The Jew & Money

Scripture says, “The love of money is the root of ALL evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).

When one learns the truths of history, government, Scripture, and spiritual knowledge as it relates to the physical realm, one can see that the ages-long battle between good and evil is being fought by YHVH and His people against the Devil and his angels, the jews (Rev. 12:9).

The root of ALL evil is satan’s progeny, the jew. The jew loves money above all else. Therefore, the word ‘jew’ and the phrase ‘love of money’ are interchangeable.

Satan and his angels were deported from YHVH’s Heavenly/spiritual realm after satan’s rebellion. Ol’ sneaky-snake and his accomplices (angels/demons) were cast out into the earth/physical plane, and now they dominate. This is their TEMPORARY domain.

They (satan, demons, jews) hate God and they hate God’s people, the Adamic/White race. They know that our Father created this earth plane for us to inhabit (Isaiah 45:18). So, they are aware of the fact that they will eventually get kicked out of here just as they were kicked out of Heaven – only this time they will be burned-up and eradicated (Obadiah).

Therefore, the plan of satan & the jews is to eliminate the mention and memory of YHVH and Christ from the earth, and exterminate the White race because, as they’ve admitted, they want a world of their own.

“Money makes the world go around,” they say. Whoever creates money controls it.

The jews have created and controlled money for centuries.

In 1694 the Bank of England was established. It’s shareholders were jews who represented the practice and continuity of jewish money lending (usury).

By 1815, with the Battle of Waterloo, the jewish Rothschild family gained total control.

It was the original Federal Reserve. Same jewish proprietorship, same swindle. Most all central banks today are safely in jewish hands.

This Hidden Hand exploited White ingenuity and parasitically and deceptively guided the world as it became more capitalized, corporatized, and industrialized.

They knew that such a world would bring them enormous profits by their scheme of government fiat money.

They knew that bullion and private bank money were not enough. Such an expanding economy needed more money to survive on than just commodity money or local currency.

Other people didn’t know this and most people still do not know this secret of successful money. But the jews know it and do everything in their power to promote unsuccessful commodity money. This is why they love the jewish-inspired Austrian School which promotes private bank money which ultimately ends up in jewish hands.

As one jew said, speaking about compound interest, “Those who understand it, acquire it. Those who don’t, pay it”.

The jews pretended their Bank of England money was all backed by gold…when actually it was predominantly fiat. People bought it.

The jews soon learned they could buy politicians with the money they created and then blame governments for the evils they were committing (Remember the bank bailouts under Bush and Obama?). This way they make sure that people will hate government instead of the jews and won’t let it regulate their banking crimes.

Jew Banksters bribe parliaments, governmet officials, and world leaders—either through share distribution or other means—into borrowing the fiat money they create at interest…money that the government could have created itself for nothing.

Since the invention of coined money by governments in 600 BC all governments have had the sovereign power to create their own money debt free. Along with the right to tax and make war, debt-free money creation is the most fundamental sovereign right of any nation.

The secret is to pretend the government issues money instead of them. It’s really impossible because the government can’t issue money and then have debt to itself.

Most people still think the government prints our money because the US name is on it and it says ‘federal.’

Now you understand why America is constantly involved in endless wars, to run up huge debts with lots of interest (of course there are other benefits of war, such as; wiping out Israel’s enemies, taking over economies [more money], profits for war contractors/corporations [more money], gaining access to oil supply [more money], and much more).

And by expanding and contracting credit they run up the peoples’ debt. Your mortgage and credit card makes you a slave to jewish bankers.

In 1913 the jews bribed US officials to set up the Federal Reserve to borrow fiat money from them…which we could have created ourselves for nothing. It’s the biggest scam on earth.Immediately thereafter, they created the IRS and our entry into WW1 to enslave us with debt…and a tyrannical collection agency.

America is a conquered nation. Jews are the victors. We constantly do evil for the jews.

We destroyed Iraq for jewry’s plan for a Greater Israel. We’re trying to topple Syria. Our leaders have toppled Qaddaffi, and desperately want war with North Korea and Iran. And, we’ve made Vladimir Putin, a builder of White Christian revival in Russia, our enemy…ALL for the jews.

How do we get out of this enslavement? Massive monetary reform. Without it, nothing else matters. There’s only one way. Do what the jews most want us not to do, what they fear most: Taking back money creation by our national governments. Jews must be taken out of government, banking, media, and ALL positions of power and influence. Even then, they will slither their way back if not contained, controlled, or eradicated.

It won’t be easy. The jews already gathered the world’s armies to destroy Hitler and Christian Germany simply for controlling their own money and creating one of the greatest economies in history. Any time a country wants to nationalize it’s resources, the jew-dominated media brands them as evil and the jew Powers That Be sends American troops to bomb them.

Jews don’t work like normal people. They are parasites. While you are working, the jew is filming pornography, acting, playing music, doing stand-up comedy, or trying to invent a new way to steal the money you are earning. The jew knows that if we figure out their scam, we will no longer need their taxing and enslaving usury. This is why all is done by stealth. Henry Ford is quoted as saying, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

I don’t mind the jew having the money. But I wish they would acquire it by means that doesn’t harm my people – the White race. Christians, myself included, should not borrow money from them.

“He lends at interest and takes a profit. Will such a man live? He will not! Because he has done all these detestable things, he is to be put to death; his blood will be on his own head” (Ezekiel 18:13).

That’s what God thinks of those who profit from others’ labor. Muslims also are taught to avoid usury. They are more obedient than Christians. This is one reason the jews want to take over the Middle East, to force their scam on all of them (their genetic cousins). I could care less about what jews do to arabs or muslims, but their injustices against God’s people (Whites) cannot continue.

So, what started as an article on jews and money has turned into a rant, so I’ll end here. Just remember, don’t be like jews. Don’t love the things of the world. Avoid materialism and consumerism. Read my article entitled “Contentment & Consumerism”.

The jews worship money (and Lucifer). They have their reward. What they have is superficial, and temporary. We White folk are told by Christ to not store up treasures on earth, but store treasures in Heaven. Our treasures are love, peace, knowledge, understanding, and the blessings of Yahweh’s covenants and promises. We house His Spirit within us. We will spend eternity with our Father when His Kingsom comes to this earth.

As for the devil and his angels, the jews – they will be made to worship at our feet. They will be destroyed by our God, Who is a consuming fire. They will be erased from histories memory forever. They are accursed, and may their money perish with them.