A Message for Pagans

An Open Letter to Pagans
by David C. Tate

The subject I would like to address is one that has become an irritable thorn in my side in recent years. I would like to say before I begin that this article should not be taken as an attack against those members of movement branches which do not hold my views. But in the same sense, all should be aware that lies, half-truths, and misinformation about others are often considered attacks against them.

I am a WHITE CHRISTIAN SEPARATIST. Yet, in recent years, many have come to believe that I and the other members of The Order were all Odinists, pagans, or atheists. While a few members were Mythic Pagans, the greater number of the honorable and true comrades of The Holy Order of the Bruders Schweigen WERE Christian, ARE STILL Christian, and WILL CONTINUE TO BE Christian. This fact has not only been ignored in recent years, but has even been censored from some of the literature published by the more zealous pagan and atheist branches of the pro-White movement.

It is easy for me to understand why our Fold cannot agree with “JUDEO-Christianity” and its program of race-mixing and self-destruction. But it should also be clear to any who have studied history that Christianity as practiced by our ancestors was largely a militant, anti-Semitic (anti-Jewish), masculine religion that stood against the unnatural practice of race-mixing. Many pagan publications make it a point to never mention these facts of early Christianity, nor to define the difference between true Christianity and “modern” Jewdeo-churchianity. This is, to say the least, dishonorable. If there were no difference, my Christian Bruders of The Order and I would not now be in prison, having never joined any pro-White revolutionary group.

The Order held within its ranks representatives of the major pro-White movement branches. But by-and-large the membership was Christian; our Odinist counterparts will not dispute this. But in recent years, either due to the passage of time or purposeful omissions, this fact has become censored more and more by those movement branches who oppose Christianity in general.

One of the more blatant forms of censorship I have witnessed has been the deletion in some pagan publications of the banner which surrounds the medallion of The Order. This banner reads in Gaelic: “IS TUSA MO THUS CHATHA AGUS MO CHAISCE COGAIDH,” translated, “Ye be My battle axe and weapons of war.” This is a direct quote from Jeremiah 51:20 of the Bible, and the word “My” was in reference to the Christian God. There is no excuse for such censorship, the omission of this banner can be no “accident,” any more than leaving stripes out of the American flag, or stars out of the Confederate flag. It was an integral part of our medallion and agreed upon by all key members of the Bruders Schweigen.

Those pagans and atheists who prefer to be anti-Christian may be so, but not at my expense, and not at the expense of the Truth. It is time to be honest enough with your people to admit the Truth – whatever Truth it is – or is it that Truth is no longer what we Aryan Separatists stand for?

Robert Mathews may have been a “mythic pagan” and he had respect for the history and traditions of our Aryan ancestors, but he was not zealously anti-Christian either. Today, some picture him to be an “Odinist” in the “new” tradition of this belief, but it did not exist then as it does today. Robert Mathews is remembered by all of us who knew him as a natural racist who loved our Race, our Heritage, and ALL things Aryan. He had a respect for hardline “Identity” and knew that Christianity was the religion of the West (not East), and that Christianity was definitely NOT the religion of the Jews. Bob also loved many of the pagan myths and legends of our ancestors – note, “many,” not just Odinism.

The last conversation I had with Robert Mathews before his death and martyrdom was in a hotel room we shared when we last visited our “cell.” I brought up an idea I had to bring criminals to justice that the system refuses to punish and that would leave nothing more behind as “evidence” other than a few Bible verses tagged to their chest to teach all what the Bible really said on such matters; Bob loved the idea. [Examples: Racemixers got Leviticus 20:15-16/Deuteronomy 7:1-6/Numbers 25; queers got Leviticus 20:13; banksters got Ezekiel 18:13; etc.] Bob liked the idea because it taught the Scripture to the sheeple by object lesson (it warns the wicked).

I regularly hear pagans talk about how in history the “Christian Church” murdered pagans left and right in wholesale slaughter. These same so-called “Christians” were murdering and martyring TRUE CHRISTIANS left and right throughout the inquisitions. More Christians were murdered by those Satanic religious institutions than unwashed pagans. Fact: at times pagans were left untouched by “the church” when Christians were being burned at the stake; because pagans didn’t “believe” they were held unaccountable. BOTH pagan and Christian fell victim to the evils of “the church” and to the ruling paganism of Rome. Just because something is done in the name of Christianity does not mean that it is a “Christian” action.

Consider: if an “Odinist” abuses hard drugs, practices rape or homosexuality, strong-arms people of his own kind, keeps a Mexican girlfriend on the side and does other things not reflective of the Aryan genetic mind, is that SCUMBAG an Odinist just because he claims to be one? No more so would a so-called “Christian” doing such acts be Christian.

Over my years inside, one disturbing trend I have witnessed time and again is the hypocritical “conversion” of many to paganism or the “new traditions” because Christianity was “too strict.” This excuse has been used by dope-fiends and homosexuals who have such little knowledge about paganism that they don’t even realize that actual pagan organizations in the free world would not accept them as believers or members because of such activities. I have also watched men who were racial mongrels or race-mixers with mongrel children become “Odinists” because they believed they would be accepted among pagans. The pagans and agnostics I knew from the free world believed in the LAWS OF NATURE, and they had no love or acceptance of race-mixers, fags, dope-fiends, or muds. If it was unnatural, they were against it.

