Truth for Memorial Day


(The following is an edited version of an article by M.S. King of followed by a piece from Billy Roper from the Shieldwall Network)

Memorial Day is a federally recognized holiday in the United States for remembering the men and women who died while serving in America’s armed forces. The holiday, which is observed on the last Monday of May, originated after the U.S. Civil War, in 1868 as Decoration Day.

Families of the Northern dead would decorate the graves of their kinfolk with flags and flowers. By 1900, competing Union and Confederate holiday traditions, celebrated on different days, had merged into a single Memorial Day, which was eventually extended to honor all Americans who died in military service.

Since World War II, the cliche of “thank our veterans for our freedom” was unofficially attached to the day. Of course, Americans haven’t died in defense of freedom since the complicated and nuanced Civil War — with northerners dying to remain free of the dangers of a Rothschild-divided America; and southerners dying for the right of state sovereignty.

So, this Memorial Day, with all due respect to the veterans, let us dispense with all this “thank you for our freedom” bullshit and declare a more historically accurate “gratitude” to the truly deserving parties.

1898: Thank you JEWS for the gift of the Spanish-American War in which 2,450 Americans were killed so that the New World Order could establish a presence in the Asian Pacific (Philippines & Guam).

1898-1913: Thank you JEWS for the gift of the Philippines War in which 4,200 American were killed so that the Filipinos, to whom you promised independence in exchange for rising up against Spain, could be kept under control.

1900-1901: Thank you JEWS for the Boxer Rebellion in which 131 Americans were killed so that the Chinese could be kept in line.

1917-1918: Thank you JEWS for World War I in which 120,000 Americans were killed so that the first steps of world government could be taken in Europe (League of Nations) and Palestine could be stolen from the Turks and their Arab subjects.

1941-1945: Thank you JEWS for World War II in which 410,000 Americans were killed so that Germany and Japan could be enslaved to the New World Order, and Britain eventually forced to turn over most of Palestine to the Jews.

1950-1953: Thank you JEWS for the Korean War in which 36,000 Americans were killed in a rigged no-win war designed to maintain a permanent trip-wire between the two Koreas.

1965-1975: Thank you JEWS for the Vietnam War in which 58,000 Americans were killed in another rigged no-win war designed to drain and destabilize America.

1982-1984: Thank you JEWS for the Beirut Deployment in which 266 Americans were killed in a false-flag attack staged by Israel and blamed on “terrorists.”

1990-1991: Thank you JEWS for the Gulf War in which 300 Americans were killed so that the rising power of politically independent Iraq could be weakened.

2001-2019: Thank you JEWS for the War on Terror in which over 7,000 Americans were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq as part of a multi-trillion dollar farce kicked-off after the false-flag terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

The American military, which is totally owned and controlled by Israel to do (((their))) bidding, has devastated Syria and destabilized Somalia, and Libya. And, at this very hour, the JEWS are trying their best to have Americans attack Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran.

The best way to honor our fallen military people is to educate all Americans and all White Christians worldwide to the reality of the evil known as international jewry.

As long as one stinking demon-seed jew is allowed to live and breathe upon this earth, there will be death, war, destruction, chaos, and pure evil. The jews’ existence is a danger to us all. If we Whites work together to open our brothers and sisters’ eyes to the truth of the Jew World Order, then hopefully soon, we can eradicate these vermin and establish the Government of God on Earth.

Memorial Day for America

by Billy Roper

Coordinator, ShieldWall Network

This weekend, for many who have no knowledge of what the holiday is about, is only an excuse to take another day off of work and drink too much, along with backyard barbecues and something vaguely pseudo-patriotic. Most of them can’t find Iran on a globe, but would cheer for a war with the country, regardless of justification. In reality, Memorial Day is a holiday of death, death by the hundreds of thousands, in the bloody internal conflict of the 1860’s which developed from a political climate much like that which we have today.

America, like all the dead soldiers being honored this weekend, has been killed by multiculturalism. The holiday is now as much about the passing of what the country was created to be, as those who died wearing its uniform. The United States was kidnapped, turned out, and strangled to death by its Jewish pimps.

In this new article in The Atlantic titled ‘The End Of The American Century’, a discussion of what transpired during the Yugoslavian Civil War of the 1990’s foreshadows the future of the United States, and how a country born in bloody civil war in the 1770’s will end the same way.

