A Message for White Men Who Love Their Families

The Movement Is Dead …

Long Live The Cause!

A Revolutionary Perspective

by David C. Tate, POW of the Brüders Schweigen.

Ask any number of racists involved in whatever branch or faction of the pro-White so-called movement to define the “movement,” and you will get as many different definitions as people you talk to. Ask those same people to define “The Cause” for which we fight, and, in nearly every case, you will hear: “For the preservation of our Race.” The point should be clear: there is no movement. There is only The Cause.[1]

In the past 25 years of racial awareness, this author has watched the birth and death of several hundred “movement” organizations, from fly-by-night newsletters, to large, seemingly well-structured groups. Many have fractured or divided over real or imagined disputes. Others have collapsed under the weight of Establishment pressures or arrests by a de facto government doing the bidding of the Jews behind the scene, but most have simply faded into obscurity.

The titles, designations and banners the various movement organs have concocted to identify or designate their many factions and fractures, doctrines and beliefs, are enough to confuse not only our adversaries, but those we hope to “save.” If the whole program were actually designed to confuse, it could not have been executed better. Did I say, “confuse our adversaries”? Somehow, I do not believe they are the ones who are confused.

Ask yourself: “Where does our so-called ‘movement’ fit in the annals of history?” Does it stand a gnat’s chance in hell of accomplishing the goal of Aryan preservation and separation with the lot of undisciplined and sometimes immoral misfits dragging us down? In most corners of the movement we are plagued by fools who are assisting our failure to accomplish anything of value, by Hollywood Nazis, by Ku Klux Klowns, by Pinheads, by Odinuts, by Jewdeos, by Identidiots and other assorted types. Sure, of those in the movement who aren’t actually mongrels, the majority is probably made up of well-meaning adherents to one branch of the pro-White movement or another. However, I suspect that less than five percent of those “well-meaning” adherents actually stand up to the original, primitive standards of our Aryan ancestors, of true National Socialism, of true Christianity, or even of true Mythic Paganism or Odinism. The majority has never had their act together. No, not even in our “sacred” pro-White, so-called “movement.”

Racial kinsmen, all due respect to True Activists in every branch of our ongoing struggle. The efforts of true and hardworking Aryan men and women are to be honored. But as so many have lamented, those good works are often wasted efforts and wasted lives burnt up on failed movement causes, squandered by blundering would-be leaders who were not self-disciplined enough to be truly effective, slandered by fools who want only to be the stereotypical Hollywood “racist,” and stolen by betrayers and traitors whose cause was themselves and simpering obedience to the government of tyranny. So much has been given, but so little remains. After years of struggle, the movement consists of not much more than scattered publishers, and miles of lost ground.

Most of us are aware of our many shortcomings. The question is: “Why aren’t we doing anything about them???” We have heard lots of talk about “leaderless resistance” over past years, and while it may be a good idea for guerilla warfare, even guerilla warriors have a unity of thought and purpose, a unity of standards that holds their factions together. We should have an advantage over the mongrels who oppose racial purity, the genetic mind of our race carries within its depths an instinctual, inborn ability to recognize “right from wrong,” justice from injustice—if we would use it, perhaps then we would stand a good chance of success. These innate laws written on the heart cannot be fully understood without the presence of the Separating Mentality of Truth being invited into our hearts. But, rather than act upon our beliefs, we would rather hang onto various delusions: “All we need is faith” (“faith” most often serving as a by-word for excuse) … “things will work out in the end” … “so and so says we should wait” … “I can’t really change the outcome” … “we can only succeed after the system collapses” “All we can really do is wait” … “We must wait for the Second Coming” … “God will let us know when it is time” … etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseam. There may be a time and season for everything, but there are more excuses than times and seasons.

So, movement adherent, where does this leave us, since we’ve never been “together” on any issue? IT LEAVES US WITH The Cause, AND The Cause IS THE PRESERVATION OF OUR RACE. It can be put no more simply than that.

What exactly does The Cause require?

A. We have a Territorial Imperative to establish a homeland.[2]

B. The Homeland must be free of racial aliens or we will only be starting back on square one, i.e., Total Racial Separation.

C. The Natural Laws of our Homeland must be designed not just for the preservation of our Aryan Race, compatible purely to our Aryan genetic mind and patterned after our inborn understanding of “right from wrong,” but geared towards the prosperity and furtherance of our kind alone. (For those unaccustomed to thinking in terms of “right from wrong,” for the purposes of this article let’s just say that any foolish, selfish, or immoral act that harms The Cause—present or future—is wrong.) Any “movement” organ that does not promote these three requirements does not truly support The Cause and should be considered hereto forward either a worthless endeavor or AN ENEMY FRONT.

Now, let’s consider the requirements of The Cause in further detail:

A. Territorial Imperative. A lesson of nature is that for a species to survive, it requires a “Territorial Imperative.” For example, the wolf and the coyote are both species of canine, they can interbreed—but, for each to survive, they instinctively know that one requires a territory free from the other. Only crossbred dogs lose the instinct of “kind” and of territorial imperative from other breeds—a mongrel gains the instinct of miscegenation. In effect, a mongrel can only do one thing, mongrelize or down-breed. The natural, purebred wolf rejects the half-breed in favor of what is natural, instinctual.

Races of men are not so different from species of animals. White men and women exist today because in our history, our ancestors fought and died to preserve our kind. We have the same obligation to future generations.

Our Christian ancestors knew and believed that they were the race and descendents of Adam, and as such they had a territorial mandate in Genesis to “multiply and subdue the earth.” That territorial mandate is as valid today as it was when it was given.

Our most recent example of a white Homeland can only be pre-World War II Germany. Success! Between the lines of modern censors we can all read of the rise of Third Reich to prosperity and racial freedom. But what happened next? Through deceit of propaganda and political trickery, the mongrelized “Establishment” provoked the rest of the white world into murdering their neighbors and brethren.

So what is the lesson? For The Cause to be successful, ours must be a Pan-Aryan, World-Wide effort. Success in any single Aryan nation around the globe will only bring the rest of the Jewish-controlled white world down on that hopeful nation, like rabid dogs tugging on the leash of their One World masters.

B. Racial Separation. Freedom from race-mixing and down-breeding can only be accomplished when there are no other races left to mix with inside our Territorial Homeland. This is racial separation at its only possible conclusion. Examination of past civilizations founded upon the racial “supremacy” of whites over dominated and tolerated non-whites within the same territory can give us historical perspective on where others went wrong.