Back to “the church.” Historically, Gnosticism became the Roman Catholic Church with its priestcraft and oppression and its censorship of the Bible. The Catholic church was simply paganism calling itself Christianity. Let’s make it clear that the celebration of one’s Germanic, Celtic, Scythian, Scottish, European, or Viking heritage is a wonderful thing to engage in, especially when the Vikings, Germanics, etc., are truthfully represented. Many of our folk, such as Dr. V.S. Herrell, are descendents of Robert the Bruce, and many of the kings of Europe. Who else but a Scotsman would preach in a kilt? Other dedicated Christian American patriots have been very knowledgeable of their European heritage. In spite of the Communist, political correctness police, they have continued to celebrate their European heritage in the truth of it without joining the Jews to attack Christianity. Who knew more of the tracks of his ancestors than Dr. Comparet or the actual truth of the great German people than Richard Butler?

The Catholic church did not want the people to know The Word and then find out about verses like Luke 19:27 and II Chronicles 15:12-13 and carry them out. Today’s “Jewdeo-churchianity” religious sects don’t want the Truth known either. Let us remember that the word judeo means judaized, but any belief system can be judaized, including neo-paganism. All you need is a couple of swarthy, white-hating, truth-hating devils to corrupt the whole barrel of apples. Corruption of organizations or philosophies is nothing new. The Word is suppressed through bad translation, bad teaching, and founding everything they teach on Jewish “authority” and “scholarship.” There is no difference in either group past or present … history repeats itself … again. And the Word says of those who would pervert the Christian Family, God’s Body Politic (Church):

“Do you not know that you are a house of God? And the Mentality of God dwells in you? If anyone mongrelizes the house of God, God will mongrelize that one. For the house of God is separate, which you are” (I Cor. 3:16-17, AST).

It is a Biblical principle that if anyone willingly believes a lie, that the God of Truth will turn that one over to his lies (II The. 2:10-12; Rom. 1:18-25). These men, no matter how “white,” are as much mongrels in mind as those who are mongrels in body:

“In every way in fact are the nonmongrelized, nonmongrelized, but to the ones having been mongrelized and having no persuasion, nothing is nonmongrelized, but even their mind and conscience has been mongrelized. They profess to know God, but by their actions they deny Him, being disgusting and disobedient and rejected to every good action” (Tit. 1:15-16, AST).

Primitive Christianity, that institution established by Jesus Anointed and penned down by the hand of the New Testament authors, was not brought to any non-white nation of that age, but was established in and flourished in Aryan nations of the world. When one reads of the “the gentiles” in Scripture, this mistranslation should read “the nations,” and those civilized nations outlined in the New Testament were “… Greek and Judean [not “Jew”] … barbarian, Scythian …” (Col. 3:9-11); and Paul wrote to the “Romans.” Even Northern Africa (Ethiopia) was white at this time in history. The Word, that is, the principles, standards of honor and virtue, and just actions of True Christian Separation, were directed to the racial family to whom it applied. The Word is not compatible to the non-Aryan nations, they have their own “genetic mind” with different drives and standards which are incapable of “Aryan actions” (exceptions to a rule are the rule, acting is still acting). Paul identified what nations were God’s not just by listing Greek, Judeans, Romans, Barbarians and Scythians, but also when he wrote of those “nations”:

“For there is no respect of persons with God. For as many as failed without the law, also will perish without the law, as many as failed in the law will be judged through the law. For not the hearers of the law are just with God, but the doers of the law will be justified. For when the nations not having the law DO BY NATURE the things of the law, these not having law are a law to themselves, WHO SHOW THE ACTION OF THE LAW WRITTEN IN THEIR HEARTS, witnessing with their conscience, and the thoughts between one another accusing or excusing, in a day when God judges the hidden things of men, according to my good message, through Jesus Anointed” (Rom. 2:11-16 AST).

This is why Christianity spread through the Aryan nations like a wildfire – Aryan men recognized that they were family to their Aryan neighbors and put aside wrong actions towards them, even wrong actions based upon misguided religious beliefs … they did so to the point that eventually Europe became known as “Christendom.” But just like the Israelites of the Bible, rather than RULING THEMSELVES as God’s men, they allowed kings and popes, priests and fools, to run the show. These “rulers” let in the money mongrels and planted the seeds hundreds of years ago that are now bringing about our racial demise.

But true Christian Separation teaches us that we are to RULE OURSELVES by the Standards and Principles of God’s Word as a government and priests unto Him.

“… even from Jesus Anointed, the Trustworthy Witness, the Firstborn out of the dead, and Ruler of the kings of the earth. To Him loving us and has freed us from our failures [sins] by His Blood, and MADE US A GOVERNMENT AND PRIESTS TO GOD, even His Father, to Him is the reputation and the might forever and ever. So be it” (Rev. 1:5-6, AST).

