Abortion Is Baby Murder

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The abortion debate is no debate at all. It was settled before it began. YAHWEH God said, “You shall not murder”. Every White person knows deep inside that it is wrong to murder. Semantics and deceitfully contrived arguments cannot make something that’s evil – good. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).

When an “abortion” (even the word is contrived to damper the reality) takes place, something that was living ceases to live – it dies. This isn’t a moral judgment but a biological fact.

Baby-killers and their supporters like to make irrelevant arguments and slogans to “muddy the water” and over-complicate a simple black and white issue.

For example: Many will say that it is a debate about the beginning of life. Whether life begins at conception or at birth. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all, no one is aware that a conception even occurred until weeks later. Secondly, saying that life begins at birth is like saying I’m dead in my house and I become alive only when I walk outside through the front door. This is a discussion about location, not life.

Imagine if the law allowed me to come into your house and hack you to death with a hatchet, but if I waited until you stepped outside, it would be an illegal murder. Location. Is a killing worse in Dallas or Fort Worth. It’s insanity to even have to say this.

Another ridiculous argument is the baby-killer slogan that says, “My body – my choice”. Whose body? First of all, a man is more than a sperm donor. It usually takes two to make a baby. So the fact that the woman carries the baby doesn’t negate the man’s rights any more than it does his responsibility to the woman and the child. But isn’t this what it’s all about? Rights with no responsibility? Rights to do whatever we want, whenever we want, to whoever we want with no consequences whatsoever. Hell, I’d like to be able to jump off the roof without breaking my leg, but I’m not guaranteed that right. Damn that gravity, infringing on my atmosphereric rights!

The problem with “my body-my choice” is simple. It’s not your body. It’s the babies body. If it was the mother’s body, then the mother would die during the abortion. By the way, that does happen sometimes even in these clean, safe women’s clinics. Notice the wording? Which sounds best – “women’s clinic” or “Baby slaughter house”? You can call a pile of dog poop a rose blossom, but it still smells.

Why are these people so adamant about wanting to kill babies anyway? Does convenience justify murder? If you don’t want a baby, don’t have one. It’s not like birth control isn’t freely available. Do you not have enough self-control to keep your legs closed for a particular length of time? How about being a responsible adult and staying out of adult situations until you are prepared?

As always, I’m speaking to White people. The other races are animal-demon hybrids. They can’t help but act on their impulses. But YAHWEH’s Adamic race has the Spirit/Breath of God inside them. We have our Heavenly Father’s DNA. He has created this world and has given us authority to rule over it. Surely we can temporarily rule our own passions, especially in important matters like life and death!

Well, what about rape? Can I kill my baby then? I don’t know – if you beat the hell out of me, can I take it out on an innocent bystander? How is the crime of rape avenged by killing the innocent baby? Are there exceptions to the rules? Of course. If a white woman is raped by a negroid or some other non-white, she should rectify that horrible situation as soon as possible. That’s a totally different circumstance. Despite what you’ve been brainwashed to believe, non-whites are not our species and we are to have nothing to do with them. A white woman shouldn’t defile her womb with a black baby any more than she should carry a fox or a snake. That may sound insensitive and hateful, but it’s the truth whether you can receive it or not.

IF there were circumstances that were likely to cause the mother’s death, and the only way to spare her life was to kill the baby, then that is a decision she must make with her family and her God. But, I’d rather see a woman do like a friend of mine did.

Dan and Mindy are old friends of mine. When Mindy was pregnant with their third child, her doctor told her there was a strong possibility that her pregnancy could cause serious complications, including death. He actually recommended “terminating” the pregnancy. However, Mindy didn’t hesitate. She explained that YAHWEH God had blessed them with this child and she wouldn’t even consider not having it. She carried her baby for nine months and had a successful delivery free from any complications. That was about twenty years ago and both mother and now grown son are perfectly healthy. As for the lying doctor, I’m not sure if he’s okay or not.

