How to Celebrate Christ’s Resurrection

Today is the day that jewdeo-churchianity celebrates the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I don’t celebrate this day because not only is Easter a pagan holiday that has absolutely nothing to do with Christ, but even ‘Christianism’ seems to be more fixated on bunnies and eggs than on Christ.

The only reason our Jewish Owned Government allows Christ to be included in this ‘holiday’ is because (((they))) make billions and billions of dollars by selling gifts, clothing, gasoline, candy, eggs, toys, cards, etc., etc. But, I’m a minimalist, not a consumerist, so it’s just not my thing. But, I don’t judged anyone in respect to these things. To each his own.

But, for true Christians, the resurrection of Yahshua Christ should be celebrated everyday, morning, noon, and evening.

We should live our lives trying to imitate Christ. We should love Yahweh God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength. We should love our neighbor (our fellow white man), as ourselves. We should do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

We should daily seek to advance the Government of Yahweh on Earth. We should also put our love into action by helping those caucasians who are less fortunate than us. We should also actively oppose everything and everyone that comes against all that is good, and all that we love. For instance, the other races, led by the jews, are seeking the destruction of Western Civilization and the White Race. If we love our familes, if we love our nation, if we love our race, if we love the people of God, then we should be doing everything we can on a daily basis to stop (((their))) satanic war against us.

The jews had Yahweh and Yahshua banned from public schools. Now schools have drugs, gangs, violence, and trannies.

We only have ourselves to blame. What did we do to stop it? What are we doing to reverse it? We are complicit by our inaction.

Jews are only doing what they are compelled to do. They can’t help it. It’s in their satanic DNA. Jews are gonna jew. When are Christians gonna start Christianizing?

You see, as many of us celebrate the resurrection of Yahshua, we need to realize that He already accomplished the hard part. Christ left the splendor of Heaven, knowing full well that His destiny was to come and endure a lifetime of hardship that would culminate in his being rejected, cursed, spat upon, tortured, and murdered.

Our Brother, Yahshua is our Kinsman Redeemer. He came and died to reconcile us white people, his kin, back to God. He came only for us, the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Not for niggers, beaners, street-shitters, ragheads, jews, nor any other form of animal-demon hybrid. Christ came to save HIS PEOPLE from our sins.

And while Christ certainly was meek and humble, and while he showed tenderness, kindness, and love towards us, He was certainly no weakling! He was not a sissy! Not at all. He got in the jews face and told them plainly that they were a race of snakes. He told them they were OUT OF their father-the devil.

Christ didn’t go kicking and screaming to the impaling pole. No, he let them know that he could call out to Yahweh and have twelve legions of angels there at once to slaughter the entire population.

Christ wasn’t being weak by laying down His life. He was in fact, showing His strength by conquering Death – the strongest enemy ever!

No man could defeat death. It slayed everyone it came for, for thousands of years. But, Death was no problem for Christ to overcome. Yahshua Christ rose from the grave victoriously and now He reigns triumphantly! And because of His resurrection, He became the ultimate hero for us all. He saved billions and billions of lives.

Christ faced the money-changers with a whip and prevailed. He beat the Pharisees at every argument. He faced trials, testings, and temptations and overcame them all.He faced Satan and won. He battled demons, illnesses, deafness, blindness, hunger, and storms. Yes, even the winds and the waves cowered at His commands.

Yahshua’s friend Lazarus was dead in his grave. He had been there for four days. His body was decomposing and stinking, and here we find the shortest verse in the Bible, and it says, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35).

He didn’t weep because Lazarus was dead. He wept because he knew that Lazarus would have to come back and endure the hardships of this earthly life. But I digress.

Christ told them to open the entrance to Lazarus’ tomb and Christ said, “Lazarus, come forth!” And Lazarus rose from the dead. The decomposition was made to halt. Whatever happens in the physical and spiritual realms after death was forced to comply, to stop, to reverse. No greater display of power has any man shown.

Yahshua the Anointed has done His part. He came and did His Father’s will. He paid a heavy price in suffering and death. Now all He asks is that we love one another – not love, the noun – love, the verb. Faith without works is dead. By our love put into action, everyone will know that we are Christ’s disciples.

Let us follow Him, the wonderful Son of God, who gave us an example to follow, an example of love and kindness towards our own, but also an example of authority and strength, an example of faith and strength that overcomes the enemies of Yahweh, the enemies of our people, and even the elements themselves.

So, if you want to really, genuinely, and properly celebrate Christ’s resurrection, what better way than to emulate Him in word AND in deed.