What is God’s Real Name?

What is God’s name? Does it really matter what we call Him? What about Jesus? Is there a sacred name? If so, what is it?

I think it’s time to address this. You can ask ten different ‘experts’ and get as many answers and explanations.

So-called ‘men of God’ are so smart, ‘holy’, and adamant about this, that they will part company with you for choosing an “e” over an “a”. As if we weren’t divided enough already, we now must argue over the vowels in the english alphabet, when we all know that the Bible was NOT written in English.

Most agree that God’s name was originally written as a “tetragrammaton” which is transliterated into English as either YHWH or YHVH. The original Paleo-Hebrew or Phoenician which appeared in the earliest manuscripts looked like the graphic at the top of the page, or like this:

The original language read from right to left, and the equivalent in English is YHVH OR YHWH. The controversy over the “V” and “W” arises over a type-setting error. At one time, the letter “V” looked more like the letter “U”, and made a “Uh” or “Oo” sound.

An error occurred in printing, and the “V” (that once looked like “U”) accidentally became “V V” – “VV” – or “W”. You see? Two “V’s” side-by-side look like a “W”. Notice it is called a “double U” and not a “double V”. So, if we are going to be both phonetically AND visually correct, we should write the tetragrammaton thusly, “YHUH”.

The Jews began inventing “modern Hebrew” with “vowel-pointing” in the First Century, and finished their Masoretic text (which most all Bible versions use) around 1,000 A.D. They did this to corrupt the Scriptures and fool us “goyim”.

So, the tetragrammaton in “modern-hebrew” looks like this:

But, the sneaky-snake Jews took it upon themselves to remove God’s name from the their Bible and replace it with the title of “LORD”. The false god, Baal is also called by this title. And, the Apostle Paul tells us there are “many” so-called lords and gods (1 Corinthians 8:5).

Some argue that it’s wrong to use the teragrammaton because it appears in Pagan writings.

Some argue that the tetragrammaton is just an ancient word for “I AM”.

Some claim you are an evil idiot for using it, and some claim the same thing if you don’t.

The tetragrammaton had no vowels, leaving us to figure out which ones to add, which gave us something else to fight about. So, now we have differing names for God. If you pick the wrong one, your “brother or sister” might “unfriend” you.

The ones I’m aware of are: YAHWAH, YAHUWAH, YAHUAH, YAHWEH, and YAHVEH. Remember the name “Jehovah”? That’s another problem.

When it comes to Jesus’ name, it gets even trickier.

Jesus means, “YHVH saves”, so adding another word to it really complicates things. Some say Jesus’ real name was Joshua. Some say Yeshua. Others still say: Yahshua, Yahushua, Yahusua, or Yawasua. There are even arguments over the differences between “SHUA” and “SUA”.

As for the names “Jesus” and “Jehovah”. The letter “J” is less than 300 years old, so we know that can’t be correct. Sorry to break the news to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but they are really YHVH/YHWH Witnesses.

Have I lost you yet? Are you getting tired of this? Do you see my point?

The enemies of our God would love for us to break fellowship over this. They want us to split hairs and fight amongst ourselves. What’s more, they would love to give up altogether and just call our Father, “Lord or God”.

Obviously His name is important or the demonic Jews wouldn’t have bothered to remove it from the Old Testament.

So what’s the answer? What does our Heavenly Father want? What does He require?

The same as with everything else in life. He wants you to seek Him and study to show yourself approved, and do your best. He wants you to love Him with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself, which is hard to do when you’re hating each other over consonants and vowels!

Father God requires us to do the best we can with what knowledge we have. No less – no more.

Study this subject for yourself and come to an understanding that you are convinced is correct. If you learn differently in a few years, change accordingly. That’s what I do. That’s all I know to do. It’s really all we can do, right?

I’m personally not comfortable with using a generic term to reference my Heavenly Father. When I speak to Him, I usually call Him “Father”. In conversation I may refer to Him as “God” because it is familiar. But, if there is any question as to WHO we are speaking about, I want everyone to know that there is only ONE Original, Almighty, Ever-Living, I AM, and His glory will not go to a devil or a false god.

When communicating with those who are sensitive to their particular collection of consonants and vowels, I try to use their preferred version, but I’m not going to walk on eggshells constantly afraid to open my mouth. Sometimes folks just have to exercise the fruits of the Spirit, and accept me for who I am. If our Father loves me, then how dare you cast me aside over a couple of letters in the alphabet?!

So, in closing, I’m not going to side-step any more. I have studied this subject as thoroughly as anyone else that I know. And, it is my understanding that YHVH is correct, and the pronunciation is correctly applied by saying, “YAHUWAH”. If you are still confused on the “V” and “W”, go back and read the first of this writing.

As for Jesus, I prefer “Yahshua”, but “Jesus” is okay, too. The fact that the commies and Jews hate the name of Jesus and are trying to wipe it out of existence, is proof enough for me that it is a wonderful name.

So, do your best, and you brothers who hate me for using “A” instead of “E”, you need to grow the hell up!