The issue is “Self-Rule,” governing or ruling ourselves as Aryan men and women WHO WERE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, (not beasts), who have within our nature the Aryan genetic mind breathed into us through Adam by our Father God. Robert Mathews recognized that TRUE CHRISTIAN ACTIONS were synonymous with TRUE ARYAN ACTIONS. Bob’s personal standards and actions were more “Christian” than many of the Order members who called ourselves “Identity.” Adolf Hitler understood Positive Christianity; he also knew that Christian actions were Aryan actions. Did you know that more Christian churches were built during the era of the Third Reich than at any other time in German history; or that the majority of SS soldiers were professing Christians? Again, pagans can believe what they want, but let facts be facts and truth be truth. The myths and traditions of our Aryan ancestors should be remembered, but something greater came, something that took warring tribes and made them one. We have lost sight of that something, but Positive Christianity is still alive within those who refuse to compromise it.

I do understand that most men have a totally screwed-up perception of Christianity, including so-called preachers or especially preachers, because of the fables taught by Jewdeo-churchianity and the lies taught by truth-distorters; you will not find the Christianity of our ancestors taught by the “media” on TV or in the press. Christian Separatism can only be found by seeking it through The Source. The only way pagans and others might learn where we Christian members of the Bruders Schweigen are coming from is to read Scripture as a whole without learning the b.s. of Jews and mongrels.

Some examples:

It is easy enough to clear up common misconceptions like “turning the other cheek” if it is understood that this practice is reserved for brothers and sisters, for FAMILY, and NOT for the enemies of our God and Race. First, who is our “neighbor”? Our neighbor is defined as one of “the children of your people” (Lev. 19:18). While you are there, read 19:19. Deut. 17:15 says that in choosing rulers (kings), “thou mayest not set a stranger [nokri: racial alien] over thee which is not thy brother.” Further, who is your brother? He is one who believes the way you do, “For whoever does the will of My Father in the heavens, that one is my brother and sister and mother” (Matt. 12:46-50 AST). Your brother is not the enemy of truth (my God is Truth), and your brother is not a racial alien! By implication, your brother is also someone you know. If your brother wrongs you, the principle of forgiveness applies assuming they repent. It’s a principle of honor that keeps the Family strong … and it is a principle that is a two-way street among family.

“Love your enemies” (Matt. 5:44)? Note, this says YOUR enemies, not God’s enemies. The Word says of God’s enemies: “Do not I HATE them, O Lord, that hate Thee? And am I not grieved with them that rise up against Thee? I HATE them with a perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies” (Ps. 139:21-22). “I have HATED the congregation of evil doers; and I will not sit with the wicked” (Ps. 26:5). “The fear of the Lord is to HATE evil: pride, arrogance, and the evil way, and the forward mouth, do I HATE” (Prov. 8:13). Clear enough. Let’s not forget Luke 19:27 and II Chronicles 15:12-13.

“Meekness” from the standpoint of the Word is NOT the Jewdeo-Christian politically and religiously correct viewpoint of tamely submissive, too submissive, or spiritless. No, the Biblical word meek should be translated gentle and included the principles of kindness and consideration and leniency, all in a disciplined way. It is a principle applied toward our racial FAMILY. Biblical meekness did not prohibit the principle of self-defense as individuals or a nation. Moses was very meek (Num. 12:3), but this “meek” man slew an Egyptian who was beating one of his racial kinsmen (Ex. 2:11-12) and strode into what we might call the Egyptian “Oval Office” and demanded the release of his people from slavery. King David as a boy was “meek” and “humble,” yet he slew Goliath and later waged wars with the enemies of his people.

And what about “the greatest among you will serve the least among you” (Mark 9:33-37 and 10:42-45). Well, what the hell do you think Robert Mathews did? Do you not consider him a hero because he SERVED his race through self-sacrifice first and then through martyrdom? And what of Adolf Hitler, the Christian visionary, who first served and sacrificed and fell to prison before he ever realized his dreams for Germany? (See Was Adolf Hitler a Bible Christian? by Pastor V.S. Herrell, Herrell Brothers Publishing House, POB 130, Kodak, TN, 37764.) And as a Christian, I say, what about the God of Truth, Who came to us as the Aryan man Jesus Anointed, to show us the Way to rule ourselves and how to walk towards one another, Who also served and sacrificed Himself, teaching that we too could overcome in our personal actions, proving we need not fear death? For He overcame death and now sits as our King, waiting to see if we will hear His Word and fulfill His Christian principles and Law-Word. I find NO SHAME in having served and in serving the future generations of my blind and deceived race. TO SERVE IS HEROIC …

Racial kinsmen, I give all due respect to all of those who publish and stand for racial truths, and to those who preserve the memory of Robert Mathews and the Bruders Schweigen. I salute your efforts. But, if you are going to praise us for our sacrifice as members of the Bruders Schweigen, praise us for what we were and are, not what you seek to make us.

David C. Tate