INDIA is but one example with its ancient “caste system,” where Aryans ruled from the top of a multi-layered government, where right and privilege descended from the white racial governing body in multiple layers, through tan to brown to the darkest black “dung eaters” on the very gutter level of the caste civilization. The caste system lasted hundreds of years until it was dismantled in this last century, but the Aryans who set it up have long since ceased to exist in India. The very race this white “supremacist” system was set up to preserve were bred out of existence by their own system of “tolerance.”

White supremacy existed in America before the Un-Civil War. The North outlawed slavery after the war, and “segregation” became the new form of “supremacy” meant to preserve white integrity. Segregation failed, and now America tastes the bitter results. In the same vein, White South Africa set up the “supremacist” apartheid government that failed most miserably.

So what is our lesson? Our goal must not be the band-aid of “preservation,” but the cure of Total Separation. Anything else at this hour of history will only bring white racial genocide via race-mixing. As a white Christian, I declare to you that we have a duty to establish a white homeland, separated and free from the living death of mongrelization, for the God of nature has declared that our children have the right to be born into a land free from racial turmoil and depravity. To try and co-exist in the tyranny and “controlled chaos” of a mongrelizing society that promotes the genocide of both the white and black races is an impossibility if our white race is to survive.

C. Natural Law. The future Laws of our Race must be founded upon the Natural Laws of the God of Truth and Nature. Race alone is not the only issue, just our primary Truth. Our Truths must be clear, simple, and ruthless honesty. For our Race to survive, we must embrace every fact of Truth. Half-truths, half-measures, cop-outs, compromises, and outright lies will only bring us failure. For example, the half-measure of “Equal Rights for Whites,” which will accomplish nothing but further down breeding. In our Territorial Homeland, the law of the land will be “Only Rights for Whites.” Anything else will bring failure just as surely as the caste system, apartheid, and segregation did in their respective locations.

Another historical lesson is the BYZANTINE EMPIRE, which rose in the wake of the collapse of Rome. The white Christian leaders of Byzantium learned many lessons from the fall of the Roman Empire. They developed three laws that became the cornerstone of their government: no racial alien could practice: 1. Government; 2. Finance; 3. Religion (a subsection of which was education). These laws worked great for a very long time; in fact, the white Christian Byzantine Empire is the longest recorded continual and unchanging government in the history of our race, spanning almost six centuries. But from whence came their demise? They had no laws to keep the racial aliens out of their country. First, while the Jews were “persecuted” for their corrupt and lawless practices throughout the world, they found Byzantium to be a safe haven from which to run their web of deceit and interest/usury finance into other nations. As long as the Jew stayed out of Byzantine politics and finance, they were free to come and go. Second, the mongrel Turks were allowed to grow in ever-increasing numbers within the borders of the Byzantine Empire, until finally one day a vile Jew opened the gates of Constantinople from inside, and raping, pillaging Turks brought Byzantium to a bloody and total end. (Today, the Turks are Europe’s “Mexican Problem.”)

By the example of Byzantium, we see that such laws that promote “Only Rights for Whites” by and of themselves are not enough, Total Separation must be the Law of our Homeland. And not just separation from other races, but separation from any perversions or injustices that will degrade us back into the Sodom and Gomorrah state in which we now find our race immersed.

What is the Truth? The Cause is the Truth, and the God of Truth may be found by believing the opposite of nearly every stance taken or catered to by the Establishment system of corruption currently in power. Aryan men and women, within you resides a unique genetic mind. Just as the animals of nature have instincts, our genetic mind is capable of defining for us the Truths of Right from Wrong, of Justice from Injustice, which we will hear if we only tune out the incessant babble of contrary “opinions” poured out by the mongrelized Establishment media long enough to listen to that Voice of Truth once heard and obeyed by our Aryan ancestors.

Where does this leave us now? Outlining our future course is our first step, promoting it is our second. Recognizing The Cause and not “the movement” as our goal, we must now consider what will be most effective. The Cause is not a country club, it is an ideal, but, most important, it is a revolutionary ideal. Don’t kid yourselves, people, what we are about is revolution, pure and simple.

Sure, not all revolutions are “violent,” but the one that wrenched our Aryan nations out of the hands of white sovereignty was. Take into account all of the dead since the Un-Civil War, WW I, WW II, and the no-win wars; ask any white woman or girl that has survived the rape of two-legged animals; ask any white youth that has been bused into America’s urban jungles and forced to fight or submit to non-white youths; ask the elderly who have been victimized by alien predators that have taken over their once crime-free, white neighborhoods; and, ask anyone who’s fallen to prison for any good cause—from publishing “unpopular” historical opinions to practicing retroactive abortion on undesirables without a license.

It may be true that every white act of physical retribution upon a non-white is met with ten times the severity of punishment by the system than what may be normally handed down for similar “crimes,” but this only proves the point of exactly “who” the real enemy of the system is: us. It should also prove to everyone in the movement that this is no game. If you play, it is time to play for keeps. We didn’t choose to play this way, the system did; so stop playing around.

Several examples from history must help us set our next course for us. The first is the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was effective for its time and place: to spook marauding niggers and thieving carpetbaggers into their place by acts of justice. But since then nearly every era of the Klan has been basically non-effective. There are heroes of the Klan: Nathan Bedford Forrest and his crew, the Greensboro Warriors. Theirs were acts of revolution and defiance that we should remember. But no one today believes that the Klan could possibly be the mechanism that will carry our Race into the total victory required for our survival, not even honest members of the Klan. To go around in robes defeats the entire purpose of an “Invisible Empire,” and only invites your enemy to infiltrate and manipulate you. There have been Klans who were directed by FBI agents and police informants. The power of the Klan was the fact that it was clandestine. It was secret. You didn’t tell people who you were. As long as that was the standard, then the Klan as a force under recognized and qualified leadership, was successful. We must also remember that the North was sympathetic to the plight of the harassed and degraded southern citizen. That today is no longer the case. The mass media is controlled by humanists and homosexuals who are only too willing to do the bidding of their Jew masters and impose anti-Christian, anti-white, feminist philosophy and thinking upon a de-educated generation whom they hope to race-mix into extinction.

Another historical lesson is the political rise to power of the Third Reich. If you believe that such a landslide political victory is possible at this time in America, or any other white country, then you are mistaken. Nearly every white nation in the world has the same immigration/integration problems that are prevalent in America (with the possible exception of Iceland or a few ex-Soviet satellites). With large numbers of non-whites on our soil, firmly entrenched in government, there will be no landslide victories by ballot. Sole exceptions may occur on local levels, but even then, barring fixed ballots, any pro-white politician elected into office will find himself surrounded by opposition and left completely impotent to accomplish anything of value. As for political success in a region, the suppression of Serbia should prove well enough why that will not work—Kosovo was forcibly integrated with Albanian immigrants despite the “democratic” desires of the Serbian citizens. Only the Jews are exempt from forced integration in their treatment of the Palestinians. Tell me, when did the white citizens of America or any of the other white nations of the world make a democratic vote for forced integration? So much for “democracy.”

