Marijuana in the Bible?

In the KJV and the Strong’s concordance, anyone can find the truth by researching the numbered words at Exodus 30:23: sweetH1314, calamusH7070.

At Exodus 30:23 one of the ingredients of the qodesh anointing oil is QANEH BOSEM, or kannabosm, kannabosem, or cannabis.

For the past several years this knowledge has been held back from most people, but before the social stigma put on “pot”, it was simply another plant, and used medicinally for thousands of years.

Governments have made it illegal, although the first person to die from abusing it seems to elude them.

People have died from defoliating chemicals (like paraquat) the government sprayed on the plants beginning in the 1960’s, so their deaths are on the government.

Apparently the plant (created by YHWH/God) contains healing properties in its oils, and is a source for a highly durable fiber for clothing, rope, and paper. Its rapid growth and ability to thrive was seen as a threat to key commercial industries. Therefore, rich jews and corporatists strong armed the government into making pot illegal to grow or possess.

Yet, in modern times, since governments have figured out how to regulate the growth and distribution of marijuana, many states have made it legal, and many more are considering legalization.

It seems that jews and greedy capitalists have found another way to make billions of dollars.

Hopefully, many people can enjoy the health benefits of this God-made plant now.