The Pope Is Poop

Unfortunately, most Christians are unaware that the Roman Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon The Great – Mother of Harlots and Abominations, as written in the book of Revelation. For the Protestants who are eager to agree with that statement – allow me to remind you that this Mother of Harlots has many harlot daughters. Their names are: Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Seventh-Day Adventist, Episcopal, Anglican, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Christian Science, and even Non-Denominational. If I left your brand out, I apologize. I’m sure I’ll offend you later. I cannot name the entire list because there are thousands of these harlot daughters.

The truth is, I love White people from all religious backgrounds and encourage everyone to “Come out of her my people” as commanded in Scripture.

This diatribe is not so much against the apostate church as it is against the Face of Organized Religion – the Pope. It seems like everyday, this bone-head is coming out with another goofy idea or stupid declaration.

Firstly, allow me to say that this dummy has no authority from GOD. He is not our Father’s representative, and you shouldn’t listen to anything he says.

The Scriptures say, “And you folks should not call anyone on earth your father, because you see, One is your Father: the Heavenly One. Neither should you people be called leaders or guides, because One exists being your Leader and Guide: the Anointed One/Christ!” (Matthew 23:9,10).


“Understand that there’s one GOD, and there’s just one mediator between GOD and men… a man, the Anointed Jesus” (2 Timothy 2:5).

You don’t need to pay a pope, priest, bishop, pastor, or any other huckster to go to GOD on your behalf like a jailhouse lawyer, because again, Scripture says, “…if anyone sins, we have someone righteous who is our ParaCletos (advocate or one who stands beside us to speak on our behalf) with the Father, Jesus the Anointed One” (1 John 2:1).

There you have three witnesses from Scripture.

The first thing Francis did was to say that Donald Trump was not a Christian, because Trump wanted to build a border wall. The Pope lives in Italy – actually the Vatican is his own little autonomous country inside Rome. It’s really none of his business. He’s not an American.

Using the Pontiff’s logic, one would assume that people who had fences in their yards or lockable doors on their homes are not Christians either!

And By the way, This hypocrite has a huge wall surrounding the Vatican. So by his own standard, the Pope is not a Christian either.

The next strike against him is the fact that he (Pope Francis) has been appointing ‘gay-friendly’ cardinals and bishops in order to ‘reform’ the church and make it more acceptable to the LGBTQ community. Francis also gave his approval to sodomites by saying, “Who am I to judge?”. So he cannot judge dangerous and vile sexual perverts, but he can judge a presidential candidate for wanting to secure his nation’s border. Really?

Not only has Francis been deliberately filling leadership positions with activist sodomites, he’s been bending the rules in order to get them in. Clearly this devil is trying to normalize sexual perversion within the church as it is being done in society. I suppose he thinks the church doesn’t already have enough faggots and child rapists with all the scandals going on.

After the synagogue shooting (False Flag) in Pittsburg earlier this year, Pope Francis (who am I to judge) said that a Christian cannot be an anti-semite. This is nothing new as he has been kissing demon-seed jew butts for years, but now the pope who cannot judge sodomites can judge presidential candidates and anti-semites. Sounds strange coming from the head of the RCC, who used to be very ‘anti-semitic’ for many years (BTW, jews are not semites and it is perfectly okay to despise God’s enemies, including jews).


The following quote is from an article at:

“It was the Catholic Church which initially invented the myth that Jews were the “spiritual elders” of Christians. Prior to that, the Early Church Fathers considered any such notion that found common ground between Christianity and Judaism to be “judaizing” and was openly denounced. Even the more recent concept of “judeo-Christian values” was fabricated as part of a propaganda campaign during WWII to convince Christians that it was in their interests to fight and die for jewish interests.

The pope is merely continuing the open Catholic pandering to Jews since Vatican II in the early 1960 when jewish agents worked to fundamentally change the Church into a pro-Zionist, pro-Judaism institution. The idea that real Christians can’t be antisemites flies in the face of the Catholic Church’s own history, prior to Vatican II, when it often was openly hostile to jewish interests, such as usury and the immorality peddled by Hollywood. Up until recently, it was even Vatican policy not to acknowledge or visit the State of Israel, but that no longer is the case”.

Earlier this year, Archbishop Carlo Vigano, accused a number of prelates of dereliction of duty in dealing with clerical sex abuse and claimed that the pope had elevated serial sex abuser Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, to a position of influence despite knowing about his crimes.

The pope didn’t appreciate Vigano going public with his claims. In September, in a thinly veiled public rebuke of Vigano, the pope basically called the guy ‘the Devil’ for exposing these bastards. Pope Francis said, “the Great Accuser seeks to unveil sins so that they may be seen, to scandalize the people.”

Earler today as Francis gave his Christmas sermon, he acknowledged two ‘afflictions’ in the church. One was sexual abuse & abuse of power, that “clerics and consecrated persons” had inflicted on others. Francis condemned this abuse by comparing pedophile priests to King David, who lusted after Bathsheba and put her husband in harm’s way. Yep, Francis the talking mule equated King David – a man after God’s own heart, with a bunch of faggots and child-molestors. Unbelievable.

But the pope’s biggest concern was the second affliction which was “the infidelity of those who betray their vocation, their sworn promise, their mission and their consecration to God and the Church.” In other words, let’s keep our vows of secrecy and keep quiet about all the man/boy sex going on. Francis made it clear that ‘devils’ like whistleblower Vigano and others who expose homosexual perverts and child predators (which are rampant in the clergy) are betraying the Church and GOD.

In spite of thousands of destroyed lives, millions of dollars in settlement payments to victims, and the continuing destruction of their church, the pope’s promises of transparency and accountability continue to go unfullfilled as thousands of faggot child-molestors continue to prey on their trusting young victims. The pope’s solution is to keep quiet, cover up crimes, blame the victims, promote the predators, and accuse the one’s who don’t like it of being traitors and devils.

The Roman Catholic Church has a pedophile problem because the clergy are mostly sodomites. What do you expect when the job requirement is celibacy? This stupid, antiquated, and unscriptural policy only guarantees that 99% of the job applicants will be sodomites. Sodomy is dangerous and demented behavior. Every sodomite is a likely pedophile. If you attend a church like this, then you are a fool. If you allow your children to be around these monsters, you are irresponsible at best, and an unfit parent at worst.

This is the state of modern organized religion because we have kicked GOD out of the churches and invited jewish influence and sexual predators in. And, while we are all complicit by allowing it to continue, the man at the top, who wears the mitre of Dagon the fish god, is the one ultimately responsible. Remember, anti-christ means ‘in place of Christ’. The solution to these problems is to get rid of jewish influence, paganism, and sexual perverts, and elevate Christ to his rightful place as heir of all things.