Stating the Obvious (and Not So Obvious) on Race

You may think that we focus too much on race at this site. Perhaps you are right. However, since this subject is forbidden in the mainstream, it becomes necessary to emphasize certain truths while not emphasizing others. Many subjects and topics concerning Christianity get an over abundance of attention, while True Christianity is censored, banned, forbidden, and hidden by satan’s jews, who own or control ALL of major media, information, entertainment, and education.

As prophesied in Scripture, the devil (jews) have been loosed and he/they know that their time is short, and desire to keep God’s people in delusion. Satan is the god of this world and the prince of the power of the air. Principalities and powers of evil rule, reign, and roan to and fro upon earth seeking to steal, kill, and destroy. The main objective is to steal and destroy your knowledge of truth and your relationship with Almighty God. Be that as it may, (((they))) can do nothing that God doesn’t allow them to do, and they are being used as tools to chastise God’s rebellious children. Let them have their fun because their days are numbered.

We to whom God has revealed His truth have a duty and obligation to share that truth with our racial kinsman. Some will receive it. Most won’t. If you do receive the words written on this site, consider yourself blessed. God has found you worthy. Retain this knowledge and be ready to share it with others when the opportunity presents itself. Who knows, our Father may be preparing you to administer His Government on earth one day – perhaps sooner than any of us even realize.

Some of this material may be obvious. However, with jewish control of the minds of the masses prevalent, even simple and obvious truths may elude many folks. Thus the title of this article.

People are different. Animals are different. Plants and trees are different. Some were created by God, and others are an amalgamation. Everyone knows that hybrid species of plants and animals exist today. Genetically modified organisms are now commonplace. From the beginning, this was not so.

In Genesis, God established a law of “Kind after Kind”. He commanded everything to reproduce after it’s OWN KIND. Apple trees produce apples with apple seeds. Orange trees do likewise. All plants, animals, and people do likewise. Even in the Spirit world, God said, “Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness” (Genesis 1:26). But God is NOT a man (Numbers 23:19). God is a Spirit (John 4:24). So, the image that God made us in, is His Spirit. Later God FORMED Adam from the dust of the ground and breathed this Spirit/Breath/ into his nostrils, and Adam became a living soul. Adam means white, ruddy, rosy, to blush. Therefore, God created a Spirit and put that Spirit into a White body.

Now, we Whites are a creation of God. We are created spirits inhabiting formed white bodies. God didn’t create us from nothing. God created us OUT OF HIMSELF. We are spirits contained in a special White flesh. Jesus said many times, “I came OUT FROM God” (John 8:42). Every time a pure white child is born, this body provides another container for a spirit that God created out of Himself. This is how God experiences His creation — through us! God will not dwell in an unclean vessel! His Spirit(s) can only inhabit Adamic White bodies.

Now can you see why race-mixing is such a sin! Scripture declares the other races to be UNCLEAN time and time again.

Look at the mule, for example. God created the horse. God created the donkey. He did NOT create the mule. The mule is made through crossing a donkey and a horse. Mules cannot reproduce themselves, proving that God never intended the animal to exist. And while mules can be useful as work animals, they are known to be very stubborn and mean. And, if another mule was never born, the world would get along just fine without them.

Genesis chapter six tells us that the sons of God were smitten with the daughters of men, and took some as wives. Their offspring resulted in giants and other unusual or abnormal beings. God was displeased with this, and the flood of Noah was the result. But this didn’t stop these spirits from creating more spirit/flesh hybrids. In fact, if we back up to the time of Adam and Eve, we can see that there were other beings called trees that were in the garden of Eden. One, known as the Serpent, was an enchanter who according to the original language in Scripture, sexually seduced Eve making the mixed-breed called Cain who killed his brother.

Who commits most of the murders today? Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, and Jews. These people commit the violent crimes. They rape, steal, kill, attack, loot, and destroy everything given to them. A few years ago in America, according to the Dept. of Justice, over 19,000 white women were raped by black men. Do you know how many black women were raped by White men during that same time? “0”. That’s right – ZERO!!! Do you think all ‘people’ are the same?

Stereotypes exist for a reason. Blacks are a violent, impulsive, and criminal people. Not ALL of them. But, many are. The jews are a vile, criminal, lying, thieving, and greedy people. Maybe not all of them – but the majority. Indians and Pakis are dirty, stinky, and disease ridden. African blacks have an average IQ of 68, which is considered technically, mentally retarded. Why do Mexicans want to come to America? Because they are unable to produce a viable civilization in Mexico.

What about Whites? We’ve built every major civilization of worth in the history of earth. We’ve excelled in art and architecture. We’ve been inventors, philosophers, and doctors. We’ve created governments and systems of justice. We’ve made great agricultural societies that have fed billions around the world. We’ve been shipbuilders and crafted the greatest militaries known to mankind. We’ve educated the world and sent the Gospel of Christ to every dunghill in existence. Now, we are targeted for elimination. We are 11% of the world’s population, the world economy exists because of us alone. Yet, we are told that we are the problem. Our history is being erased. Our identity has been stolen. The niggers, faggots, ragheads, spics, and kikes of the world hate us and our God. They hate Jesus Christ, and they want all of us GONE forever! They are too stupid to realize that they cannot exist without us, and we are too stupid to realize that we cannot exist with them!

But what about Oprah, Obama, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Yeah, what about them? Lying, communist, troublemakers. Just because they are three out of fifty that don’t speak in Ebonics, does that make them as good as one toenail from a White person? Absolutely not! The TV jews always put the cleanest and brightest niggers on to make you think they are all like that. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I grew up in Mississippi. I can tell you about niggers. I live a couple hours away from Memphis, TN. I can tell you about niggers. If you think the only difference between black and white is skin color, you’re a fool or you’ve never been around any blacks. Go to Memphis, and for every Lester Holt, you will see a thousand little waynes. You also might get mugged and have your car stolen.

My point is this: Just like the mule is a by product of illegal breeding. Niggers are a by-product of mixing apes with fallen angels. God did not create them! Nor did God create any other races. God made everything GOOD! Scripture says so. He also calls the races, ‘UNCLEAN’. How could they be created good, yet be unclean?

The truth is God created Adamic White Man and filled him with Spirit. The other races are human mules. A mixture, an adulteration, a bastardization, an unclean altered desecration of God’s creation. Brute beasts to be taken and destroyed.

Remember the first law of God. Everything after it’s own kind. If you are a race-mixer, repent or be damned. If you co-habit or congregate with unclean animal/demon hybrids, then repent. Come out from among them and touch not the unclean, and God will receive you (2 Corinthians 6:17).