New Zealand Mosque Shooting

For what it’s worth, here are my thoughts on the New Zealand mosque shooting.

I’m not sure whether or not this was some kind of CIA/Mossad False Flag to stir up trouble. That’s usually the case with these things. However, after reading the shooter’s 74 page “manifesto” called, The Great Replacement, all I can say is, “Wow”! It surely resonated with me. It simply put in writing the beliefs I hold and share with many other frustrated, straight, angry, White, Christian men.

For Pete’s sake, what did everyone think was going to happen when the West was flooded with African and Arab Muslim terrorists and they were allowed to rape and kill our people?

I wish there was an alternative to violence, but I can’t see one.

The globalist Serpent Seed Jews have created an environment where Whites feel like they’re backed into a corner and don’t have any other choices.

As one white writer put it earlier today, “Brenton Tarrant is not a product of “hate,” he is the natural product of a multicultural society. Period. That is the only analysis of this situation that makes any sense, it is the only one that means anything.”

I think most people saw this coming, and are surprised that it took this long.

For at least 20 years, we’ve watched the TV newscasts of bloody white bodies lying in the streets of Western cities all over the world. Whether actual events or globalist/Jew false flags, we were repulsed by these “terrorist attacks”.

As mass immigration continues to defile our White homelands, we read the reports of our White women and children being raped and killed by Muslims. So, if you expect me to sympathize with these animals that were exterminated in this New Zealand mosque, you’re crazy. It would be an insult to the memory of every White Christian raped or killed by these beasts.

Brenton Tarrant didn’t just “go crazy” and kill these rag-heads for no reason. Tarrant is the inevitable response to a situation that was intentionally created by the Jews, who knew this would happen.

The idea of Muslims wanting sympathy because, all of a sudden, the shoe is on the other foot, is utterly ridiculous. Tarrant’s response was totally predictable and completely understandable and justifiable.

While most of these events are perpetrated by CIA/Mossad or Muslim invaders into White lands, Tarrant was defending his own land against savage interlopers.

When you flood a White country with savage animal-demon hybrids who stab Christians, molest White children and rape women and goats, it’s only a matter of time until some man, somewhere finds the “testicular” fortitude to rise up and avenge his people (and animals).

This is just one more proof that multiculturalism has completely failed.

Obviously, I cannot legally encourage others to commit violence or other illegal activities, so I don’t suggest that anyone reading this go out and mimic Tarrant’s behavior.

However, just like Dylan Roof, Eric Rudolph, Clay Waagner, and other heroes, we should honor the sacrifice made by this young man by carefully considering what he wrote. This way everyone can understand why he felt he had to do this. You may not agree with his actions, but you can certainly understand him by reading his manifesto here: The-Great-Replacement.

Ultimately, anyone looking to place blame for this loss of life should look no further than the Serpent Seed Jews who created the conditions that caused it to happen. Marxist/Globalist Jewish actions lead us to this point, and Jews are, quite possibly going to be regretting the inevitable consequences of their evil policies and satanic subversion of Western Civilization, for some time to come.

Please pray for Brenton Tarrant and his family. May Yahweh God bless this hero in the name of Yahshua Christ.