The Difference Between Whites and Aryans

Make no mistake, there is an enormous chasm set between whites and Aryans. To be sure, the terms are not synonymous. One is of the night, and the other is of the day. One lives conquered, while the other is free. Let’s begin with what a “white” person truly is in our postmodern age.

Whites look away when their people are abased before the world. The white man lives by way of fear. At his very best, he can only talk tough while being the victim of his own fear. His religion is football, which he uses to numb his conscience. Manhood to the white man means he can drink beer, scratch his nuts in the open, watch sports, and look over his shoulder before telling a “racist” joke. Duty to the white man means he works a 40 hour week, pays his taxes to the serpentine jews, and teaches his 1.5 children how to be as inwardly dead and bankrupt as he is. There is no intensity within him. His life is abyssal and empty, there is nothing to live for and even less to die for. His life is a puff of wind that passes and is no more.

The white man is prone to tell you the comedic myth of black people and niggers. Blacks can hold down a job, he explains, and niggers just loot. He wouldn’t mind letting his beautiful daughters marry an educated black man, but to marry a nigger would be unthinkable. Furthermore, he wouldn’t mind living next door to an employed black man, but living next door to a gang banger who enviously lusts after his daughter would be unthinkable. The white man is patently unable to think along racial lines because he has been indoctrinated into the myth that race is only a social construct.

The white grandma and grandpa today are proud to tote their mongrel grandchildren in a shopping cart for the world to see. They love it when other white people smile and shower them with praises. Self-hating whites call this progress, but Aryans understand it as the greatest shame. The birth of a mongrel child is a familial infection by a foreign scion.

The white man has forgotten how to think naturally and numinously. His sense of right and wrong are filtered through his judeo-christian upbringing, which is itself foreign to his pure state. He thinks and acts like a coward because he is plugged into the ordinary life, which is upheld by the talmudic cabal who have no greater fear than the awakening of the inner (Aryan) beast that has become compassion-less through generations of racial humiliation.

This now brings me to the nature of the Aryan.

The Aryan, of course, is a different being altogether, a different species perhaps. The conscience of an Aryan is seared when he sees the abuse of his womenfolk and the wholesale slaughter of his people. He cannot look away and pretend this ancient genocide is an economic matter rather than a racial one. He sees through the myth of the ordinary life and understands that it is all an illusion. He knows that eventually it will be broken. He looks forward in eager expectation to the day. His ancestors still speak to his spirit, they still abide in his blood. He remains unmoved when beasts in the shape of men tell him that he belongs to a dying breed. In the end he knows that the numbers will not matter. They never have. All that matters is the profound intensity that he bears within his heart. It will be by this intensity that a new world will arise. It will be by this inward ferocity that the present order of things will be overturned. He does not fear what is coming nor does he fear his own death. Fear belongs only to the desperate.

The Aryan is forged in the fires and trials of life. He emerges from the white chrysalis, but is greater than it. He learns from his mistakes, and through years of profound study and application becomes more than just a white person. Participating in the ordinary life, and accepting its mundane ideals is unthinkable to the Aryan. In essence, he has “tuned out” and has emerged by way of an alchemical process as something both natural and numinous, mortal and immortal. Such a being is able to take his mind to lofty places and understand things that his mortally-minded folk cannot yet grasp. By seeing racially, his friendships and relationships become far more intense and meaningful. He understands that what happens in the physical world is a reflection of what happens in the unseen worlds.  He understands the ultimate in Aryan wisdom: the physical world is a symbol of something both profound and unseen.  He grasps that what happens in this world is carried with us forever.  Thus, every thought and deed is taken into consideration.

Most importantly, the Aryan does not fall into the trap of oneness. He understands most profoundly that distinction in race and individuality is the very source of meaning. All love and meaning dies in the impersonal. The jews, the anthithesis of “creation” itself, seek to destroy the world by destroying all borders and distinctions, racial, gender, social and religious.  As borders and distinctions are destroyed, life begins to lose meaning.  It is for this reason alone that many people are in the midst of depression and other mental illnesses.  Even modern spirituality reflects this dismal plunge into the abyss as people profess we are all one, claiming that when we die we merge into an impersonal oneness they call “God”. Don’t believe it. Race and truth are eternally bound together. The Aryan is a wholly individuated being that transcends vain spiritual and religious ideations. On these issues I could write volumes.

In closing a few words are in order about the word “Aryan”. Frankly, I don’t care what it meant in the past. Language is often a very nebulous thing. I use the word “Aryan” to describe truly noble white people, those who have not sold their birthright for 30 pieces of silver. It has no Buddhist or Vedic connotations in this article.