There was a time and a place for brown shirts and white robes, but those times and places are history. It may well be that the ideas behind those uniforms reflect aspects related to The Cause, but today we must thoroughly examine the world we live in; the past is for lessons. The very reason brown shirts and white robes were so successful historically was because the ideas behinds those uniforms were eternal yet revolutionary, they were also novel in that they fit their time and place. Today, we will only begin to make great strides toward victory when we determine what will work now, and build a machine (or machines) to fit the job at hand. The Cause is the foundation for such a machine. The Cause is a revolutionary idea. Now build around it.

Another lesson from our recent past is the state of “White Christianity” in the movement. Everyone in the movement knows that the bastardized sham called jewdeo-Christianity does not represent the Christianity of our forefathers. These perverts who place the state and the Jew before God have soiled the name Christian because all that they believe and worship is diametrically opposed to the Scriptures and what our ancestors lived and died for. One hundred years ago, it would not have been strange for a Christian to stand up and proclaim the Truth of a Racialist Christ. But today, the average “Christian” stands in slack-jawed shock if a white Christian announces his “racism” in public, and most white “Christians” flee to their closets where it is safe to talk about such things.

Our Christian ancestors knew that the non-white “heathens” were not God’s people, and that the mongrel, antichrist Jews were the enemies of God and all that is pure and Christian. The Christianity of our European ancestors was not a “love everybody” religion; they understood that their “neighbor” was their “brother” and “one of the children of your people,” your kind (Lev. 19:18; Deut. 17:15; Matt. 12:50). As the “Religion of the West,” Christianity helped build the civilized world that we have allowed to go to hell.

“Identity Christians” make up the largest segment of the movement, but despite their knowledge of a militant Christ and greater understanding than jewdeo-Christians, they are not likely to act upon God’s Word in all its fullness. Identity is riddled with widely divergent and often conflicting beliefs that are not corrected even when knowing better. They remind all to “keep an open mind,” yet rarely do so themselves, listening rather to Jewish “scholarship,” gossip, and backbiting, while refusing to seek out, prove and establish the Full Knowledge of Christ. Jesus Anointed did not command His followers to impale their future generations on the picket fences they prefer to straddle!

God’s men do not hide His Light under a bushel basket; they do not spend their time tying scourges that will never strike the back of a money changer; they do not waste what little time we each are allotted in life by waiting for a “Second Coming” that has already come while allowing their lamps to go dry and forgetting to do God’s will in full. God’s men do not gossip behind Jeremiah’s back because he is calling God’s enemies to task and preaching God’s undiluted Word from the housetops like they should have been doing for the past fifty years, and they do not bind Samson hand and foot and turn him over to God’s enemies for death or imprisonment. No, Jesus Anointed commands no compromise in word or deed. God’s men and women know that “hope” should be translated “CONFIDENCE” and that “faith” and “belief” imply “ACTION.” Remember, it makes no difference how sincere or zealous a person is if that person is wrong in his belief system. It simply means that he is sincerely wrong, but still wrong.

If you claim to be Christian then it is time to preach the Racialist Christ, the One Who said, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matt. 15:24-26, 10:5-6 AST); the One Who said, “seek first the Government of God, and His justice” (Mt. 7:33 AST); the One Who in John 2:13-17 tied scourges and drove the money changers out of his Temple. (His Temple today is His Body of True Believers); the One Who you should call “King” and “Master”; the One Who has given to His Body Politic of believers all Authority to RULE by His Word in Heaven and Earth, even NOW, and perhaps most important, the One is the last manifestation of Aryan God to Aryan Man, and whose message is and was only for the Occident.

The lesson of Christian Identity is that we have a literally “dead to actions army” out there, but “for fear of the Jew” they do not ACT. If every Christian who has heard the Good News of Racially Purity in Jesus Anointed would join together in the true Church, the Body Politic of Jesus Anointed, whites in America could be a positive religious force to be reckoned with. But like the Valley of Dry Bones, they prove again that the movement is truly dead. There is little doubt that this generation will answer for their refusal to hear God’s truth in due season. Can those dry bones rise to life once more? The potential is there, but is the mental fortitude? The Cause is the Will of God for His chosen people.

If we dig through all the idiocy, play-acting, absurdity, divisiveness, sell-outs, infiltrators, traitors, half-assing, infighting, country-clubbing, false philosophy, false religion, and complete disasters, we can find that the movement has produced four kinds of people.

1. A core number of semi-educated and educated (in terms of Truth) “die hards” that the movement terms “activists” (because they are active);

2. Far too large a number of convicted felons;

3. An undetermined number of inactive, disillusioned ex-movement members who still believe in The Cause;

4. A completely titanic number of quitters, fakers, and closet-dwellers.

Discounting the fourth group, the first, second, and third groups may still be of use to The Cause, assuming they (you) are ready to stop playing “movement” and seriously take up The Cause.

We have already defined that The Cause is a revolutionary ideal. So, if you are dedicated to The Cause, a true activist, a true believer, then this means you must think “Revolution,” this means study “Revolution,” this means preach “Revolution.” This must you must be a Revolutionary. Live it.

The advantage we have today that the old movement did not always have is that when someone accuses you of wrongdoing when you preach “revolution,” all you have to do is point in any direction to the “revolution” that was perpetrated upon us, to the nearest racial alien, the nearest government office, the latest victim of a racial incident, or to the newest “laws” which promote our genocide by forced integration and immigration, and say: “They’ve pulled a revolution on us, we’re just defending our future place in the world.” Because truly, we are currently on the defense, and not by choice. Others chose these conditions for us; there was never any “democratic” vote on the issues.

Our next historical lesson is the revolutionary activity of groups like Sinn Fein and the IRA. [Now, I’m not necessarily “for” the IRA. That whole mess could and should have been resolved way back when Michael Collins showed the Brits how the game was to be played. Then, shallow-minded rivals murdered Michael, Communism became involved, and the IRA “revolution” has been prolonged to this day.] Read up on Sinn Fein and the IRA; note their methods of revolutionary propaganda, their successes and failures. Then, note the two distinct divisions: the above-ground, above-board, strictly political organization versus the below-ground, strictly underground army.

