Black on White Violence is on the Rise

Whites are coming under increasing attack by animal/demon hybrids. These niggers are becoming more unpredictable and dangerous. Of course, the jew media doesn’t report these attacks very often.
My advice is to exercise your Second Amendment rights. Carry a concealed weapon. Niggers are dangerous animals and will kill you for no reason at all. You have a right to self-defense. If you are in fear for your life, you can use your weapon to protect yourself.
The police will still try to trap you on a murder charge, so don’t speak to them. If you have to kill a nigger to protect yourself, remain silent and contact an attorney.

A mob of nigger thugs threw a white man to the ground, pummeled him, and took off his pants, in this video taken outside Minnesota’s Target Field.

This video, which was posted to social media shows a white man sitting on a curb outside the stadium in downtown Minneapolis when two niggers approach the victim and one of them tries to grab something from him.

When the man jumps up to follow the thug, another primate throws a sucker punch in the victim’s direction.