Franklin Graham Rightly Criticizes Pete Buttigieg For trying to Redefine Christianity, But Graham Misrepresents It As Well

Evangelical preacher Franklin Graham has blasted South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg for his attempt to defend abortion and homosexuality as Christian positions.

Graham is right. Being a faggot like Buttigieg is not Christian.

Abortion is baby murder. It is very un-Christian.

Buttigieg is a sodomite despised by God.

However, Franklin Graham is not defending True Christianity. He is not speaking for God, but for his false religion known as “Judeo-Christianity” which is an apostate, paganized, judaized counterfeit to True Christianity.

True Christianity is Christian Identity, sometimes called Israel Identity.

Christian Identity maintains that the New Covenant was made exclusively with the same people the Old Covenant was made with; namely the Houses (families) of Israel and Judah. These Israelite people, who migrated through the Caucasus Mountains, are known as Caucasians today. None of these people are Jews. The Jews are descended from Kenites, Canaanites, Rephraim, and Edomites who were mixed into the Roman province of Judaea during the Hellenic period. These are Biblical, archaeological and historical facts.

A true Christian loves what God loves and hates what God hates.

God hates sodomites, baby-killers, false religions, AND Jews.

God loves those that love Him and keep His commandments. He has an exclusive covenant with one group of special people – the Adamic White Race.

We give credit to Graham for speaking out against evil. We only wish Graham would abandon his religion and follow the Way of God, through Jesus Christ, who came ONLY for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.