Our Revolutionary Cause must firmly adhere to these two divisions. If you choose to carry our Cause to the world by giving voice to Revolutionary Truths then you should do so legally and legitimately. There is no room for foolish, self-aggrandizing, illegal acts of any kind in the above-ground, strictly political “tree” of The Cause (a tree exists where all may see … its roots are out of sight). As with Sinn Fein (“ourselves alone”), their acts are political and above board, yet completely revolutionary. Study their situation, their forms of propaganda, and learn from their techniques.

Like Sinn Fein you must bond yourselves together with like-minded people in disciplined, mutually protective legal and above-board groups. You must do so with the understanding that the visible, above-ground organizations of White Patriots or White Christians are there for the sole purpose of being the torchbearers of the published truth. You should expect to suffer persecution for your beliefs and be harassed by a tyrannical government, and be targeted because some Jew or scumbag has complained about your existence. It is important that those above-ground or semi-above-ground revolutionaries not engage in any illegal activity. They are disseminators of Truth, and recruiters of new Activists. It has long been the practice of oppressive governments to invade such groups, get something on one of the members and extort him through tyranny of intimidation to betray and set up his comrades for arrest. We have seen this time and time again in the movement with false charges of conspiracy, racketeering, sedition, and criminal activity. Therefore, any man or woman who is going to stand up for the truth must be willing to submit him or herself to the discipline and qualified leadership of whatever body of white patriots to which they join themselves in order to promote the truths of the God of nature.

The IRA underground (the roots of that tree) is a different story. By necessity, they do not play politics; their revolution is not one of words. It may be that the IRA is very limited in territory and area of movement, but they still keep their division from vocal politics. They are nameless, faceless men and women. The only time these warriors surface is when they are dug up by the system and killed or imprisoned. Only then do they maybe become heroes of their cause. But, that is not the point of their existence—to become dead “heroes”—their point is their fight, they are playing for keeps. Let the other side have dead heroes.

There are far too many in the old movement who have gotten caught “playing in the street.” The Road of Revolution has two lanes: North and South, above-ground and below-ground. As far as our Cause is concerned, there are only certain “types” that will be found wandering in the middle of our “Revolutionary Highway”: dead skunks, yellow streaks, rats, plants, informants, federal agents, AND GOD-DAMNED FOOLS. If you are active in any legitimate, above-ground organization, if you go to rallies and meetings, if you pass out literature or engage in heated debates on race, religion, or politics, then you are taking an above-ground stance, and not only do you not have the right to take part in physical acts of justice, you are the enemy of The Cause if you do.

If your thing is overtly “illegal” or violent acts of justice or retribution against Big Brother, then you do not strike out against the system and then go underground; no, the thinking, sane revolutionary first goes underground, gets secure, picks his target carefully, then does his thing and gets away with it. He realizes he is on his own, he doesn’t seek approval and permission from his movement “leader,” he doesn’t boast to his girlfriend, drinking buddies or other wannabe “Aryan Warriors” about his plans or actions. No, what he does is follow the endless stream of thousands of disenchanted souls deserting the movement for whatever reason as they herd themselves back into the caring arms of Big Brother to serve out their worthless lives as System wage slaves working for the great Establishment machine. Then, from the vantage point of total obscurity, the world becomes his playground. And I do mean the world, for unlike the IRA that is limited to a stalemate in their backyard, our Cause is alive in every “white” nation of the world.

Above-ground groups and individuals must keep their noses clean, no excuses, no compromises. Any “member” who compromises that cleanliness in any way MUST GO. Period. No discussion unless it is to decide how long that individual will be banned or “outlawed,” if not permanently. Is this harsh? Not at all; not compared to the serious damage that has been done to organizations and innocent activists and their families by wannabe warriors who obviously did not care enough to take the obvious and necessary step of distancing themselves from above-ground activities. It is such fools who I say are our enemies as surely as if they wore shiny badges and windbreakers that say “FBI” or “Polizei” on the back.

At this point, I must clarify the term “illegal.” In a number of countries, simply publishing an article like this one could land an activist in prison. Sometimes, such borderline “legal/illegal” acts are both necessary and demanded by circumstance, and there are also times when such acts are acceptable in order to force the Establishment to react to us (as opposed to us reacting to them). The most productive and vocal organizations and individuals will be attacked by the System in some way or another via false charges, misdemeanors, raids, tax audits, etc. Such “legal” assaults against us are inevitable. Remember, the Jews are continuously making up stuff to call the FBI about. The FBI has caught a number of them in their lies and crimes, but you never hear about that.

Victims of such System attacks must be held up as political heroes by all who fight for The Cause, and be supported without hesitation. We cannot continue to act like sheep when a comrade is picked off. We must support the fallen, the victims of Big Brother. Our support will make the Establishment look like the evil, tyrannical, plutocratic oligarchy that it is. “Support” is a method of propaganda. Use it. Rally, picket, protest, e-mail. Support all who are attacked or imprisoned for any legitimate activism in support of The Cause and stand true to their faith despite the pressures. Support then becomes a method to productively unite true believers of The Cause. A front or a semblance of unity is a preference in our Pan-Aryan effort.

Observations of the old, dead movement show that the older set are largely inactive, sitting around in the closet studying, preaching to the converted and waiting (some have been “waiting” upwards of 50 years for “our day” to come). At the same time, the younger set spend their free time throwing on white power rock, getting drunk, and occasionally tromping the Doc Martens on some race-mixer’s head (far too many youths have gone to prison for such worthless efforts; there are more race-mixers than they can stomp, and more muds than they can throw beer bottles at—although, at least they are doing something). Most movement organizations have been stagnant for years, completely impotent to do any good work, too often taking up dead causes and fornicating with the harlot that is the Right Wing (if at all successful, such half-measures will bring pressure from the System, so why compromise what you believe when you can take up The Cause and be persecuted for a truly righteous ideal?). From all accounts, and barring true Activists, this pretty much seems to sum up the “movement” in most corners today. The movement has become introverted and impotent.

The true revolutionary of The Cause must become an EXTROVERT. This means he does not spend all his efforts to preach to the converted. This means he carries The Cause into the streets to the common man. The movements calls these types “activists,” but every member of The Cause is required to be an Activist. The Cause as we have outlined it is a simple thing, easy to publish, easy to preach, and all too obvious today. The race issue has become so clear that many, perhaps most, whites see it, and nearly every white family has been touched by it, many even in the most cruel ways. Whites hide this away with many excuses. It is our job to get them out of the closet (perhaps even force them out), get them away from the pacifiers of TV, alcohol and drugs. Most are so tired of hearing the tons of Establishment b.s. that they want to hear some simple truth.

