The “Church” Does Not Represent God

The ‘churches’ are apostate pagan temples filled with all races. They teach Judeo-Christianity which is NOT Christianity. They welcome mixed race couples and homosexuals. They teach a universalist doctrine and support the Jewish state of Israhell. They teach the traditions of men.

The steeple is a pagan sun pillar, the cross is the symbol of Tammuz, the fish a symbol of Dagon, and there are over 33,000 so-called Christian denominations, all with their own versions of the bible, paths to salvation, titles and names of some god they worship usually on the day of the sun god.

Nowhere in scripture does Yahweh God change or add the Church to the promises and covenants made to Israel.

The Congregation is not a building, or a building filled with people, especially a mixed race multitude and of homosexuals.

The congregation in the OT is the qahal.

The Hebrew word ‘qahal’ is used for a gathering of people.

The Assembly of Israel are those within the community (edah) who have consecrated themselves by keeping Yahweh’s decrees and are therefore made holy (set apart) by Yahweh.

The difference between the Assembly (qahal) and the community (edah) is based on an individual’s relationship with Yahweh. Those who remain faithful to Yahweh and His covenant are part of the Assembly (qahal-obedient body) of Israel. Those who are in the Assembly (qahal) of Israel, are also a part of the community (edah) of Israel, but not everyone in the community of Israel is part of the Assembly of Israel.


Today the State stands as the usurper of Christ’s Kingship, and the “churches” help the State to confuse the people (with false doctrine) and bring them into subjection. ​​ Most “churches” are 501-C3, a tax exempt code. They follow guidelines established by our government, which is controlled by our enemies. Our enemies have fooled us into believing that the Jews are Israel, that Jesus is a Jew, that Judaism is Christianity, and that we are “Gentiles”. All “church” doctrine is a lie and can be proven so by scriptural doctrine (and this website).

The “churches” today are propaganda brain washing factories.

The “church”, as in any, or all the denominations today, or the buildings with people in them, is NOT the same as the ECCLESIA (NT), or the QAHAL (OT).

The “church” does NOT take the place of Jacob’s children. The covenants and promises made to Jacob’s children were NOT extended to anyone outside the race or nations of Jacob.

The word “church” has been added to replace the true words and meanings of the body of the Anointed.

Few people today know why the word “church” was used in the King James Bible instead of the word “assembly” or “congregation.” History clearly recorded that when King James authorized the translation of the Bible in 1611, he made 15 rules which the translators were bound to follow in making the translation. One of them was to use the word “church” instead of ECCLESIA.

King James was bi-sexual. His editor was a Rosecrucian Freemason queer scorcerer.

There are over 24,000 errors in the KJperVersion.

The Greek word ‘ECCLESIA’ is translated from the Hebrew word ‘QAHAL’.

We will see that the meaning is still the same in the NT as in the OT. Thebody. The obedient and called out body of Israelites.

When Abraham dedicated Isaac on the altar to Yahweh, Isaac’s seed was holy (set apart, dedicated) unto Yahweh. Isaac’s son Jacob and his descendants are the called out seed of Abraham. Only Jacob’s children can be the ‘called’, ‘saints’, ‘chosen’, ‘special’, ‘peculiar’, ‘known of Yahweh’.

The Jews are NOT Israelites. They are descendants of Cain and of Esau, Canaanites and Edomites.

The Israelites are descendants of Jacob. These would be the white nations of the world. True Anglo-Saxon Israel.

The synagogues were the same thing as today’s denominations. All of which are teaching doctrines other than scriptural doctrine. Organizations of chaos, deception, false doctrine, lies and propaganda.

Yahshua Christ called the synagogues ‘their synagogues’.

Christ referred to ‘their synagogues’ in a negative way in eachverse.

The Master Yahshua taught His doctrine in ‘their synagogues’. Correcting them.

It is evident that ‘their synagogues’ were not His synagogues nor did they teach His Word in them. Very much like today’s synagogues and “churches”.

The word church (kuriakos) does not appear in scripture except in 2 places. 1Cor 11:20 and Rev 1:10, and refers to ‘the Lord’s supper’.

Churches are Businesses. Can you say 501-C3?

The Church is not the Bride either.