A North Carolinian nigger was arrested for killing a white woman last Christmas.
10/02 A drunk Nashville nigger runs into a White cop directing traffic. The cop survived. The drunk ape went to jail.
10/03 A muslim rapes a white woman in the U.K. on the beach. She was drunk so, easy prey.
10/03 A nigger in St. Clare County, Illinois is charged with murdering a close family friend, who was white. Let this be a lesson. Don’t be family friends with animal/demon hybrids.
10/03 A Guntersville nigger shoots his White girlfriend and throws her body out of the moving car and leaves her to bleed to death. White girls, stop dating blacks – it’s basically beastiality. Get a German Shephers. They won’t kill you.
10/04 A young nigger in Charlotte, N.C. is charged with attempted murder after shooting a prominent White Georgia doctor.
10/04 A Memphis nigger was indicted on murder charges for shooting and killing an elderly White man. The ape said he shot him because of the way he “looked” at him.
10/04 A beautiful young White woman and innocent bystander was shot and killed by a nigger in St. Louis, who was in an argument with someone else.
10/05 An African man (nigger) beat up an Italian lady in a bus station for no known reason.
10/05 A nigger stabs a White woman 49 times in a Michigan apartment over a dispute concerning breakfast. Stay out of nigger’s apartments. Don’t eat with niggers.
10/05 In Frostproof, Fl., a nigger breaks in to a house and steals some guns. Then he kidnaps an 18 year old girl. Then he goes to an 80-year old White ladies home and shoots and kills her in her wheelchair and tries to set the house on fire.
10/06 A UK negro stabs a white family to death and films himself dancing with the knife. His nigger family says he is a good boy with a “learning disability”. I hope this monkey learns a lot in prison.
10/06 In South Africa, a farmer dies after two worthless niggers stab him in front of his children.
10/06 A West Virginia nigger is jailed after murdering a White man.
10/7 Four young nigger boys from Memphis went on a 12-day crime spree that ended with the carjacking and murder of a White woman.
10/07 A nigger kills a White man in South Africa by stabbing him in the eye with a fork.
10/08 A nigger in the UK rapes a White woman.
10/08 In Belgium, a pack of ragheads brutally beat a 15 yr. old White boy.
10/09 A wetback from Peru beats and rapes an Italian teen-ager.
10/09 A nigger girl is sentenced to seven years in an Oregon prison after slashing a Taco Bell employee’s throat.
10/09 A Jamestown beaner/spic/wetback is charged with manslaughter after shooting a White man that he had an argument with.

I’m going to stop here because I’m getting angry, and it’s all too tiring and repetitious. I could literally post 100 of these a day, every day. It’s all rape and murder by wetbacks, ragheads, and niggers – mostly niggers.

I don’t care how many “good” ones you think you know, they are animals. And, like wild animals, they cannot be completely domesticated. They are a vile, criminal, violent, and impulsive breed of animal/demon hybrid. They can never be trusted, and are apt to attack in an instant without warning. AROUND BLACKS – NEVER RELAX.

And remember, just because FOX or CNN doesn’t report it, it still happens daily in high numbers, wherever these beasts are located.