17 Years Ago (((They))) “Did 9-11”

Dancing Israelis on 9/11 - "Our Purpose Was To Document ...

Ages and eons ago, a certain angel led a rebellion against the Creator of all that is. The rebellion was quickly and easily quashed, and this “angel” and his followers were cast out of the Heavenly Realm into this physical realm called Earth, where they took physical forms and had sexual relations with creation.

Seventeen years ago today, the descendants of those demons, now known as Jews, orchestrated a false flag attack on America, killing 3,000.

One day, hopefully soon, these pieces of cockroach excrement will be exposed and will receive the torture and death that is due them, and promised to them by Yahweh. Until then, may Yahweh curse them all, limit their damage, and help His people (The White Race) to stand strong against this enemy of all of creation.

May Yahweh bless the souls of the victims of 09/11/2001, and may He soon exterminate Satan and the Jewish race, and wipe history’s memory clean from this pile of filth known as Esau/Edom and Kazars — that is, the Jews – the literal, physical, biological descendants of Satan, the evil serpent.

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