The Cause must become that simple truth. The disenfranchised white race is looking for “something.” But they are kept so divided by a multitude of compromising “causes” and continuous threats from an ever-growing police state that white efforts have no effect. In America for example, if it isn’t the obviously failing “Right Wing,” or clubs like the John Birch Society, then it’s the half-assed position of the Populists or Libertarians—these things aren’t even good “band-aids!”

Last year in America, whites gathered in great numbers to protest the removal of the Confederate flag from state buildings (buildings which represent the strongholds of our adversaries). None will disagree that most of these protestors are privately “pro-White,” yet it is doubtful that even a few of them would leave the safe confines of their closets to protest the latest immigration bill or shipload of “refugees.” The Rebel Flag does symbolize the ideals related to The Cause, but I will cease to be impressed until such numbers gather over the next non-white gang rape and murder of a beautiful Aryan girl. THE GENES OF OUR RACE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY PIECE OF CLOTH! Our genes must become our flag.

White men and women around the globe are waking up to the realization that their countries are no longer “theirs,” that in every case “White” nations have been captured through deceit, trickery and force, and the Establishment governments of the world now cater solely to the racial aliens who are promoted to be the breeding partners of our future generations.

My racial kinsmen, this is not solely a “Jewish conspiracy,” not when the white upper-classes of the world have all too willingly crawled into bed with the Jewish banksters—into bed both symbolically and literally. The Jews may have gained control of our governments by bribery, extortion, false propaganda, brainwashing, murder, and all manner of deceit, but the bastards who seem to run this political show are our first and foremost enemies, they must be exposed as such and we must stop catering to their programs. From now on we shall demand only one program: The Cause. Only one Law: The Truth.

It is time to get your head out of the toilet and start treating our struggle for The Cause with all the zeal of a Religious Crusade, because it truly is just that. The Cause is the most important Crusade of our age, and it must be made the only one. Not only must you believe in The Cause, you must act the part, LIVE IT, with all the zeal and virtue you can muster. We must each become evangelical Apostles, AMBASSADORS, carrying The Word of The Cause that is Truth to the dejected and discouraged masses; we must become Crusaders, Kreuzfahrer, willing to drive the Cross of our Crusade into the heart of the vile serpent of the Establishment which threatens to murder and devour our Racial Family both eternally and irrevocably. All must learn that RACE-MIXING IS MURDER (GENOCIDE!!!).

There is a Line, a thread running back through time, a genetic thread that represents the endless, timeless sojourning of our Aryan Race upon this earth. From our beginnings in the very Mind of the God of Truth when we were born in Eden pure, White and undefiled, there have been endless wars waged upon us by bastards, who would like to see Adamic men slaughtered and enslaved and Adamic women become their sexual toys and tools for down-breeding and vile corruption. Through this Line of generations our Ancestors have bled and died to see our Line prosper. The earth is littered with the mongrel graveyards that represent wars lost: India, the Arab states, the lands of the Turks, islands like Haiti (which was once the white Santo Domingo), Mexico, South America, North Africa … these places and so many others represent battlefields of the fallen where our Line was eternally severed, where it lays irreparable, broken. Back through these places of war and bloodshed our Line stretches out into the past, stringing out to us and attached to our very souls like our umbilical cord of life, weaving through our being, through every atom, through our genes, and we each represent a loop in our Line, a link in our Aryan Genetic Chain. The Line is a Sacred Thing, a Holy Artifact, an Endless Book being written in ourselves. Write your page well, for your personal Link in our Genetic Chain is Sacred. YOUR LINE IS The Cause.

Fools tell us that a “race war” is “coming,” they are so blind that they don’t see that the race war has been raging for thousands of years and it has never stopped. It is now a full-blown pop war in the United States, as more Chinese and Mexicans slither over our borders and our de facto government sells us down the river with unjust treaties that rob our wealth; like a good Marxist state, they give it to the so-called “have-nots.” Friends, brethren, the reason we are wealthy people who have is because our forefathers sweat and died for the wealth that our great country enjoys. Jewish Marxist Communism under the Humanist banner, which itself is a Jewish philosophy, has determined to steal our white birthrights. The Bible says, “You will not covet.” Even stupid Judeos ought to be able to see that it is wrong for the tyrants to turn our government over to mud people who covet our birthright.

The race war surges on around us as our Line is being shredded, burned black and left dead and lifeless. From those shredded remains the mongrel armies of Hell are rising up from the grave of our Line to slay loop after loop by force of groin alone. No bullets need they fire, their weapon is the impure and poisonous genetic material they are pumping into the wombs of young White women; their sword is the hypnotic lies that they tell young White men: “All is okay, all is well, your sister is in good hands, I is a Christian too. Come join us in our endless party.” Race-mixing is Genocide and Murder and the ones preaching it, teaching it, and enforcing it most zealously are as White as they come. They are the upper-classes of the Establishment puppet leaders of governments, of the media, of education, the so-called “elite” of “society.” Why should brown “warriors” need bullets when they can fight their war laying prostrate upon White women while White men stand guard armed with loaded weapons and the “authority” of unjust laws to see that none interfere with their own destruction? This rape of our Line is the purpose behind the Establishment System of “government,” this rape is the race war, and everyone behind the System regardless of color is the enemy … and the Line has been drawn in our Blood!

A little over one hundred years ago it was estimated that the white race made up 60% of the total world population. Today, our Race makes up less than 7% of that total, AND WE HAVE A DECLINING BIRTHRATE. This is a high estimate. The reason we have a declining birthrate is because our women were put in the work force. Most families have to work two jobs, some three, just to exist, without any hope of owning a home or accumulating wealth in an ever-darkening economy. Why is it not our people running all the motels and “7-11’s.” Aren’t white people smart enough to own a motel? Why are all the international corporations sending out of the country for computer operators? Why have all the real jobs been shipped out of America? Why are the big corporations creating market problems and lowering the commodities prices? Is it to steal the farmers’ land and to force white families off their farms and ranches? Even the singer Willie Nelson knows the truth about that. Arise from your sleep of death, O white man! Stand up from the grave your enemies have dug for you. We have been facilitating our own destruction by feeding, clothing, and raising the technological level of those “third world” nations that were never endowed with the creativity to rise above their own self-imposed squalor. We have been warring against ourselves, all in the name of Spinoza’s Jewish philosophy of “humanity” and “humanism.”

