Nationalism & Populism

Populism is a political ideology. Today, the term is often viewed negatively, therefore often used as a negative label by opponents, and with the definition controversial and disputed.

The term derives from the Latin “populus”, meaning “people”, and populism is often described as claiming to represent the people against oppressive elites. However, this could apply to a wide variety of ideologies and movements across the left–right political spectrum. Ideologies may be excluded by claiming that they are actually themselves elitist, such as Marxism-Leninism with its emphasis on an elitist “vanguard party”. Alternatively, ideologies may be excluded by claiming that populism actually means not having an ideology or misrepresenting one’s ideology, often with the implication that popular views are deceptively supported for personal gain or to advance some concealed ideology.

Those who have described themselves as populist, which few do today, have used more positive definitions.

Today, the term is sometimes used for individual or organizations that are critical of the mass immigration, the European Union, or have some other somewhat politically incorrect views, especially if these parties at the same time reject race realism and other more “extreme” politically incorrect views. The term “national populism” is sometimes used. One interpretation is that populism in this case refers to representing the people against oppressive globalist elites.

The wealthy and powerful have always oppressed those less wealthy and less powerful than themselves. Yet, in modern times, the elite have had to adjust their strategies to deal with a growing population.

Today’s ‘elite’ are either wealthy jews or puppets controlled by jews. Indeed the New World Order is the Jew World Order. Their enemies are silenced or weakened by any means necessary, including murder.

Today’s visible leaders are puppets. They are selected by the elite – not elected by the people. Each side of the political spectrum is controlled by jews. Even supposed grass roots movements like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street were run by elitists.

Make no mistake. There is no simple political solution. Outside of a Theocracy ran by God Himself, the only alternative is revolution. This is why jews control the sources of information. They control the intelligence and military groups. And, this is why they are trying so hard to repeal the Second Amendment to the Constitution and/or go around it and confiscate American’s guns.

They give us “Bread and Circuses”. In other words, they keep us working, consuming their products, and provide us with entertainment such as sports and movies, in an effort to distract us from our eroding rights, stagnant wages, and personal privacy.

Jews have made it clear in their writings – they want a one world government ran by jews. They want to reduce the world’s population by 90%. They want to eradicate the White race. And, the people left alive are to be enslaved.

Until God comes and miraculously overthrows these bastards, we have only two choices in the interim. This is true with all things in life. We can accept our circumstances or we can change them. Accepting it is becoming slowly but increasingly less of an option. The only way to change things is through risk, hard-work, organizing, and courage. These qualities and attributes are also becoming increasingly less prevalent in our world.

However, nature does take her course and there are cycles that continually occur in history and society. It is said that hard times make strong men – Strong men create good times – Good times create weak men – Weak men create hard times – Around and round it goes.

One of the jews weapons is to keep us divided and conquered. As long as we are fighting amongst ourselves, we cannot be united against (((them))). They do this by presenting us with two opposing views and stirring the pot. They have taken away our ability to think analytically. So, when they offer us “Communism vs. Capitalism”, we don’t have the intellectual capabilities to determine that both are just two sides of the same jewish coin. A third alternative is never offered. It’s as if it doesn’t exist, although it certainly does. It’s called Nationalist Populism. It’s power to the people. It’s putting the people first over the elite and their profits. When a country nationalizes it’s resources and distributes the gains evenly among the entire population rather than a handful of uber wealthy jews.

There is a cold civil war brewing in America today. It’s a war between Progressives and Conservatives. But let’s ask ourselves; what have progressives progressed, other than evil? And, what have conservatives conserved? The crafty jews have even muddied the waters by giving us a combination of both called Libertarianism. This greedy, selfish system puts the individual above the people as a collective whole. How is that moral or beneficial?

For society and government to work, a government must govern with the consent of the people. For a society to be free and prosperous, the interests of the people as a whole must be the priority. To enjoy the blessings of liberty, a society must be moral and ruled, in their hearts, by Almighty God. Without Him, we have nothing, and are nothing.

In order to sustain a viable, safe, and moral society, we Whites must have a nation of our own. The other races do not help us. They hurt us. Integration started America on this decline. The Immigration Act and the Civil Rights Movement were just two death blows that are taking America from greatness to an inevitable third world status.

We need to get back to God. We need to be obedient to Him. We need a proper understanding and implementation of God’s law, just like the ancient Israelites did in one particular passage of Scripture:

“When they heard the law, they separated all those of mixed descent from Israel” (Nehemiah 13:3).

Today America’s churches do the exact opposite. They invite non-Whites into their churches.

We must expel all foreigners of non-white ancestry. All mulattos, blacks, asians, hispanics, indians, and especially jews. America was founded as a White Christian nation. It must return to being one. Otherwise we will continue on our trek to becoming a third world country to the delight of God’s enemies.

Think about this today and decide what part you can play in returning America to greatness. And remember, rap music and mulatto grandkids are not part of the solution.