The Government Knows E.Ts are Demons: They Don’t Want You to Know

You may have noticed that the UFO/E.T. subject has become very popular lately. There are a lot of TV shows about ancient aliens and alien abductions. There are also occasional “news” reports concerning mysterious objects in the sky and declassified documents that vaguely mention government investigations into alleged sightings. The internet is now chock full of websites and YouTube videos on the subject.

I had a “sighting” of my own somewhere between 1974 and 1976 in Northern Mississippi. My friend Bobby and I were two unsuspecting kids playing in my yard after school, when we noticed a reddish/orange colored, saucer-shaped object in the sky. It seemed to be a few hundred yards away and about the size of a couple of moving vans. Forgive me if my memory isn’t perfectly accurate after 40 something years.

I’m not sure how long we stared at it, but I can clearly remember the saucer shape and the glowing red/orange (neon-like) color. I also remember that our curiosity soon turned to fear, and Bobby ran to his house, and I ran to mine.

The next day at school, our teacher addressed it by informing us that many others had witnessed this object hovering over our small town. She told us that the local authorities had investigated and determined the object to be a weather balloon. With the case quickly closed, we kids moved own with our lives. However, I never forgot that experience and I’m not sure I ever really bought in to the weather balloon explanation.

In the years since my experience, being an inquisitive person, I’ve made a point of paying attention to anything I see, hear, or read about on the subject of UFOs. I’ve read many of the books, watched many of the shows, and perused a bunch of websites, and there are a lot of them. I’ve studied the theories and hypotheses – everything from Sitchin’s Annunakis to Ickes Reptilians to Greer’s Disclosure Project. As is often the case, the Controllers of this world love to mix a little truth in every lie to confuse and deceive. Most of the time, the sincere researcher is faced with the task of sorting through so much data, info, and disinformation, that he becomes exhausted and gives up the search. Not me. I’m determined to go as far down the rabbit hole as necessary.

Many polls show that an ever-increasing number of people believe in life in outer space. Many of these same people believe that some of these “life-forms” are visiting earth and the world’s governments are attempting to conceal this. At one time, I believed the same thing. After all, I figured that if a Creator making earth and humans was impressive, how much more impressed are we to “know” that He created a universe with billions of planets and other living creatures in “outer space”. However, after doing my research all these years, I’ve come to a very different conclusion. The following is the true story concerning the UFO phenomenon that (((they))) don’t want you to know about.

Although UFO sightings have occurred all throughout history, there was a huge increase in the numbers of sightings in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s as America’s Intelligence community began to grow concerned over paranormal events that were happening with what is called, The UFO Air War of 1950.

During this time, and hidden from the public, the US F94 aircraft was firing rockets at UFOs that were coming into US airspace. Recently released documents show that inquiries were made by Winston Churchill himself concerning this. The F94 jets were shooting at these objects and supposedly shot many of them down. Coincidentally, many air accidents and mysterious crashes of planes all across the world were reported, and it has been said that they were brought down by UFOs. Many of these pilots reported their names being called by mysterious voices over their radios.

This is when secretive government groups began to be formed to investigate these events – like Majestic 12 and Project Blue Book. The National Security Agency had it’s own group, and secret documents from within Naval Intelligence state that President Eisenhower had commissioned this group to examine all of the evidence and find the truth of this question. The group was called the JASON Society. But, there is another top secret group that you’ve probably never heard of. The reason is because (((the powers that be))) don’t want you getting too close to the truth.

This top secret UFO intelligence gathering agency was named The Collins Elite. It was based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It’s members ranged from CIA agents to religious leaders. The name Collins Elite comes from an inside joke about one of it’s members, who made cheese in the city of Collins, New York.

Here is where it gets interesting. It’s also where we take a different direction from the common theories belched-out on TV.

The Collins Elite, secretly and illegally funded by the CIA, was formed after the U.S. Government began investigating Israeli spying at the Hughes Aircraft Company.

This spy scandal involved Jack Parsons, the father of rocket propulsion (some give Von Karman this title), and his “friend”, the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. It appears that the CIA thought Parsons was spying for Israel’s jews. Hubbard was thought to be spying on Parsons for the FBI and/or Naval Intelligence. It’s alleged that L. Ron Hubbard eventually stole ten thousand dollars of Jack Parson’s money, along with his girlfriend. It is also rumored that Parsons put a hex or spell on the two and they almost drowned.

