Are You Dissatisfied?

How many times have you thought to yourself or heard others say, “If only I had more money, my life would be happier”?

I’ve known folks who acquired more money and then said, “If only I had more time to enjoy my money”.

IF ONLY … IF ONLY … IF ONLY! Each “if only” generates another “if only.”
“If only I could find my soulmate, life would work.”
“If only my lover gave me more attention, I wouldn’t be frustrated.”
“If only I could lose some weight, I’d feel good about myself.”
“If only I could get that promotion, my career would get going.”
“If only the stock market would go higher, I could think about retiring.”

“If onlies” are about ME, ME, ME! What I want, so I can feel better and avoid pain. But they generate anxiety. And when we feel anxiety, we seek out “AVOIDS”–places to hide such as, overeating, drinking, drugs, working excessive hours, or watching too much TV. The more we buy into our “if only” viewpoints, the worse it gets, because this mind-set generates negative mental programming.

We need to WAKE UP. Instead of trying to get something, we need to get rid of something. Spiritual enlightenment is an absence–an absence of “if onlies” and all the other fear-based programming from dependencies and addictions to jealousy, greed, envy, blame, resentment, repression and prejudice … and the list goes on and on.

Become an OBSERVER of your thoughts. Catch yourself the next time your “if-only” tape starts to play. If it’s your standard soap opera, remind yourself of the negative programming and GET OFF IT.

Any time you are upset, pouting, angry, etc. it is because of your thoughts, and because your desires are in conflict with “what is”.

When things are not the way you want them to be, you have two choices: change it or accept it.

Changing it requires action. Accepting it does, too.

When you feel disappointed, upset, sad, mad, jealous, or other negative emotions, stop and just thoroughly feel that emotion. Stop analyzing and just intensely feel that emotion. Be alone with it – without labeling or judging it. Be totally aware of it and feel it rush through you as much as possible. Pay close attention to it. Notice how and where it affects you. Soon you will feel it slowly start to dissipate. This is a simple but profound exercise that will help you alleviate future negative emotions. This is spiritual practice (it also helps with physical pain management).

It helps to know that thoughts create emotions, and emotions lead to actions.

We cannot always change undesirable circumstances, but we can change our thoughts and deal with our emotions.

Re-read this short article from time to time and ask YHWH to help you. If you are White, God loves you and wants to help you. If you don’t believe it, try Him and see.

YAHWAH bless you in the name of our Brother, Prince Yahwasua Anointed (The Lord Jesus Christ).