Aryan man and woman, the time is long past when we must take this war upon our Line seriously. It is time to come out of the “movement” and let its dead husk fall behind us. Time to repent of our misdeeds and fornication with the “right wing” and dead movement causes. Time to dedicate our lives to the God of Truth, pick up the Sacred Cross of The Cause and carry it out into the world. Whether inspired Apostle of The Cause, or grim Crusader of The Cause, we must go all out to see that our Line remains intact. Like the earth and the universe itself, our Line is eternal, and if anything is sacred, if any Cause is pure and just and good, our Line certainly is. It is time to take the war to the enemy, time to stop reacting to the System’s attacks upon us and make the System react to our attacks upon it. It is time to hang together instead of hanging separately.

Some may consider this article an attack on “the movement” and certain movement “leaders” in particular. Well, if you practice negative, introverted, self-aggrandizing, country-clubbing, half-stepping, compromising ways, then it is. You are either for The Cause or against it. You are either helping it or hindering it. If you feel this is an attack on you then get in line, reconsider your current stance and position on things, and repent of your evil ways. Yes, there are organizations within “the movement” that may conform to The Cause, but it is time that they separate themselves and come out from among the rotting corpse of the movement and declare themselves Organs of THE REVOLUTIONARY BODY OF The Cause, the Head of which is no one man but the very God of Truth. (The God of Truth is our Father, as surely as Nature is our Mother.)

If you decide to become a member of The Cause then you already have. BELIEF is your first step; ACTION is your second. “Membership” in The Cause is proven by WORKS, not by a piece of paper, nor by admonitions of “belief.” One need not join any organ of our Revolutionary Cause to join the fight. As movement “activists” have long ago learned, lone men and women who carry The Word of The Cause to our Race by word of mouth, by distribution of Revolutionary literature, and by personal recruiting can be as effective as many “movement” side-shows. Simply subscribing to publications which promote The Cause is all the “membership” these Ambassadors of Truth need. Through such publishers they get their ammunition, and some have even begun to develop and learn the tactics of corporate recruiters.

Whether Apostle or Crusader your success may be measured by Media and System reactions to your efforts. If your revolutionary acts cause the Establishment of Evil to react in any way then you can be sure you are on the right track. Only in individual recruitment do you want to go unnoticed, for every unknown convert to The Cause builds upon the Revolutionary Army which the System fears the most. One thing is for sure, the bastards hate all that is pure, all that is White, but particularly all who put PURE + WHITE + REVOLUTIONARY together!

For Those Who Disagree

Some may protest that the movement is “sufficient” and “has worked so far.” No, it has not. Why? Because if such a mixed and divided lot could have been successful, it would have; there has been more than enough time, blood and money wasted. The truth is, we have been a house divided, and a house divided cannot stand. Others ask by what authority or right I have to call for an end to the “movement”? The Authority of The Truth, and my right as one who has spent his very life’s blood for a movement that doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about The Cause. You say you care, you proponent of lost causes? I say, hell no, you don’t! If you did, I, my fellow Brüders, and several thousand other fallen comrades wouldn’t be behind bars around the world. We have sacrificed, and no amount of patting us on the back can replace what we have given up. Only Total Victory can satisfy the spilt blood of our martyrs. Only Total Victory can replace our lost and broken families. Only Total Victory can give us back our freedom. ONLY TOTAL VICTORY CAN GIVE BACK A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN. The “movement” has proven itself incapable of this. Only by falling behind The Cause en masse, as one, can Total Victory be realized.

You movement “leaders” who do not fall in line behind The Cause are become the enemies of The Cause, the enemies of our Racial Line. If you do not “lead” your followers out of the dead causes of the movement, into the Path of Truth, and onto the Battlefield of Victory behind the siege engine of The Cause, then you simply prove yourself to be a sham. You are holding us back, and like dead weight you need to be cut loose. If what I have written is not enough to convince you to fold up your old uniforms and put away old dead causes, then you are none of mine, and I am left with only two impressions: You are either too self-centered to care about the Future of White Children; or you are for the System. The only way to convince me otherwise is to dump the movement and join The Cause for white racial separation. It is the Only Way, and we will welcome you with open arms. You need not be reluctant to part with your old organizational titles, if you need such a security blanket then keep it, just conform to The Cause: preach The Cause, require ALL followers to be Activists.

For those “followers” whose “leaders” refuse to fall in line, I ask you: Is it right to obey The Truth, or men? Those who will not join with us will scatter … COME JOIN The Cause!

Defining an Activist

An activist is one who is active. This does not mean that he merely throws around money and does good deeds for movement “leaders” (often the first sign of a federal agent). An Activist is out to carry the Word of The Cause to our race. He is not necessarily out to gather numbers, for in volume we find many fakers and system plants. Rather, he is out to find True Believers, those of his own mind, those who may become Activists and in turn carry The Cause to others. The object is not quantity, it is quality. The object is not the rich or influential. Those types rarely become Activists. They already have a “cause” and it is chained to the economic stability of the System. (It can be said that The Cause is not furthered by the economic stability of the System, and if the System continues to function, so will race-mixing continue and race-mixing is the genocide of our white race.)

A true Activist is a True Believer. His belief is reflected in his activism. To the Activist, belief and action go hand in hand, and he does not let the action or inaction of his peers sway him from his course. To give in would be to give up, and would only prove that he stopped believing in his Cause. He realizes that the “inactive” do not actually believe what they profess, for true belief inflames the True Believer into action.

A True Activist has come to realize that his mind is his sword; that no one else can shape it nor sharpen it lest it be himself. He has come to realize that in a world of lies, Truth is not found in the herd, but in himself, for he sees that much is amiss in that dark cavern behind the world of glitter. His ability to see so clearly in the darkness proves that there is Something Greater to believe in—whether God or inborn instinct—Something that calls him to act upon what he knows.

What Makes a Leader?

So many say that our Struggle can go nowhere until some “great new leader” arises; another Hermann Armenius, another William Wallace, another Adolf Hitler, another George Lincoln Rockwell, another Nathan Bedford Forrest, another George Washington, another Robert Mathews, to name a very few recognized leaders from our past. But rather than “waiting” for someone to lead, what we each need to be doing is practicing self-discipline, exercising our own abilities, acting upon what we believe and urging all followers to become True Activists. At the very least, we need to be preparing to support that mythical “leader” should he ever arrive.

What makes a “leader”? Was Robert Mathews a leader? Before the advent of the Brüders Schweigen, he would have never called himself a leader; in fact, he was glad to accept whoever the rest of us chose as a leader. We chose Bob. Why? Because he was a True Activist, because he was willing to step out and do what needed to be done, because his personal actions were unquestionably based upon complete conviction and an absolute and unfailing sincerity.