Anyways, Jack Parsons was not only the father of rocket propulsion and an alleged spy for Israel, but he was a practicing occultist, and follower and friend of Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666, also known as the most wicked man in the world – the founder of the O.T.O., which is a masonic order of initiates who practice witchcraft and black magick.

Parsons founded the Aerojet Corporation, a forerunner to NASA’s JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), and today some NASA employees swear that JPL actually stands for Jack Parson’s Laboratory. He even has his own “holiday” at NASA, where he is celebrated presumably for his contributions to science.

In the 1900’s, Aleister Crowley supposedly performed a magick ritual that evoked contact, with an extra-terrestrial from outer space called LAM, some believed that this ritual opened some kind of portal.Then, in the 1940’s, Jack Parsons “improved” upon this ritual (called the Babalon working) and performed it, which caused a further portal to open and as a result, multiple UFOs began appearing all over the place. This was the reason that the Collins Elite was formed. To investigate and determine what these things were.

Jack Parsons later admitted, during questioning, that he had noticed after his Babalon working, mass UFO sightings had occurred and he feared that some kind of powers had been opened upon the earth.

Parsons first caught the attention of the Intelligence community when he stole sensitive documents from his employer, the Hughes Aircraft Company which was under contract to the U.S. Government. Parsons had passed these documents to the Israeli government. Parsons admitted to and apologized for this to the FBI. Apparently, Parsons was fired and had his security clearance revoked (He should have gone to prison). According to a former CIA member of the Collins Elite, Parsons was questioned about his magick rituals and tried to down-play their significance. Upon further investigation, the FBI was able to connect Parsons with a man named Kenneth Arnold.

Kenneth Arnold was one of the first people to report a sighting. In Washington state in 1947, he reported seeing nine objects flying like saucers, at a high rate of speed, near Mount Rainier. His report made headlines all over, and soon thereafter many more sightings of UFOs began to be reported in America and all over the world.

As a result of the FBI interview with Parsons, the Air Force Office of Special Investigation questioned Parsons about his links to Kenneth Arnold and others who had knowledge of the now famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash. They asked Parsons if he and his associates thought that his occult rituals may have opened some kind of portal for these flying saucers to come through, and he told them that was probably the case.

A short time later, Jack Parsons died as the result of an explosion in some sort of experiment that went wrong and it was suspected by some, that it was occult related, because of the fact that Parsons was known to try to evoke demons during his rocket tests. What’s more concerning is that the Collins Elite had evidence to suggest that Parsons’ death may have been related to a pact between Parsons and the “occupants” of the UFOs which made the portal even larger resulting in a huge increase in UFO sightings.

As the Collins Elite continued to gather evidence, they discovered disturbing details concerning the activities of Parsons, Hubbard, and Crowley. They also used their resources (and illegally obtained tax dollars) to ratchet-up their investigation by looking into other paranormal activity. This was the beginning of the US military projects involving Remote Viewing which led to the CIA experiments called MKOFTEN.

MKOFTEN or Operation Often was an experiment using spiritual mediums and clairvoyants in an effort to harness psychic energy for various spying operations including the debriefing of dead CIA agents! These weird experiments were overseen by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the then, head of the CIA’s Technical Services Branch. According to Gottlieb, these experiments were done to “explore the world of black magic” and “harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach.”

Dr. Gottleib was involved in a plan to assassinate Fidel Castro and worked with MKULTRA on experiments involving the human psyche, along with his attempts to harness demonic powers as use for tools of espionage. He was even successful in obtaining 150 thousand dollars in tax money for his work (a lot of money in the 1950’s).

Operation Often elicited help from many sources, including astrologers, fortune tellers, and demonologists. They even had access to the work of Ewen Cameron, a well-known psychiatrist who was one of the world’s most accomplished researchers into the paranormal. Interestingly enough, one particular Catholic priest who specialized in demonology and was being recruited by this group, refused to get involved after being shown frightening pictures of psychics that had been killed attempting to harness this power.

According to UFO researcher Nick Redfern, he made contact with a former member of the Collins Elite who was an Anglican priest. The priest claimed to have initially been approached by two men from the US Dept. of Defense. They told him that it was their opinion that UFOs were of demonic origin, and any interactions with these “Non Human Entities”, as they were called, always resulted in something negative happening.

