The Videos (((They))) Don’t Want You to See


The Greatest Story Never Told   is the true story of Adolf Hitler and what really happened in World War II. You can believe your Jewish textbooks and TV or you can receive a love for the truth, which is what God wants you to do.

Communism by the Back Door    chronicles the who, what, when, where, why of evil. Satan isn’t going to walk up to you dressed in red, with horns and say, “I’m Satan. I’m here to deceive you.” Communism is Judaism is Satanism. The most wicked things imaginable are disguised behind religion, politics, media, entertainment, etc. This info will blow your mind.

9/11 Missing Links     is the very best video on the subject. This is the most important 9/11 video, and one of the most important videos you will ever watch in your life. Are you tired of all the goofy conspiracy theories surrounding this event? This will settle it once and for all. SPOILER ALERT! The Jews did 9/11. This video proves it conclusively.

Marty Leeds  is a truth-seeker. I’ve watched him learn and grow over the years from a distance. He still doesn’t have Christ figured out, but he will get there. He has some great ‘red-pill’ videos on his site pertaining to: Pizzagate, NASA, Flat Earth, and the Jews. Check ’em out.

The Hidden Hand    is a good video exposing the Serpent Seed.

Truth From God    This website has many anointed messages about YAHWAH (God), Yahwahsua (Jesus), and the Eloheem (God’s family). This is rare truth. Don’t expect your lying pastor to know this stuff.