Christ Was NOT A Jew !

Judas' Kiss

One of the most blasphemous lies of “jewdeo-churchianity” is the one that states that our Savior, Yahshua Anointed (Jesus Christ) is a jew (lower-case ‘j’ done intentionally). Nothing could be further from the truth.

This satanic jewish lie is all a part of zionist-christian brainwashing – the same brainwashing that erroneously teaches that jews are ‘God’s Chosen’ or that the land of Israel (Palestine), is given to (((them))) by Father Yahweh as (((their))) inheritance.

Henry Ford is quoted as saying, “Christians read their Bibles through Jewish lenses, thus they read it wrong” (paraphrased). You see, the devil’s kids began infiltrating the Ecclesia (church) of Christ soon after his resurrection. It started with mixing pagan doctrines, ideas, customs, and concepts to the teachings of Yahweh and Yahshua. Centuries later, zionist jews began indoctrinating christian believers with lies and contrived concepts in order to make the church more friendly to jews and judaism/communism.

Now with their mission accomplished, these two-faced anti-christs (in place of Christ) can continue working their father’s (satan) plan of world domination and destruction by stealth, while outwardly seeming to appear as allies to Christians. The best way to keep your enemy from opposing you is to make him think you are his friend. This is why the Israeli Mossad’s slogan is, “By Deception, Thou Shall Make War”.

A big part of this deception comes from misunderstanding and mis-translating the Scriptures. The enemies of Yahweh have even managed to change the definitions and etymologies of various words, even inventing new words to aid them in their deluding of God’s people. This is why Yahweh says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. While we are busy shopping and watching TV, the jew is plotting his next trick and setting his next trap for you.

Do yourself a favor. If you’re reading this now, I beg you to please take the time to check into what I am claiming here. JESUS WAS NOT A JEW. Don’t believe me? Then prove me wrong. I don’t mean for you to just ask your judeo-churchian pastor or read one article by a jew from the internet. Study the words ‘jew’ and ‘gentile’ for yourself.

If you are a White christian, White nationalist, or White pagan, I implore you to read just one of the articles below. I’ve included ten of them by ten different scholars. I could have added many more. I wish you would read them all, but I know you won’t. At least read one of them. Pick one. Any one. I recommend the first one on the list, but it’s up to you.

People are afraid of the truth because they don’t want their illusions to be destroyed. There is false comfort in sticking with false beliefs and change is uncomfortable. But, once your life is transformed by truth, you will never want to go back to deception and mediocrity.

Here they are. Educate yourself. Expose yourself to alternate views. Don’t be afraid. The majority has always been wrong. Few people find the courage to go against the tide and walk in truth. I hope you are one of the few today.

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