Evidence For The Historical Christ

4 Compelling Historical Documents That Prove Jesus Existed ...

Remember when (((they))) used to say that Christ was a great teacher but questioned the idea of him being The Son of God? I remember well.

The reason that (((they))) did that was because (((they))) knew there was plenty of evidence to support a historical Christ, so (((they))) didn’t deny his existence, just his divinity. The jews hate Christ to this day. They weren’t satisfied with murdering him. Now they want to erase him from history.

The sons of satan have tried to destroy all the evidence, but unlike the holocaust, Christ’s incarnation is a historical fact with real evidence to support it.

Now the enemy wants to discredit the evidence and deny Christ existed. The jews are also behind the astrotheology hoax that claims Christ is just another version of previous pagan fables.

So which is it? Is he a historical fiction or a myth? Actually he is neither. What Yahshua the Anointed is, is the first-born and unique Son of Yahweh (God). And before he was born and lay in a manger, he was with Yahweh before the creation of the earth (Read Proverbs 8 and John 1).

It’s funny that no one denies the existence of other historical figures like Plato or Julius Caesar when there is less evidence of them than there is Christ.

Here is a link to a list of 210 pieces of historical evidence supporting Christ’s time on earth in a human body. Of course the jews will claim these documents are not authentic. Well, I claim their blasphemous Talmud is crap. Oh, and by the way, these same cockroach jews that deny Christ exists mention him many times in their “holy book” called the Talmud – always in a hateful manner.

Here’s the link:   210 proofs

Also, here is a link to another page with historical info validating Christ and early Christianity:    Christian History News

Thanks for dropping by, and remember: If a jew tells the truth, it’s only to set-up a bigger lie in the future. May all anti-Christs be accursed. Have a blessed day.

Watchman Mike