Jewish Death Wish

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

Kikes want to get kinky.

Throughout much of their history over and over again, and certainly in the modern era, Jews observably proceed along an atavistic quest for self-immolation. So often and repeatedly have they achieved and reveled in a sense of martyrdom and collective victimhood that suffering and being oppressed has become their cultural identity. The eternal Jew is the eternal victim. They profit from it financially, politically, and emotionally. Holocaust reparations. AIPAC. Aid to Israel. Immunity from criticism. Guilt-free rhinoplasty.

The deepest Id of the inner Yid may be an attention-seeking yenta dragging a dull knife over her wrists the wrong way, forever. It’s a set of uncoordinated instinctual trends they carry which are just as powerful as their super-ego group adaptive survival strategy of purposefully undermining the homogeneity of every host country they parasitically infest in order to avoid being completely pogromed after being identified as the ‘other’. Their lust is only to be choked until things get a little blurry around the edges, not all the way out. To Jews, a profitable level of Anti-Semitism hurts so good.

Jews promote and indulge in literature and movies about their own suffering, torture, and death with the same breathless excitement and arousal with which other perverts promote snuff films or BDSM videos. In fact, the Jewish worldview is deeply masochistic. This might explain the fetishistic attraction that Jewish females have for being dominated by White men. Richard Spencer and Ashkenazi reporter girls, for example, although it isn’t limited just to their women, unfortunately. (Ahem, Jake Tapper.)

The Jews are doing it again. Killing themselves. Provoking a real Holocaust, after their mythical one has given us so many good ideas. They’re even aiding in accelerationism, whether they know it consciously, or not.

I mean, really, what holds the glorious multiracial empire together any more, at this point?

Not race. All of the Founding Fathers were White and stated explicitly that they were establishing the new nation to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their progeny, not the progeny of Asia or Africa or Mexico, and they passed immigration laws first thing which were explicitly White Nationalist. But today, of course, U.S. citizenship is certainly not defined by race. In fact, in clown world the government founded of, by, and for Whites is now openly anti-racist, except for when it comes to promoting and protecting Jews and Jewish interests. It’s safe-word democracy, goy.

Not religion. The U.S. was also founded on Christian principles, albeit weakened by Enlightenment poisons such as the myth of individualism, and our currency and seals still show lingering traces of this history, but today’s America has rejected and legislated against the values of traditional Christianity from homosexuality to abortion, at every turn.

Not politics, certainly. The United States is more divided than at any time since the last Civil War, and the polarization and division increases every day. There is no common ground left in the center for civil discourse, any more. Rather than being merely an ideological struggle, the conflict has grown beyond partisan rancor and is now recognizably existential in nature. Literally, as in, our very existence as a people is at stake, and so, honestly, is the existence of our enemies, because we can no longer co-exist in the same nation, nor do we wish to continue to do so. Those cuffs are velcro, by the way. They’ll come apart easy enough with a sharp yank.

The only thing that even somewhat holds us together any more is pop culture. It used to be that Americans could sublimate their instinctive natural tribal loyalties into either geographically or arbitrarily choosing a random sports team and fanatically cheering for them. We could come together in relatively good-natured rivalry over the big game, and blow off steam harmlessly through vicarious victories on the playing field. Not any more. Taking a knee and accusations of racism at every turn have politicized sports to the point of uneasiness. Thank you, Colin.

We used to be able to fill those awkward moments at work standing around with people from other races with common touchstones such as the latest movie or tv show we’ve seen, and laugh in fake camaraderie together before going about our tasks over last night’s show or the next blockbuster. Now (((they))) have politicized all of entertainment, too. Hollywood filmmakers and actors are saying that they will boycott Georgia over the new state law there hypothetically limiting abortions. Movies pushing multiracialism and faggotry are nothing new, but now the Jewish-controlled industry is advancing the politicization of entertainment into other issues beyond mere identity politics, eroding the common culture further. It’s really a trust issue.

Most Whites don’t want to argue or fuss about politics all day, every day, they want to be left alone. That’s all. They want to have a decent job for decent pay and for their kids to be safe and their wives happy. Sometimes they just want their mind-numbing entertainment without being attacked, berated, and assaulted with leftist propaganda at every turn. At some point, when it gets to be too much, they’ll stop buying movie tickets and escape the drama, even before they are really fed up and follow us to begin to fight back. They’ll tune out and turn off and turn their heads away from the white noise, and no longer listen to the liberal lies. Many of them already are, and are listening to us, instead.

In their usual chutzpah, the Jews miss the lesson of what has already happened to them over 109 times when they push too hard and get too shrill. Here in the Kwa, snipping the last few threads of pop culture which hold us together may help accelerate balkanization and lead to 110.

They’ve been very naughty, and will have to get spanked. This is going to hurt them a lot more than it will us.

Think of it as Fifty Shades of Lamp.