What you must realize, is that the Almighty Creator made the spirit realm and the physical realm. He made this earth to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18) and he made Adam and Eve (the White race) and breathed His Breath/Spirit into them and commanded them to be fruitful and multiply – to replenish the earth (read Genesis). Likewise, it is the duty of YAHWEH’s racial family to have children. This is our purpose for existing in flesh bodies – to allow God to experience His creation through us – His people.

That’s why Satan deceived Eve. That’s why the fallen angels copulated with women – in order to corrupt the Seedline of God. That’s why the jews (Satan’s racial descendants) want to flood White populations with non-white immigrants. This is why jews invented birth control and abortion – to stop whites from being born. They want to breed us out of existence through race-mixing. They hate God and us. They want to deny YAHWEH the pleasure of experiencing His creation through His Anointed people.

Again, as heartless and cruel as it may seem, I’m for abortion for blacks, asians, hispanics, arabs, and especially jews, but when a white baby is aborted, a child of God is murdered.

The final argument of baby-killers is to say that if you’re pro-life, you have to be 100% pro-life in all circumstances. Wrong again! Manslaughter is different than murder. Accidental death is different from capital punishment. Has our society become so deranged that I have to explain this? Can you honestly compare the intentional pre-meditated cold-blooded murder of an innocent helpless little baby with the sanctioned execution of a convicted child molesting serial killer? I’m through with this. If you cannot understand this, I can’t help you.

If I seem angry, it’s because I am. I’m sickened by what this world has become. And contrary to what lying “judeo-christians” say, it’s okay to be angry and it’s okay to hate. I love those that love YAHWEH, and I hate those that hate Him. And, like Him, I hate those who shed innocent blood. We are to love God and God’s people exclusively, not mongrels. We are to execute murderers, rapists, and sodomites, who follow after the ways of Satan and go against God’s natural order. IF whites repent and turn, we can forgive and receive them, otherwise we turn them over to YAHWEH for correction. People who deny Christ’s existence shouldn’t be evangelized, they should be Anathema Maranatha (cursed at His coming). The apostasy of religion has “christians” worried about Republican politics and “drinkin’, smokin’, gamblin’, and cussin'” while our racial kinsman – YAHWEH’s children are being sacrificed to Moloch by the millions in abortion mills everywhere!

Have you ever seen a murdered baby? Call it an aborted fetus if it makes you feel better. The jew devils who brainwash you through education, media, and entertainment on a daily basis, would have you believe that a child is an unformed insignificant glob of meat, like a package of ground beef or a cancerous tumour. Perhaps that’s true for jewish kids, but Adamic white babies are a beautiful creation of God. That’s why jews don’t want us having any.

Do you know why you’ve never seen an “aborted” baby? Because (((they))) know that if you did, you would become pro-life. No person with a human soul can look at images of decapitated and dismantled white children and say that it’s okay. Jews love whites killing their babies because it destroys the devil’s enemies and (((they))) make lots of money from it, too. These bastards will do anything to keep you from seeing these images. That’s why I’ve posted the following links.


Now that you’ve been warned, I’m begging you to look at these images. If you place any value on life, you absolutely cannot view these images without realizing that abortion is equal to satanism. As difficult and disturbing as it is, I wish you and all white people would look at these pictures. If we all did, there wouldn’t be a single “abortion clinic” standing by morning. Please look at them. There are one hundred pics in the first link. Just look at two or three. I pray you will and hopefully you’ll join me, and we can do something about it.

This article is dedicated to my friend, Clay Waagner who is in federal prison for sending fake bomb threats to hundreds of clinics in America. Many were temporarily shut-down during the investigation. It is estimated that Clay saved 10,000 babies from death and dismemberment. The government calls Clay a terrorist. I call him a hero.

CLICK HERE – 100 abortion photos

CLICK HERE – Army of God website

(NOTE: Have you noticed that Republican political candidates are always campaigning on being anti-abortion. They blame their inability to stop it on the Supreme Court, but they continue to fund Planned Parenthood. Shouldn’t they be held accountable?)

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