50 Bible Proofs That All of God’s People Will be Saved!

God had a plan, before the world existed, to send His Sons of God into the earth in flesh bodies. And through the cycles of birth and death, they would learn obedience, and be perfected by their sufferings (Imagine the egos of a bunch of godlings that had never been humbled and taught humility by experience). Our Brother Jesus/Yahshua came ONLY for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. He came to save HIS PEOPLE from their sins. His people are the ones who migrated through the Caucasus Mountains and became known as Caucasians (Jews are not Israel, but are Edomites, Imposters, and Identity Thieves).

The Bible tells of this plan, in the Book of the Race of Adam and Jesus Christ (Genesis 5:1 & Matthew 1:1).

Here are 50 Bible verses proving that God will eventually save ALL of His People. Note that the ALL doesn’t apply to mongrels, jews, and other races. The Bible was written by, to, for, and about the White Race alone – God’s People, and ALL will be saved.

1) 1Tim 2:4 God will have ALL to be saved.
2) 1Tim 2:4 God desires ALL to come to the knowledge of truth.
3) 1Tim 2:6 Salvation of ALL is testified in due time.
4) Jn 12:47 Jesus came to save ALL His People.
5) Eph 1:11 God works ALL after the counsel of His will.
6) Jn 12:32 Jesus will draw ALL men unto Himself.
7) Rm 5:15-21 In Adam ALL condemned, in Christ ALL live.
8) 1Cor 15:22 In Adam ALL die, in Christ ALL live.
9) Eph 1:10 All come into Him at the fulness of times.
10) 1 Cor 12:3 Cannot confess except by Holy Spirit.
11) Rm 11:26 All Israel will be saved.
12) Luke 2:10 Jesus will be joy to ALL people.
13) Heb 8:11,12 All will know God.
14) Rm 8:19-21 Creation set at liberty.
15) Col 1:20 All reconciled unto God.
16) Jms 5:11 End of the Lord is full of mercy.
17) Rm 11:32 All subject to unbelief, mercy on ALL.
18) Rm 11:36 All out of, through, and into Him.
19) 1Cor 15:28 God will be ALL in ALL.
20) Jn 5:25 All dead who hear will live.
21) Jn 5:28 All in the grave will hear & come forth.
22) 1 Cor 3:15 All saved, so as by fire.
23) Rm 11:15 Reconciliation of the world.
24) Heb 1:2 Jesus is Heir of ALL things.
25) Jn 17:2 Jesus gives eternal life to ALL that His Father gave Him.
26) 1 Tim 4:9-11 Jesus is Savior of ALL!
27) Heb. 7:25 Jesus is able to save to the uttermost.
28) 1Cor 15:26 Last enemy, death, will be destroyed.
29) Is 46:10 God will do ALL His pleasure.
30) Dan 4:35 God’s will done in heaven and earth.
31) Ps 90:3 God turns man to destruction, then says return.
32) Deut 32:39 He kills and makes alive.
33) Ps 33:15 God fashions ALL hearts.
34) Prv 16:9 Man devises, God directs his steps.
35) Prv 19:21 Man devises, but God’s counsel stands.
36) La 3:31,32 God will not cast off forever.
37) Is 45:23 All descendants of Israel justified.
38) Ps 65:2-4 All flesh will come to God.
39) Jer 32:17 Nothing is too difficult for Him
40) Ps 22:27 All ends of the earth will turn to Him.
41) Ps 22:27 All families will worship before Him.
42) Ps 145:9 He is good to ALL.
43) Ps 145:9 His mercies are over ALL his works.
44) Ps 145:14 He raises ALL who fall.
45) Jer 32:35 Never entered His mind to eternally torture his children with fire.
46) Jn 6:44 No one can come to Him unless He draws them.
47) Jn 12:32 I will draw ALL mankind unto Myself.
48) Ps 135:6 God does what pleases Him.
49) 1 Peter 2:9 You are a chosen race.
50) Rm 8:29 For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.