The Cops are NOT Your Friends

The police are the most immediate and local extension of Federal tyranny into our families and small communities. Yet they should be a secondary emergency response, beyond our families and local communities, to serve and protect us according to righteousness. We have shifted our concept of the police so drastically that it is comparable to viewing poison as a helpful antidote.  In an old emergency we and our communities were self-sufficient enough to handle our own affairs; we rarely thought of “calling the authorities”. But today it is used against you if you don’t call the cops right away in an emergency; trying to work out your own emergencies is suspicious if not criminal. (See the Hannah Overton case in which the jury admitted the mother intended no harm to her son, but the judge found her guilty of a “failure to act”.)

As the wicked federal government continually trashes the Constitution by legislating  intrusive and disenfranchising statue laws that steal our freedoms and finances, we are sure that our local cops are the first to eagerly enforce them.  As we long for the day when the town Sheriff would assist us in running out city invaders, we are disgusted at their efforts today to squelch our criticism of our invaders as “racist” and perhaps even to investigate us for hate crimes. Our nostalgia for the yonder years when the town’s single deputy was helpful and pleasant is surpassed by our mistrust and disdain toward the myriad patrols of officers who are ready to issue us a $200 citation for driving 10 miles over the speed limit on our way to church. This is because cops have willfully traded public service for revenue-collection, Constitutional obedience for order-taking, subsidiarity for Centralism.

When homeschooling and spanking is made illegal, vaccinations mandatory, and traditional ways of self-preservation ruled insurrectional, your local law enforcement officer will be at your door step. The only thing more certain is that your pastor will comply rather than decry.

One wonders to what extent these cops will continue to enforce unconstitutional laws on the very people who guarantee the Constitution and pay their salaries. At what point will their principles collide with their pervasive order-taking spirit? Do they have principles?

Don’t interpret this article as a rejection of local authority. We will need nothing less than a revival of principle and renewal of oath in these men– even though such itself will be seen as rebellion. We will need their skills, knowledge, and tools. Together we must tear down before we build up. We need our local cops to love their families, their communities, their Constitution more than they love their bosses, bylaws, even jobs. Only then will they be performing their duty to protect and to serve. Only then will they be police officers.

Until then we’re taught immediate and unreserved obedience to cops, for they are here to help. But in reality they are intruding and ruining our lives. Until they decide to truly help, we cannot call them friends.

Remember, you have the right to remain silent. Use it. The whole time you are interacting with a cop, he is trying to find something to use against you.

Simply tell them, “I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY”. Five simple words that could save you a lot of money and grief.

At some point, the officer will have to let you go or take you in and provide you with an attorney (something he won’t do unless he’s found something seriously illegal).

If the cop gets pissed and abuses you, spend your children’s last dollar of inheritance hiring lawyers to sue the sonovabitch.

As long as we continue to back down, the Zionist Occupied Government will continue to become more tyrannical and oppressive.