It is said, the results of all of the research done by the Collins Elite was given to the US Air Force who had concluded that UFOs were (in many cases) “a complex product of esoteric rituals”. Furthermore, Gottlieb and Operation Often had tried to harness and understand the black magick and occult powers used by Parsons and Crowley. However, each time that contact was made with Non Human Entities identifying as extraterrestrials, these entities would mislead them, allowing the CIA to believe they had knowledge and control over the entities, but they would eventually realize that they had been deceived by these entities time and again.

It’s been over sixty years since these things have taken place. Much more paranormal activity has occurred, and undoubtedly, the world’s rulers have learned much more about these Non Human Entities and the powers that they possess.

I have reached the conclusion, based on years of research that mankind has and is being ruled over by a Hidden Hand. I also believe that the world’s governments, including military and intelligence agencies, at the highest levels, have also reached this conclusion.

A conglomerate of ultra-wealthy jews in league with mongrels and white traitors, have declared a covert war against humanity and all of GOD’s creation. They work with and are controlled by Non Human Entities, i.e. evil spirits who need physical beings to help them. With cloning technology, they make what the government calls Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs). These are the grey aliens – robot/flesh hybrids who are controlled or possessed by demons to do (((their))) bidding like worker bees or soldier ants.

Many “alien abductions” are said to be the work of these entities in cooperation with the military. There are man-made UFOs and there are UFOs used by spirit beings – both good and bad. The Scriptures describe angels traveling in this type of “vehicle”. Even GOD Himself has been a passenger. Just read the Old Testament book of Ezekiel. Perhaps UFOs are a device that, for some reason, is used by those of the spirit realm to travel into and across this earthly realm. I don’t know.

What I do know is the Devil and his angels (demons) DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD. The Scriptures say, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”. This is the Information Age. Ignorance is a choice.

2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 says, “then will be unveiled the lawless one (whom the Lord Jesus will dispatch with the spirit of His mouth and will discard by the advent of His presence), whose presence is in accord with the OPERATION OF SATAN, with all POWER and SIGNS and FALSE miracles and with every SEDUCTION OF INJUSTICE among those who are perishing, because they DO NOT receive the LOVE OF THE TRUTH for their preservation. And therefore GOD will send them an OPERATION OF DECEPTION, for them to BELIEVE THE FALSEHOOD, that all may be judged who DO NOT BELIEVE the truth, but DELIGHT IN INJUSTICE.”

Don’t forget, NASA and the purveyors of Scientism are preaching about “outer space” and other planets billions of miles away. Donald Trump just announced the formation of the US “Space-Force”. The fake news media cleverly reports the occasional asteroid or some mysterious light in the sky. The Satanic Pedophile Catholic Church has recently announced the possibility of beings from other planets. Meanwhile your television screen is constantly playing re-runs of Ancient Aliens in an attempt to convince you that we were “planted” here ages ago by extraterrestrials from another “galaxy”.

MILABS is the name coined by alien abductees who have witnessed military people and equipment being present during UFO sightings and abductions. MILABS is short for Military Abductions. With government made classified aircraft resembling UFOs and hologram technology, the jew/devil controlled government could very easily fake an “alien invasion”. In fact, it has been said that it is already in the works.

Werner Von Braun, the German rocket scientist who helped America with it’s “space program” had allegedly told his assistant, Carol Rosin that a false flag alien invasion has been in the planning for decades. Ronald Reagan alluded to this scenario in a speech given to the United Nations years ago. Recently, Dr. Steven Greer, who I’m not too sure about, has stated unequivocally that members of the military and intelligence communities have verified that such a plan is in place. With the “success” of the 9-11 false-flag terror attacks on a gullible public, I see no reason why they couldn’t pull off this charade, as well.

2 John 1:7 says, “….many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Yahshua (Jesus Christ) as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is a deceiver and an antichrist.” Jews do not acknowledge Christ. Scripture says these devils have throats that are open graves and the poison of snakes is in their mouths. Scripture also warns us not to be taken captive by lying spirits and not to LET them deceive us. And, Hosea 4:6 states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

I also find it interesting that many abduction experiences are sexual in nature, and many times involve sex with greys or artificial insemination and tales of alien/human hybrid children. Perhaps it’s all a ruse or perhaps the devil is trying another method, in addition to race-mixing, to corrupt the holy seed of God’s people.