William Wallace did not want to lead his Scottish people to rebel against the tyranny of England. He wanted the Scottish kings to lead. He was no “king,” no “ruler.” All that he had was the authority of his convictions, a godly sense of justice. He was a True Believer, an Activist.

Before Adolf Hitler came to power in pre-WW II Germany, he was not convinced that he was to lead. He was waiting for another man to step forward with the final solution to the problems of the German people. What placed him in power was his activism.

George Washington had to be asked to lead, both as a military leader and as president, even though he was already a qualified military man.

There are many qualities that men believe make a leader: courage, charisma, sense of duty, look and bearing, fearlessness, honor, intelligence, common sense, godliness, and all of these things are great qualities that we should each struggle to instill within ourselves. But, the truth is, that what formed every great leader of our past was that each was a True Believer, and a True Activist.

Are you an Activist? Then you are already a leader. Now, live the life that leadership demands.

Enlightening the Masses?

In the novel 1984, we read of the Party official O’Brien, who demands of Winston Smith while torturing him:

“There is a Party slogan dealing with the control of the past,” he said, “Repeat it, if you please.”

“‘Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past,’ repeated Winston obediently.”

The Cause as we have defined it is simply, the Preservation of our White Race. It is not necessarily a complex matter, only complex to those who do not fully understand it or comprehend the probable future extinction of our Kind if nothing is done.

To reach out to the common white man and woman we will have to take some lessons from the most effective propaganda machine on the planet: the Mass Media Machine of the Establishment. The general population, thanks to the effectiveness of the Mass Media, now functions on a third-grade, low-attention-span mentality. News publishers, for example, direct their writing toward a third-grade audience, creating a third-grade standard of writing for mass consumption and to reach the broadest cross-section of the population. As with the dumbing down of education, media shoots to include all races and mixtures, lowering the standards and promoting “acceptance” to embrace the darker and less intellectually inclined races and mongrels. Television is a hypnotic tool in itself, and when combined with the literal “programming” of the unwary, it is the most effective weapon in the Establishment arsenal. In watching any TV movie, sitcom, etc., the watcher essentially hears, thinks, and lives the thoughts and behavior of another, and in doing so becomes unwittingly sympathetic to the mentalities, morals, creeds, and dogmas that he may completely disagree with. Hence, the solution to getting past the mass media and to our objective audience is to make a “splash,” develop more effective means of propagation, or shut the media off altogether. Since the latter is not at this time likely, we must adapt.

The answer, of course, is to develop material that both appeals to the common man and which is clear and simple enough to stand out over the mass media. This SHOULD be possible, but few have reached this level of proficiency in propagation of our racial truths. Some effective tools of TV and radio are sound bites or commercials. As everyone knows, some commercials are more entertaining than the sitcoms they interrupt. The effectiveness of their methodology is found not in the product advertised, but in the connection made with the viewer. Commonly shared insight, humor or difficulties, things that the viewer understands, lend themselves to clear communication.

The first rule of proper communication is this: COMMUNICATION IMPLIES SHARED COMPREHENSION.

If the individual or target audience you are attempting to communicate with cannot relate to or understand what you are trying to communicate to them, then you might as well be speaking in a foreign language. Effective expression of The Cause requires clear communication, and at least a simple comprehension of the subject matter. With most people, to coin a phrase, we must apply the “KISS Principle”: Keep It Simple, Stupid. We must SIMPLIFY our explanation of the concepts we are trying to get across. We must reach a SHARED UNDERSTANDING, a meeting of the minds.

The mass media has programmed “socially acceptable” responses and images in the minds of the public at large. As a result, important issues such as “Race,” “The Jews,” “Tolerance” of the profane, “Equality” of all “mankind,” etc., bring conditioned responses that reject the bold-faced truth and which are often the opposite of what the conditioned individual actually believes. The conditioned response is trained by a specific pattern that the mass media has established as a rule of thumb:
FIRST: The media gushes forth such a multitude of CONTRARY OPINIONS that the common man feels forced to withdraw, and a) refuse to form an opinion, or b) keep any “unpopular” opinions to himself. (Among those media generated “opinions” the Truth is rarely an option, is vilified, or is very poorly represented.) SECOND: Within the blizzard of media-screened “opinions” a general trend can be seen, one in which the Truth [even when only alluded to] is shunned, scoffed at, angrily dismissed, or not even worth considering. (It is generally a rule that the Truth of every controversial matter can often be found by either a) taking the opposite stance from the mass media or b) taking the position that is the “most abhorrent” or c) the position that is so “forbidden” that it is never brought up.)
This well-established pattern generates a Pavlovian Response in the general public. For those not familiar, the scientist Pavlov rang a small bell every time he fed his dogs. He noted that after being so conditioned, the dogs would salivate or slobber whenever he rang the bell, even when food was not present. So, “Pavlovian” refers to “a reflex reaction or conditioned response to a stimulus.” (Related to the Pavlovian Response is the Conditioned Response, which is a “response to a stimulus that does not directly cause it but has come to be associated with it, as through training.”) Pavlov’s experiments led to modern techniques for brainwashing. In our case, the media uses a stimulus, the TV commentator, actors in dramatic scenes, emotionally charged speakers such as talkshow hosts or some sort of “authority,” to establish the Pavlovian training into the unsuspecting and often superstitious public.

We’ve all experienced the Pavlovian response; even those who do not hold extreme views of one kind or another have witnessed acquaintances who have made short emotional responses to “sensationalized” topics, yet after prolonged discussion with the same individual he then expresses thoughts and feelings that oppose his initial reaction. Some might call this “going with the crowd,” and in part it is, but in truth it is something more sinister.

As a branch of the Establishment, which is controlled by that tyrannical oligarchy working toward a totalitarian one world government, the mass media is a tool to cause confusion in the masses. In most revolutions of the past there has always been a basically singular set of ideals driving those in revolt against tyranny. Confusion of thought and purpose prevents revolutions. In all “white” nations today, confusion abounds on such important topics as race, politics, religion and justice. And when for some reason a segment of the populous begins to show a mental revolt to the corruption of tyranny being force-fed to them, the media will immediately kick in with a thousand “experts” and a thousand “opinions” to re-establish confusion and disorder in the public at large, especially vilifying the ‘revolted dissenters.’

Disarming the media-indoctrinated response is the key to reaching those few who may be capable of becoming believers and later on possible Activists in The Cause. Depending upon whether you are “reasoning” with an individual or a group, and whether your available time is long or short, the object is to make the hearer think for himself, and then place the ball in his court. Two methods of doing this are: The Blunt Approach, coming right out and saying the bold-faced Truth; and The Finesse Approach, side-stepping around the Pavlovian Reaction.