In the following passage, substitute “Black” for “Muslim” and “White” for “Serb”, and let your imagination picture America a decade from now:

December 1992

It was very cold but there was not yet snow on the ground. The refugee camp was in a barracks town called Karlovac, an hour outside Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Three thousand Bosnian Muslims, mostly men, lived in two concrete buildings. The Bosnians were sleeping in metal bunk beds stacked three high on concrete floors, with clothing draped from the bed frames. In the musty air they waited and waited for word of a new home in another country. The internationals wanted them to return someday to Bosnia, but the men had no such desire.

Holbrooke, who was in the Balkans on behalf of the International Rescue Committee, a refugee organization with a board of prominent men and women, including him, leaned forward with his hands behind his back and stood listening to a young man in a group sprawled on the bunks. He was a baker from Prijedor, a small town in northern Bosnia. The town had been majority Muslim until war broke out in the spring. Then Bosnian Serb paramilitaries came to Prijedor—and to Zvornik, Bijeljina, Omarska, Orašac, Bišćani, Sanski Most, and other towns. Following careful plans, the gunmen would surround a town, block the exits, and go house to house while local Serbs pointed out the Muslim and, in fewer cases, Croat families. The paramilitaries would send the residents out into the street, then loot and destroy the houses. Women, children, and old people were driven out of town and forced to make their way to the relative safety of Croatia. Men were separated into groups. Those whose names appeared on lists of local notables were taken away and never seen again.

The others were sent to concentration camps, where they were starved and made to live in their own filth. The gunmen tormented their prisoners with tales of wives raped and children murdered. They ordered them to perform sexual acts on one another. They forced them to dig mass graves and fill them with the corpses of their friends, their kin. In some towns the paramilitaries were less discriminating and killed every last Muslim. But the goal was everywhere the same: to make the place purely Serb, to render it impossible for Bosnia’s different groups to live together ever again.

When the gunmen came to Prijedor, the baker hid in the woods and watched the Serbs destroy his house. His neighbors—whom he’d known for years and considered friends—found him and turned him over to the paramilitaries. The neighbors did this without remorse. It was the first sign of hatred that the baker had ever seen in them, and the suddenness of it stunned him. When Holbrooke asked why the Serbs had done these things, the baker said simply, “I don’t know.” He was lucky to be a baker and not a notable. He was taken to the concentration camp at Manjača, from which he escaped across the border to Croatia, where he became one of the war’s 2 million refugees.

All of this was called by an ugly euphemism that reflected the thinking of the perpetrators: ethnic cleansing. On an earlier trip to Bosnia, in August, Holbrooke had seen its immediate aftermath: the destroyed houses of Muslims alongside a lonely intact Serb house, the wrecked factories, the fields of rotting corn, the armed Serb bullies, the Muslims lined up to sign away all their property and then be crammed onto buses heading for Croatia. Now he was talking with the survivors.

There was a factory worker from Sanski Most whose Serb foreman came to his house one night in a group of uniformed and armed Serbs. They ordered him to leave the house, and then they blew it up, and the whole time the foreman avoided looking him in the eye. There was a man whose 70-year-old mother had been raped and was still trapped in Sanski Most. Could Holbrooke help get her out of Bosnia? There was an old man who had to drag himself across the bunks to show Holbrooke how the Serb guards had broken his leg. “These Serbs are so awful that they bring their little sons of 10 years old to the camps to watch them beat us,” the old man said.

“Not all the Serbs are so bad,” a younger man said. “But those who refused to participate were killed by the other Serbs right at the beginning.” …”

The article is worth reading in order to understand what happened during the Yugoslavian Civil War, as well as the effectiveness of Serbian tactics. Today, Serbia is a free and independent ethnostate. So is its former rival, Croatia. Both are roughly the size of Ozarkia, or Franklin in Appalachia.

Memorial Day is a holiday begun during the last American Civil War, to remember the soldiers who had died in the conflict. Although the last men to die for our freedom were wearing gray, there doubtless will be many more to come as things unravel and polarize further. The Atlantic author admits, after all, that our politics have become more and more like the Balkans. And Balkanization is coming.

The Balk Right sees it. Do you?

The ShieldWall Network is preparing. Are you?