Why America Should Bomb Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL: Open Hatred of Whites on Display

Scores of black residents of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, lined up to scream and shout their hatred of whites at the Birmingham City Hall this week during a council meeting meant to discuss development projects in the 80 percent nonwhite city.

One after the other, blacks spoke in the council chamber against the idea of allowing any whites “back” into the city, saying that this would “destroy everything that was fought for in the 1960s.”

Saddest Day

As reported on the AL.com website—the digital portal for the Alabama Media Group which runs newspapers across that state—many of the comments made by the blacks were “so slanderous and inflammatory” that they dare not be repeated by the media.

Shocked AL.com journalist—and apparent liberal—John Archibald described it as “Birmingham’s saddest day,” saying that he had never seen anything like it in his life before.

I’ve never seen anything like this.

I’ve covered hurricanes and tornadoes that took whole families and neighborhoods. I’ve covered murders and bombings and South American soccer games. But nothing really like this.

I’ve seen a mayor walk the street in shackles. I’ve watched mayors and governors hauled to jail. I’ve covered peaceful protests and riots. I’ve seen families mourn the deaths of their innocents, and guilty men die in the electric chair.

But I’ve seen nothing quite like the events in Birmingham City Hall this week. Nothing that reached into my heart to snatch the shreds of hope that hide there. Nothing that took my words, and left me with only sadness.

I barely know what to say. Or how to say it.

For what took place in the council chambers, at a Thursday town hall to discuss proposed changes to the Birmingham Mayor/Council Act could not be blamed on the mayor, or the council. It is not as simple as a power play nor as easy to define as greed. Or politics. Or business as usual.

Resident after resident stood to complain — loudly.

Not so much about the rift between the mayor and council.

Not much about the failure of schools to give Birmingham students an adequate shot at success in the wide world.

Not about increasing violence and crime in a city that is historically high in those things.

The complaint was about white people. That development in the city put Birmingham in danger of drawing more of them.

“White supremacists run Birmingham because gentrification runs Birmingham,” one speaker said, adding that Mayor Bell is the “puppet” of white people.

Another argued that Birmingham suffers when neighborhoods like Avondale boom. Birmingham should not be allowed to gentrify, she said.

Another came right out and warned that if development continues a white mayor will be elected, and everything fought for in the 1960s will be for naught.

The US Census Bureau says that whites make up 20.1 percent of Birmingham’s population. As a result, the city has collapsed like every other black city center in America, both economically and socially.

According to citydata.com, some 24.7 percent of residents subsist on an income below the federally mandated poverty level, and of that, some 12.1 percent have an income less than half of the poverty level.

In September 2015, Birmingham took the fifth spot in violent crime, property crime, and overall crime among large cities, according to statistics released by the FBI in the annual report, Crime in the United States.

With a population of 212,115, Birmingham’s homicide rate ranked 7th among cities with populations of more than 100,000, beaten by six other majority nonwhite cities: St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Jackson, Baltimore, and Newark.

Birmingham’s violent crime rate runs at 1,483 per 100,000 residents, something which the FBI attributed to its “drug trade and its high poverty rate.”

According to a study released by the Neighborhood Scout data analysis company, which produces research revealing the one hundred most dangerous cities in America with 25,000 or more people, Birmingham ranked number twenty on the list of America’s most dangerous cities.

“With a crime rate of 85 per one thousand residents, Birmingham has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes — from the smallest towns to the very largest cities,” Neighborhood Scout said.

Birmingham residents have a 1 in 66 chance of being a victim of a violent crime, a 1 in 14 chance of being a victim of a property crime, and a 1 in 205 chance of having their car stolen.

Given all these facts, it seems incredible that any whites would even want to live in that city, but, it seems, even a tiny handful who seek to take advantage of the low average house prices there ($59,800, according to Zillow.com) are unwelcome.

The greatest irony of the vicious anti-white outburst in the Birmingham City Hall this week is not the fact that the residents publicly expressed their hatred of whites.

Rather, it lies in the fact that their anti-white outbursts have for the greatest part been blacked out by the controlled media as if it did not happen.

Contrast this with what would have happened had a white-filled town hall meeting anywhere in America engaged in such rhetoric against blacks.

The press would then broadcast day and night about “white racism”—showing once again the institutional anti-white nature of the controlled media.