THE BLUNT APPROACH brings out an immediate reaction by effectually punching your opponent square in the nose with hard facts, getting their unreasoning or emotional resistance to the Truth out in the open right from the start. This approach is generally effective for large audiences such as in a talkshow setting, for lengthy interviews or programming, or for written material. With individuals, this approach will most often set the stage for an adversarial discussion, unless they are already in agreement to one point or another. Listen for comments that oppose their initial Pavlovian reaction, and boldly point out their hypocrisies. The blunt approach is best used by speakers who WON’T LOSE THEIR COOL, and can use the unreasoning Pavlovian reaction of the counter-speaker and audience to contrast his stability. HE MUST KNOW HIS MATERIAL and be firmly versed in his beliefs. The half-initiated and inexperienced should never show face in a talkshow setting. Talkshow directors will often invite newcomers, women, and youth to their shows where they are more easily rattled under the pressures of the setting—at the same time avoiding proven, experienced Activists and scholars. We have long been damaged by the moronic antics of Ku Klux Klowns and Hollywood Nazis that are the showpieces of such farces. (A proven talkshow gimmick is to use paid actors to pose as “racists” so the host can be guaranteed to “win” the argument and convince the audience and the “Racist” of the error of his ways.)

THE FINESSE APPROACH is best for one on one, or small group confrontations, for people you would like to win over, or at least make to think. Unlike the blunt approach, your intent should be to avoid the Pavlovian Response, to disarm them, and get them to think for themselves, to question and doubt their preconditioned misconceptions. In creating a gamut of mass “opinions” the media has made it acceptable to doubt everything, use the individual’s capacity for doubt to shake the pillars of the Establishment programming in their minds. Finesse the individual, make a “connection,” develop upon “shared insight.” LISTEN to them, build upon their own concerns, and when they express beliefs contrary to media conditioning expand upon those personal views and lead them towards The Cause. The drawback of the finesse approach is the time it can take, lengthy discussions, multiple chats with an individual over days or weeks.

Whatever approach you use in conversation, speaking or writing, remember, the key to your effectiveness is not so much in your ability to write or speak, but in YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING OF The Cause, of the truthful facts, history, and an unwavering dedication to your beliefs. Most white people today have become wage-slaves, little more than sheep and cattle cycling through the great System slaughterhouse where they are fleeced and butchered for the profit of strangers who neither care for them nor the future of our children. It is a requirement of our Cause that our message is heard and understood. You should not get your hopes up that you might “save” this person or that one; in the end, the choice between our national or personal life and death for each man and woman is their own. If you see no success, do as the Bible apostles were instructed: kick the dust off your feet and move on. You’ve planted a “seed of thought” in the hearer—perhaps one day it may grow—but for the moment it is unprofitable to continue tilling the infertile soil. Rather, we must get our message out there, with the best ability of each of us. From there we will begin to see actual “movement” among the spiritually dead body of our Race, and not just that frustrating stagnation that has left the pro-white “movement” a seemingly dead and lifeless thing.

We must direct the minds of our race toward the sources of their social ills, but also toward the future and the inevitable genocide of their race, the history of their ancestors, their culture, and the loss of any life’s work they have endeavored to build. Our race, by the necessity of the program of the tyrants, has become immoral, without standards, principles or any real purpose beyond wage-slavery, personal gain, and “keeping up with the Jones’s.” If they think beyond the Establishment’s doctrine that makes good evil and evil good, then it becomes a question of whether more than a few are even willing to make a determination of right from wrong.

The ball is in YOUR park. For you to be a successful Activist, and for our Race to escape the Establishment program of genocide through mongrelization, our message must be preached from the rooftops. And to be truly effective you are each REQUIRED to build upon your personal understanding and knowledge of The Cause. This further requires discipline and a personal standard of morals. YOU represent The Folk, YOU are what men picture when they think of our Cause. And it is with your efforts and effectiveness that we as a Race will live or perish upon this earth. All you have left to do is decide what you will do with the rest of your life.

“In Oldspeak it is called, quite frankly, ‘reality control.’ In Newspeak it is called doublethink, although doublethink comprises much else as well. Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. The Party intellectual knows in which direction his memories must be altered; he therefore knows that he is playing tricks with reality; but by the exercise of doublethink he also satisfies himself that reality is not violated.”—George Orwell, 1984.

Eight Revolutionary Points

1. The Cause is the Preservation and Separation of our Aryan Race that our Genetic Line may remain secure for eternity. As a wise man once said: “What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the Creator of the universe.” (Mein Kampf, Chapter 8.)

2. Race-Mixing is Genocide. Down breeding within our Territorial Homeland must be stopped at all costs.

3. Our Nationalism must become the Unity of our Race World-Wide. No more boundaries. The Cause must become a Pan-Aryan effort.

4. There is only One Program: The Cause. Only One Law: The Truth. If it does not promote The Cause then do not promote it. Period.

5. The Cause is a Revolutionary Ideal. You must think, study, preach Revolution, Become a Revolutionary. Make the System react to you.

6. Become an Extrovert, be positive. If you practice the art of conversation you will improve, seek training if you need help, professional and corporate level classes are available.

7. “DRIVE SAFELY.” Stay in your lane of the Revolutionary Highway (Drunk drivers not allowed, violators will be prosecuted). Those found in the middle of the road are fools or feds, send both packing.

8. If you cannot recall at least one Revolutionary act in the past week then you have failed The Cause. Repent! Do penance by completing two Revolutionary acts today! Go and sin no more ….

White Revolution Is The Only Solution!
“Pacifism will remain an idea, war a fact, and if the White Race decides to wage war no longer, the colored will, and will become rulers of the world.”—Oswald Spengler, Decline of the West. “I know that some man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work, only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I myself am not that one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other one still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no time to be lost.”—Adolf Hitler as quoted by Hans Grimm, 1928.
1.↑ By definition, a movement is: “a progression in a particular direction or toward a particular objective … a series of concerted organized activities or related events working toward or shaping some objective.” Among the pro-white movement there are so many varied objectives, so many diametrically opposing beliefs and views, that there is not one movement, but many movements. Among these movements there is only one similar Cause, and by definition a cause is: “a principle, ideal, goal, or movement to which a person or group is dedicated.” We may have a Cause, the preservation of our Race, but our “movement” is actually a “disorganization.”
2.↑ In declaring the necessity of a territorial imperative I am NOT naming any particular region, such as the failed “imperative” for the Pacific northwest of America. I am declaring only the factual necessity for our survival as a race and a people.