I also find it interesting that so many people who claim to be abductees are involved in the New Age or occult, and every known abductee that has called on the name of Jesus Christ has claimed that the experience stops when they do so.

The fact is, there is no “outer space” and humans have never been past the earth’s upper atmosphere. Prove me wrong. I dare you. NASA has a multi-billion dollar budget to make fake CGI images and films with special effects. Just investigate the so-called “moon-landing”. Go ahead and research it. Try to prove it actually happened. If you are intellectually honest, you will see for yourself that it was a big deception. And, when you realize you’ve been deceived, just ask yourself what else you’ve been lied to about. Warning: Ignorance is bliss and waking to the truth can be uncomfortable.

If you believe men went to the moon with less technology than you have in your cell-phone, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. The devil deceives the WHOLE WORLD.

Scripture says we are to love truth, seek truth, and bind it to our neck. We should believe truth, and obey it, for truth is sanctifying and purifying. Scripture says we should confide in truth, make truth known to others, and pray for it’s manifestation in us. We are to rejoice in truth, meditate on truth, and esteem it. We are to serve and judge in truth. Scripture tells us to write truth on the table of our hearts. Truth is the very fruit of the Spirit, and it is the very Presence of God. And, Scripture says that the devil is devoid of truth. The devil deceives the WHOLE WORLD. Christ told the jews that they were the children of their father, the liar – the devil (John 8:44). The jews run the world. The devil deceives the WHOLE WORLD.

Why have you never heard of the Collins Elite and Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons involvement in the UFO phenomenon? Because the jews, who are racially and spiritually related to satan and demons control your world and they don’t want you to know this. But you know about Ancient Aliens, right? Because jews control all forms of media and entertainment and the ancient astronaut theory serves their evil agenda. The devil deceives the WHOLE WORLD.

You say that men wrote the Scriptures. Then who wrote your textbooks? Jews. They were printed in jewish publishing houses. Who controls our educational system and all of academia? Jews. Who controls every major media outlet in all it’s forms? Jews. Who is working overtime to censor the internet and shut down websites like this? Jews. Who runs Facebook? Jews. Who runs Google? Jews. Who owns the bank you do business with? Jews. Who runs Hollywood and the music business? Jews. Who has brainwashed you since your early childhood until this very day? Jews. The devil deceives the WHOLE WORLD.

But I digress. Back to our subject. Who is responsible for the narrative that says there are billions of planets teeming with life in a vast universe? Jews. Who runs NASA? Occult Jews. To be only 2% of our population they sure do show up a lot and dominate every bit of information that we consume. Why? Because the devil deceives the whole world.

You can read more about the Collins Elite in the book, “Final Events” by Nick Redfern. You can probably order it on Amazon, who also is run by jews.

I disagree with the Collins Elite on one particular point. They came to believe and fear that these “entities” were somehow harvesting souls. This is a view that I’ve come across a few times lately. I can’t accept that as truth because it is contrary to everything I believe about GOD. But, it certainly could be possible that these demons want people to believe that so as to instill fear and cause doubt in GOD’s ability or desire to gather His people back to Him. Remember, the opposite of faith is fear and doubt. Without faith it is impossible to please GOD. Also, remember the Collins Elite and Air Force Intelligence concluded that the CIA was being tricked by these entities each time they made contact. The devil is devoid of truth. The devil deceives the whole world. He is the father of lies.

Another interesting part of this story is that no one seems to know whether or not the Collins Elite are still an active group. It was rumored that while the members have been replaced by younger people, the group still exists, although under a different name. Personally, I would assume that the government is entirely taken-over by the enemy and has disbanded this group….or maybe they’re still in operation but being deceived by the same demons that deceived the CIA back in the 1950’s. Who knows? The devil deceives the whole world. Don’t LET him deceive you.

If you found this piece insightful, please share it with your white friends. And, if CNN or Fox News announces an alien invasion, even with video footage, don’t believe it. Put your faith in GOD. Until next time……..

(*NOTE: I meant to include this, from my research, in the article but forgot: For the less religious or spiritual minded folk, I want you to know that a couple of well-known agnostics in the fields of Science and Science-fiction, also agree with the findings of the Collins Elite. These gentlemen have spent their lives researching the UFO/ET phenomenon. Both Jacques Vallee and John Keel believe these things come from, not other planets, but rather another dimension.)