Jew Snakes Looking More like Whites Nowadays

According to the latest jew poll conducted by Brandeis University, in the past seven years, the American Jewish population has grown 10 percent, but it remains mostly liberal, college-educated and ‘overwhelmingly white’.

The study found that as of 2018, there are approximately 7.5 million Jews in the contiguous United States (and, to be honest, there likely aren’t a ton more in Alaska and Hawaii).

That’s only about 2 percent of the U.S. population, but it’s enough to make the United States home to the largest Jewish community in the world. According to recent government statistics, Israel has 6.7 million Jews.

While the United States is growing more diverse, the Jewish community does not appear to be following suit.

In 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau found that 63 percent of the country was non-Hispanic white. By 2019, that number was hovering around 60 percent. And by 2045, whites are projected to be a minority in the country.

A jew who claims they are “White” is really no different from a light-skinned negro trying to pass as White. Light skin and White features are valued among Blacks, just as they are valued among jews, who are more than willing to spend fortunes at the plastic surgeon in order to look more “White”.

But no matter how vehemently they insist that they are White, more often than not they can be “outed” by their fruits, their subversive and contrary behavior.

Israel is similar to India and Brazil in that there is an obvious racial caste system, with the light-skinned Ashkenazis at the top and the Black African jews at the bottom. Jews certainly enjoy the “privilege” of being able to pass as White, but when it comes to undermining real White society, they often magically revert back to their ethnic jewish identity when it serves them.

But in another sense, jews in America, through inter-marriage and seducing real Whites into race mixing, are indeed becoming “whiter” on the surface. They aren’t all stereotypical “hook nosed” asiatics as they were in the recent past. The “new American jews” are more like actress Gweneth Paltrow who has one jew parent, and her children who have only one jew grandparent.

As the Bible predicted would happen, it is indeed becoming more and more difficult separating the “wheat from the tares.”

But, whether 25% or 100%, a jew is still a satanic snake. They are all enemies of God and the White race. If you aid them, pray for them, or coddle them, then you are a traitor to your racial kinsmen and your God. Repent!